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Gold Earrings – The Striking Yet Subtle way to Accessorize

For the modern Indian woman who believes in #YOLO, the yellow metal is not just a piece of precious ornament that she wears but something that defines her and complements her outfit. It’s no surprise that typical earrings in gold hardly make it past a wedding or a festivity that comes once in a blue moon. However, that era is fading slowly when gold is worn only for special occasions and we’re here to bring the change. At Melorra, we redefine jewellery designs, because we know that it isn’t just an accessory, it is also a reflection of your lifestyle and persona. Our collection of daily wear gold earrings for women includes designs that look and feel light, and which are perfect for everyday wear while being light on your pocket too. What’s more, we make it possible for you to shop for our voguish pieces online no matter where you are - on a coffee break at work, relaxing on your couch at home, or sipping your favourite cocktail at a faraway holiday destination. Shopping for the new design of gold earrings online on Melorra is super easy. With 10 categories of filters and quick sort features, you can find the perfect gold ear ring in a matter of seconds and buy gold earrings online from anywhere you are.

Explore our trendiest and most unmatched collection of gold earring design for females to team up with any of your casual, formal, party or festive look. These simple gold earrings designs also make the perfect gift for your little princess, whether she is going to school or college. At Melorra, we curate awesome designs for your everyday wardrobe, launching new designs EVERY WEEK in line with the global fashion trends so that you wear what’s trending! With 500+ stunning designs in gold jewellery earrings, we won’t be surprised if you want to pick all.

Gold Earring Models for You - A Collection like No Other

At Melorra, we love creating latest earrings designs for daily use that are in tune with changing fashion trends. Which is why you’ll see as many as 10 new designs appearing on Melorra not every month or week, but almost every day. These latest earrings designs draw inspiration from the runway creations of the who’s who of fashion. From Roberto Cavalli and Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs, our trend-watchers spot what’s trending internationally and our designers interpret these trends into the latest daily wear gold earrings designs catalogue. And it doesn’t end there. Grunge laces that groove with party and date nights, knotty fringes for after-hours, boho-chic paisleys that resonate with the spirit of summer, and Pantone-approved fruity yellow are all testimony to our brand spirit, to bring you designs that are as fresh and modish as everything else in your wardrobe.

All the while being affordable. Our new gold earrings designs with price are available at a price point ranging from Rs.6,000 to Rs.50,000 and above to match all budgets. Browse our simple gold earrings designs with weight and price and take your pick. Our 18 karat gold earrings are a hit with a lot of women. Also, there’s a whole range of ready-to-ship products in 22Karat gold earrings for faster delivery - get these products within 7 days.

All our latest gold earrings for daily use are designed for your western wardrobe. If you are the kind who loves petite gold studs, we have an entire collection out there for you. Get ready to look trendy every single day as our designs are lightweight, minimal and modern. Whether you choose to go for really simple designs or to give a fashionable twist with layer-worthy cuffs earrings, we have them all! When you pick fancy gold earrings with latest design on Melorra, you know you are wearing something from this fashion season and nothing outdated! Our collection at Melorra has it all - fashion, function and affordability. You won’t find such unique designs anywhere else in India.

You can also check out our online collection of gold coins that feature a variety of denominations in 22k and 24k purity.

Gold Earring Designs for Daily Use – Let Gold Conquer your Everyday Adventures!

The Melorra collection of earrings in gold for women is replete with designs for daily use. You’ll find plenty of lightweight gold earring models made to match the tastes of the woman of today and her lifestyle. Not just in yellow but also in white and rose gold material, when you need them to be. Plus, with enamel finishes any time you want to lend a colourful vibe to a drab day or match your latest earrings to the outfit of the day.

We have latest daily use gold earring designs images new with minimalistic motifs to perk up your sophisticated work look. Pick these pieces with a dressy touch to team up with your casual outfits. They can go with anything from a tee and jeans look to a summery white dress. Looking for party-wear earrings in gold? Go for our flirty drop earrings to be in the limelight. You can team them up with your LBD, shimmery tops and cocktail gowns. Our catalogue includes the latest design of gold earrings with price and is perfect to browse through, for any need or occasion that the lifestyle of the millennial lady demands. And while you’re at it, feel free to explore our collection of necklaces, When paired with earrings in gold, these pieces will surely help you perfect your look for work, casual outings, or parties. If you are looking for simple daily wear earrings in gold, Melorra makes a perfect choice. Our designs are really lightweight and minimalistic because we understand that you don’t want your earrings to overpower your look.

Fancy Gold Earrings for Women –   What’s your Trendy Pick Today?

We understand your different moods and bring you different types of gold earring models to match your every outfit according to your every mood.

·       Casual Wear - Your casual days need a calm and sweet accessory touch. Browse from our trendy gold studs to wear with your casual outfits while you go to watch your favourite movie. Or match our amazing gold ear-cuff designs with simple jeans & top while you go to hang out with your favourite people.

·       Work Wear - Explore our light weight gold earrings for pairing with your formals. Slay your day at work with our gold hoop earrings that are stylish yet comfy and compliment your subtle work-wear just perfectly. Even tiny huggies earrings models are perfect choice for formal wear.

·       Party Wear - Add some shine to your parties on weekends with our gold drop earrings that are designed for each and every party outfit in your wardrobe.  So which mood are you in today!

Latest Designs of Gold Earrings – Fashion for the Trendsetter!

Comfortable, easy to wear, lightweight and yet the trendiest and coolest designs handpicked for you.! We have blended latest Global Fashion Trends into astonishing gold earring styles to match your every modern outfit.

Hats To Happen

Inspired from Feisty Hats that accessorize your every occasion, this hats motif collection gives you a bold, chic and sassy look. Explore the latest line-up from this trend and pick your favourite now!

Bow Show

Bows are no longer worn in a prim and proper way. With its haphazard, all over and messy styling they add cheeriness to even simple clothing. Taking inspiration from this feminine yet fierce trend comes the bow motifs collection. Go and grab them all!

Tweed Feed

Winter trends are here to slay with the winter weave, houndstooth tweed bringing the coolness of black and white along its way. Discover new models in our new winter tweed collection crafted with geometric and minimal designs for you to flaunt your suits & pants at work!

Latest Gold Earrings Available in Different Weight - Get What You Want!

·       Less Than 2 Grams Lightweight Gold Earrings with Price

·       2 to 4 Grams Light Weight Gold Earrings with Price

·       4 to 6 Grams Gold Earrings with Price

·       6 to 8 Grams Gold Earrings with Price

Gold Earrings for Girls – Something for the Little Divas

Not just for modern women, we have got something (well a lot more than something) for the little divas too. Our collection of gorgeous pieces look pretty on teens and tweens as they do on working moms. The line-up of fancy gold earrings for girls is replete with fun and quirky motifs that woo your daughter’s heart - cutwork stars for the sky gazer, corsage-inspired nuggets for the floral lover, textured hearts for the budding romantic, rippled scallops for the dancing diva, sundial seashells for the traveller, and many more designs to choose from. The elementary golden studs from our collection will become her all-time favourite in no time. Your daughter will also adore the collection online made to suit her modern dressing tastes. Gift her any piece from the light weight gold earring designs for girls and we bet she’ll have more than one reason to flaunt her newest addition on Insta right away.

At Melorra, explore numerous simple designs with weight for your little one. Designs that are comfortable, modern and trendy. When browsing through our collection, don’t forget to take a sneak peek into the diamond earrings collection for latest designs and solitaire earrings designs. Also, stop by the latest waist chains section, and you’ll find plenty of matching designs that complete her look.

Simple Gold Earrings Designs with Price – Buy Gold Earrings Online on Melorra

We know shopping latest designs of earrings in gold online can be a lot more confusing than buying them from a real store. The toughest choice of picking your favourite match from a pool of never-ending designs and then going through a lot of consideration to purchase them can be exhausting.  Also, buying gold jewellery earrings involve family discussions due to the big investment. But we, at Melorra, make it possible for you to filter our gold earring designs with weight and price and also based on various other parameters. Filter by price if you are looking under a certain budget. Filter them by karat (18 karat or 22 karat) if Gold quality is bothering you. If yellow bores you, then try our designs with white gold or rose gold designs to choose from. Filter by season to turn heads with runway-inspired new designs. Buy gold earrings online that are priced as per the current gold rate in India.

Buy gold earrings online Melorra without worries, because our gold is BIS certified. You can rest assured as every order comes with the certificate of authenticity. Your order gets packaged in a tamper-evident box and delivered to you for free, with insurance and the option to pay after receipt of the product. And should you change your mind, you can return your order within 30 days or exchange it afterwards through the Lifetime Exchange Policy.

Think trendy. Think Melorra. You won’t be disappointed, we promise! Because it’s trendy, it’s affordable and it’s 100% certified. Go on, explore our entire collection of earrings in gold online and pick your favourite from the gold earring designs images new. You can also pick a gold earring design for female friends to gift them on special occasions. Wish to surprise your lady on V-day? We have special collection of Valentine's day gold earrings online for you to choose from to gift your lady love.   


How can I order from Melorra?

·       Filter out gold under material from Earrings page

·       Explore all styles and pick your favourite design

·       Choose your Gold Karat – 18K or 22K

·       Click on Buy Now or Add to Bag

·       Add your address

·       Choose your prepaid payment method or choose cash/card on delivery to pay later

·       And you are done. Your favourite pair will be delivered to you in a flash!

How to trust gold jewellery online without looking at the actual product?

We definitely understand your concern here. Even though our products are 100% pure and certified, we don’t keep space for any of your doubts about the purchase. Pay only after you have received the product. Choose cash or card on delivery. Cash on Delivery is available across 25,000+ Pincodes. Card on delivery available for selected locations.

What if I am not satisfied with the product even after the purchase?

You always have an option to cancel your order any time before it is dispatched. And what if you change your mind after receiving the product? We offer a 30-Day return/exchange. 100% refund with hassle-free doorstep pickup of return items and no questions asked. Also, get a lifetime exchange with 90% of the value back to help you keep up with the latest jewellery trends.

Can I wear the trendy gold earrings bought from Melorra regularly?

Absolutely! They are made for the same reason. Our range of lightweight gold earring designs with price is specifically curated for women and girls to wear them every day. You can wear them all the time and this will not damage the metal at all. However, it is suggested to avoid contact with chemicals as it can reduce the shine of the metal.

Which Karat gold is best for everyday jewellery?

·       24K (100% pure gold) - Pure gold can be easily scratched and bent, so it’s impractical for daily wear.

·       22K (92% gold and 8% alloyed metals) - Stronger and more durable than pure gold. Need to be taken good care. Preferred mostly for jewellery over pure gold.

·       18K (75% gold and 25% alloyed metals) - Tend to have a deeper yellow tone. Offers more resistance to wear and tear. Largely preferred for daily wear jewellery.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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