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Rose Gold Jewellery – Precious, Rare & Beautiful

Modern women in India always crave for modern and stylish jewellery. Be it someone working in the office or be it someone staying at home being a housewife, there’s no stopping a woman who wants to buy some new jewelry for her new dresses. Speaking of modern jewellery collection, all women are inclined to different styles and fondness. Some women like their ornaments with stylish intricate designs. While some would go for something very sleek and subtle. Some love the yellow shine of gold pieces on them. But some like to go beyond yellow and explore other colours as well. Platinum or silver and white gold are the few options for making precious jewellery. However, the most enchanting one of them all is the Rose Gold Jewellery. Yes, the pinkish metal is getting more popular day by day and now has fans all over the world.

Melorra’s rose gold jewellery collection is the perfect example of charm and beauty confined in a beautiful pinkish elegance. Melorra is here to upgrade your fashion sense through our stylish and trendy catalogue showcasing the latest designs aimed at 'unboring' gold jewellery. In our catalogue, jewellery in rose gold made of the subtle yet suave rose gold occupy a niche. This metal looks trendy, fashionable and also gives out graceful vibes from the person wearing it. Rose jewellery at Melorra imparts an alluring look, is suitable for all occasions and are all about great designs that will make anyone go ‘wow’. The weight of our rose gold plated jewellery ranges from less than 2 grams to 10 grams and above made in 18k gold and 22k rose gold, meeting your daily needs for something fashionable and at the same time comfortable to wear the entire day. So, it’s time to experiment with the most gorgeous line-up of rose gold jewellery designs online only at Melorra.

Rose Gold Jewellery Designs – Pick Your Unique Appeal!

Our rose gold jewellery designs are specially crafted keeping in mind the current trends and meeting the need for minimal yet stylish everyday fashion needs. Our rose jewellery designs range for budget shopping under Rs.10000, to designs worth up to Rs. 50000, both affordable and classy. Buy Rose Gold online at Melorra for pretty pink jewellery that celebrates you for who you are. Our rose gold jewelry pricing and regular discounts on making charges make our rose jewellery an ideal gift. Inspired by the latest international trends, we bring to you over 4000 gold jewellery designs to choose from including pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, chains and rings for women. Browse through our designs with price filters, karat filters, motif filters, occasion filters and much more to simplify and customize your online shopping experience when you buy rose gold at Melorra.

At Melorra, we aim at breaking rose gold stereotypes and shining an altogether different light on the perception of rose gold jewellery. Our designers are dedicated to crafting fine designs that not only matches but elevates your style. Explore a wide variety of rose gold jewellery with price ranging from geometric designs, shells, floral, abstract to the classic alphabets, forever in-demand stars and hearts and many more. Add classy and trendy rose jewellery from Melorra to your collection and rest assured to step into every new day with a new look. Whether you are heading for an important client meeting, a date, an evening out with the girls, a family dinner, or just stepping out for some shopping, brighten up your outfit with these trendy rose gold jewelry sets or pieces and enjoy the attention.

We understand your jewellery needs change with time and occasion, it’s not just the weight, Karat or price but the design, your relatability to the design and where the design stands with respect to fashion. With Melorra, you get to choose from the latest rose gold jewellery designs which are updated every week across all types of categories. We use 3D printing technology to create this variety of designs and launch them at a fast pace. Everyone is unique and so are their jewellery preferences. So we let you update your old jewellery collection whenever possible with new and trendy designs. From choosing jewellery on the basis of occasion to choosing the design season you are looking for like autumn 2018 or spring 2017, whether you want what’s currently hot on the ramps or you want to bring something older back in style, pick your favourites from our platform to wear and flaunt your style daily!

Also, check out our white gold jewellery online at Melorra for a silver twist to your style. Find your perfect piece of metal with designs that take away your heart at the very first glance! 

You can also explore our gold coins collection online if you wish to invest more in gold. 

Stylish Rose Gold Jewellery – All Categories Online

Rose gold can be worn in any form to enhance your beauty and add some dazzling glam to any of your outfits. Check out our exclusive Rose jewellery collection - Rose Gold earrings, Rose Gold pendants, Rose Gold rings, Rose Gold bangles and much more for your everyday styling needs.

·       Rose Gold Earrings Online – Variety is what modern women look for now in everything they purchase. And that applies most in case of buying accessories. For those women who want to go beyond the yellow or silver shine, we have earrings in rose gold for you. Our online catalogue of rose gold earrings is full of super striking designs in a variety of styles and motifs. Lightweight and minimal as we say, these earrings in rose gold for women and girls are so fresh and beautiful, that you would want to buy them all. With designs in styles like studs, drops, hoops, J-hoops, huggies, ear cuffs and more, we have every option for you to pair up with any look you pick.

·       Rose Gold Rings Online – Pick your perfect ring in rose gold. Why? Have a quick look at our trendy rose gold ring designs and get the answer to that question yourself. We have rings to match your every look. A variety of designs to give you what exactly you were looking for and some extraordinary styles for you to make all your friends jealous every day, our line-up of rose gold rings has everything you need. An amazing range of rose gold rings for women in styles like regular rings, bands, wide rings, open-top rings, cocktail rings, charm rings and more to dazzle up your style just right!

·       Rose Gold Pendants Online – Pendants or lockets with intricate and heavy designs are so boring and out of fashion to wear. Try our lightweight, trendy and customised pendants in rose gold and thank us later. Melorra’s online line-up of pendants offers you a wide range of gorgeous rose gold pendants perfect for every occasion. Inspired from International Trends, our online catalogue contains sleek and stunning designs of rose gold pendants for women as well as girls to style any look.

·     Rose Gold Bangles Online – Tired of heavy traditional bangles or kadas? Melorra has a lightweight solution for you. We let you pick from a stunning line-up of simple, elegant, and trendy rose gold bangle designs crafted to blend with your daily styles and your cheerful personality. A wide variety of designs that are attractive and lightweight, giving you the best to pick from. You can also choose to dazzle in our rose gold necklaces online for any party or festivity or choose to wear them daily. Our collection of rose gold bracelets online are for you to flaunt your unique style statement with some pinkish vibes!

Know About Rose Gold – Before You Buy it

Rose gold is a delicate blend of pure yellow gold, silver, and copper. The silver and the copper combine to create the pink hue we see in the metal. Being a gold-copper alloy, rose gold is widely used to make beautiful jewellery. Also known as pink gold and red gold, this metal was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and was also known as Russian gold sometimes. Rose gold jewelry is becoming more prevalent in the current century and is commonly used for wedding rings, bracelets, and other modern jewellery.

Given the rising demand for more subtle and westernized designs, we bring to you a wide range of Rose Gold as well as coloured stonework engraved in Rose Gold base jewellery, adding to your jewellery boxes a tinge of colour. Speaking primarily about Rose Gold, prepare yourself to witness a world of stylish, trendy and modern Rose jewellery to level up your style quotient. Buy Rose Gold online from our exclusive collection crafted to meet your everyday jewellery needs. Different occasions demand different styling, right? Work, party, casual, sunny mornings, rainy evenings, etc., every setup demands a different look. Why not customize your jewellery according to the occasion as well? Match every outfit with a different Rose Gold Jewelry set. If your heart is set on Rose Gold jewels, Melorra is the place to be. Buy Rose gold online from Melorra and add modern jewellery to your daily wear. We bring to you our exclusive range of stone jewels in Rose Gold.

You can also browse stunning designs in diamond jewellery and gemstone jewellery at Melorra. With the latest designs and fresh fashion trends, you are sure to love them. Our rose gold jewellery prices are pocket-friendly, so you can strike out pricing from your list of concerns. All our gold jewellery items are priced as per the current gold rate in India. Stock up your jewellery boxes with your favourites from our Rose Gold catalogue for daily wear.

Rose Gold Jewellery Online at Melorra – Shop for Your Allure

Keeping up with your fast-paced lifestyle, we make online jewellery shopping easy, affordable and convenient. You don’t have to make time to visit a jewellery store, switch from floor to floor, wonder if the jewellery is in your budget and worries about travelling home safely with the jewellery bag anymore. Simply head to our website sitting at the comfort of your home, apply the relevant filters, browse through our collection of Rose Gold jewellery with price details right in front of you and go on adding trendy designs to your new collection, while browsing through a variety of jewellery in both Rose Gold and White Gold online. We have numerous benefits in store for you when you buy jewellery online from us. We offer you Free and Insured Delivery, 30-Day return policy no questions asked, Lifetime Exchange Value and regular discounts on making charges up to 100%.

Melorra is your reliable online jewellery store for all things fashion, trendy and modern. If yellow gold is too ordinary for you, do not worry, browse through our range of Rose Gold and White Gold jewellery, adding a variation to your classic collection. With an extensive showcase of modern online jewellery designs for you, Melorra is undoubtedly the ideal destination for online jewellery in India reflecting creativity and comfort in design.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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