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Go Beyond Yellow – Explore Rose Gold Rings

When Indians talk about buying jewellery, they instinctively are referring to gold. The shine, elegance, and malleability of this yellow metal are unmatched, which has placed it among the heart of jewellery making. But there is one downside – the constant yellow colour. Although highly favoured, women are now looking to paint their jewellery collection with trendy stones and colours. Here comes the rose gold, an alloy of pure gold and copper that gives a tinge of reddish shade to the gold jewellery. Rose gold rings are the perfect example of how rose gold and ring jewellery meet to give you the right mix of red and yellow that can either be 18k gold or 22k gold. 

Now, if you are bored of the yellow metal that is everywhere and in everything related to jewellery, then you don’t need to wait any longer. Melorra has a range of rose gold rings that bring the colour of rose along with the elegance ad shine of gold in the form of fashionable and contemporary gold finger ring band that is ideal for any event or function.

  • Rose gold rings for women are perfect for a date night where you can pair them with western wear and natural makeup look. You can go for Melorra’s Pink Gouache or Curlicue with your western outfit to meet that special someone.
  • Even rose gold engagement rings would stand out among the normal solitaire rings that are popular for couples. You can choose a rose gold diamond ring for proposing to your better half and capture the moment for a lifelong memory.
  • Do not shy away from picking a rose gold jewellery specifically rings for gifting purpose. They are different, stylish, comfortable, and bring with itself a touch of colour that is often missing from a women’s jewellery box.
  • We have rose gold ring designs available in varied styles - wide rings, open-top rings, band rings, and more. Rings are even available in weights ranging from less than 2 grams to 6 grams and more.

Know Your Jewellery - What is Rose Gold?

The chance is very low that you would have missed the rise of gold rose jewellery in the past couple of years. Because if there is anything that is more romantic than giving a real rose, it is rose gold. 

Rose gold is a fusion of pure gold with silver and copper metal. When copper and silver are mixed in gold in low quantity, it imparts a pinkish or light reddish shade to the resulting metal. To mention the proportion, rose gold consists of around 75% gold and 25% copper and silver mixture.

Similar to rose gold, we also have white gold rings which you can explore for more options.

Gold Rate India for Rose Gold Rings

Our prices of rose gold designer rings are as per the today gold price in India, making these jewellery items even good investment options. Furthermore, Melorra also has a range of gold coin of different grams, which are best for buying on festivals and investment options.

Rose Gold Rings for Women – Ideal for Everyday wear and Occasions

We are majorly focused on launching rose gold rings that can be easily carried and flaunted every day without any hassle. At Melorra, our aim is to provide minimal and everyday wear in the global and current design inspired by the latest fashion releases and runway designs.

  • Rings made of rose gold are ideal for an evening cocktail party. You can choose simple designs with a central row of diamonds, such as Play in Beige, Eternity Blossoms, and Pearly Pink. You can pair the entire look with rose gold bracelets.
  • Rose gold ring for women is also perfect for office wear and daily wear where you can pick out a ring that best suits your formal outfits and the office ambience.
  • Even traditional and ethnic attires can be paired with rose gold rings that are shiny as well as colourful and elegant. Be it a wedding or a house warming ceremony, your traditional avatar along with the rose gold jewellery.

Affordable and Fashionable – Find Your Rose Gold Ring on Melorra

By the looks and feel of it, rose gold rings sound pretty stylish, which translates that they are expensive as well. This is where you’re wrong! Our designs are current and precious, but one thing they are not is high-priced. The range of Melorra’s rose gold ring jewellery collection starts from 15,000 INR and goes on to 50,000. So, you can pick one ring that fits perfectly within your budget. One more thing – their affordability also makes them a thoughtful gift to your spouse, sister, valentine, or mother. Why wait for their birthday when you can gift them these rings within your budget and bring a smile on their face instantly?

  • You can explore the rose gold ring price that you like by filtering the rings collection using the price filter. Then arrange the results in either ascending or descending order of prices
  • Rose gold ring price on the website is the final amount you pay during the ordering or receiving the product. There are zero hidden charges, and the price is shown on the website inclusive of GST.
  • We deliver your order free of cost to over 25,000 pin codes in India. The shipped product carries insurance until it reaches your doorstep. So, you no longer have to worry about something going wrong on the way, and you can throw back your legs and relax after the purchase


Is rose gold real and pure gold?

Yes, rose gold is real, but it is not pure gold. Since, the colour of gold is changed from yellow to red by mixing copper and silver to the pure gold, rose gold is not pure. It is 70 to 80% gold, and the remaining amount is of silver and copper.

Will the rose gold colour fade with daily use?

No, the colour will stay. The pinkish colour of rose gold is not due to some external spray or painting. It is the internal structure of the metal that gives rose gold its pinkish colour. So, the colour will not fade with daily use. Flaunt it when and wherever you like!

Is there any possibility of rose gold ring tarnishing?

You are placing a winning bet with rose gold ring jewellery because it will shine till eternity. The ring does not tarnish with time. But it may appear dark and more reddish in the shade in many years to come. This is not due to tarnishing, rather the copper part of the rose gold ring is becoming vintage, giving a redder look to the ring.

How can I check if my rose gold ring is real?

First, trust us. We only show and ship real and authentic rose gold rings to our valued customers along with the SGL and IGI documents proving the authenticity of the rose gold. But if you still want to check if your rose gold ring is real or not then look for the weight. Since, it a mixture of gold with other metals, the gold karat would never be 24k. The finest rose golds are usually 18k or 14k.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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