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Gold Ear Cuffs Earrings

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Gold Ear Cuffs: Add a Touch of Grunge to Your Look

Ear cuffs today are a rage in funky, hip jewellery. To those of you aren’t captivated by them yet- What is an ear cuff? An ear cuff is a small thick ring that is worn on the ear. It doesn’t need a screw or hook to stay; it just does when you press it tightly about your ear. The best thing about ear cuffs is that you don’t need ear piercings to wear them. So no going through the pain that comes along with piercings, but you get to experience and wear the same kind of concurrent styles with your ear cuffs. And yes, ear cuffs are not permanent.

“Hidden in the glorious wildness like unmined gold”- wearing gold ear cuffs makes you embrace the rebel that dwells your heart. You feel regal, fashionable and funky as such. You are not like the rest, have a style of your own, and aren’t afraid to express it in the most gorgeous way possible. Gold ear cuffs are trendy, striking and are getting wildly popular.

Wearing a gold ear cuff, by the way, is easy. You just need to slip the cuff onto the upper ear, hold your ear taut and then slide the ear cuff onto your required place. You don’t need to worry about the pressure exerted on your ear or the losing of your gold screw, cuffs are just simple, nice things that can stay on your ear comfortably for a long time without any hassle.

Even simple, elegant gold ear cuffs provide your outfit with its all-needed bling and dose of glam. They blend in seamlessly with western and Indo-Western outfits, add in that pop of embellishment and are a perfect fusion of the old and new.

In fact, to accelerate the trendy aspect, gold earlobe cuff earrings can be paired with gold Bracelets. Don’t forget to check out up-to-the-minute gold chain designs at Melorra. Made out of 18k gold containing 16-30 snips in one piece, the chains we provide you with are fashionable, worthy and complement your gold ear cuffs.

Loving the funky you: Buy Ear Cuffs Online @ Melorra

Ear cuffs are really resurgent earpieces. They are frontrunners of the 90s fashion revival in town, were just oh-so-hip back then and are here to subtend some panache. Ultimate fashion role models such as Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson and Sonam Kapoor have donned cuff earrings on the red carpet; these spunky accessories are just lovely.

As much as we respect the conventions about jewellery that prevail in the country, we at Melorra think that a woman like you- who is a mix of both the traditional and modern, deserve the most gorgeous designs. Buy gold ear cuffs online at Melorra that celebrate your fab spirits.

From being encrusted with jewels for some rock chick glam, delicate danglers for the hoop loving fanatic, wrap around beauties that are all about business in the front and whisper party in the back- there is an ear cuff we have to suit your every style. Wear them in pairs with a messy updo or in one ear with a side swept hairstyle to effortlessly sweep any outfit from cute and sweet to sophisticated and relentless.

You are probably dreaming of owning your perfect gold ear cuffs and cannot wait to hit the jewellery shops for them. However, buying jewellery online is the way to go today. Nothing beats the instant gratification. You are exposed to an array of quintessential designs, so much that the multitude can sometimes confuse you. At Melorra, we believe that the best, most effective thing you can do while choosing your perfect cuff earrings online is to listen to the whims and fancies of your heart. It knows the best, and it will somehow guide your eyes to your stylish gold ear cuffs. Buy your gold ear cuffs online at Melorra and rock your new acquisitions Saturday night. We have a comprehensive jewellery collection, from Necklace to striking chains to match with stylish gold ear cuffs.

Glam up with the latest gold ear cuff designs

At Melorra, you are sure to find a variety of ear cuff designs that will leave your friends and colleagues in hot pursuit. Either embedded, or plain- our designs are made corresponding to the fashion market, the in-style things and are inspired by thousands of women like you.

Gold ear cuffs come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. The plain gold ear cuffs are ones that are most elegant and dashingly plush with your office suits, while the fancy, stacked ones complement your dresses.

If you are an ear cuff beginner, that is- if you love the idea of donning ear cuffs but are actually kind of jealous of those people who can effortlessly pull them off with any outfit: we got you covered. Our stylish gold ear cuffs designs are aesthetically perfect and manoeuvre you into dipping your toes into the fashion waters. Wear them confidently for your ethnic Indian wear or pair them with your maxi dresses. You can also wear them with your side slit skirts for the dash of a Bohemian twist. In fact, even if you are hesitant to commit to the trend, these fancy ear cuff designs will make it impossible for you to not fall for them.

If you are already an uber-cool fashionista aiming to buy your next hot pair of gold ear cuffs- we got you covered as well. To satisfy your craving for the stunning addition to your jewellery box, we present to you the range of blatant ones that command attention. Pair these lovelies with some bold, suave outfits for some gracious eyeball grabbing.

Combining your stylish gold ear cuffs with modern necklaces and stylish bracelets that serve as a hand harness- ups your look to a whole new level. Don’t forget to check out fancy gold Bangles at Melorra

From stringy and sleek models to bold ones that rivet, chech out Gold Ear Cuffs designs at Melorra curated especially for you.

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