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Gold Hoop Earrings – The Surge of Elegance

Dating to a couple of thousand years back to 2600 BC, when Sumerians wore them as symbols of chastity, richness and taste - hoop earrings in gold have come a long way to occupy a comfortable place in a modern-day woman’s heart. Gold hoops have had variants adopted by women all over the globe. From the African American women who wore hoop earrings to celebrate the ethnicity, culture and redemption of the Black Power, to Indian tribal women who wore them believing that the hoop earrings could act as a shield - protecting them from unwanted spirits and strength their feminine aspects.

And now we live in an era of trends and fashion, where women of the new age want it stylish and minimal. Gold hoop earrings at Melorra are something a modern woman can wear daily, flaunting the motifs that no other brand showcases. These gold hoops are not only trendy and fashionable but also minimal and comfortable for women to wear them anytime and anywhere they go. Beautiful and lightweight, these gold hoop earring designs are a must-have for every jewellery enthusiast. You can accessorize your clothing by adding this minimal piece of latest gold jewellery to enhance your overall look and add a touch of bling to your daily style.

Gold Hoop Earrings Designs for Daily Wear – The Perfect Amount of Vogue

A gold hoop earring is by far the definition of earrings that can be worn without much ado or raking your head corresponding to the current trends. It is the safest option to add boldness without being too experimental and keeping it minimal and modern. This attributes to the statement that there is a pair of hoop earrings in every fashion lover's gold jewellery box. Wearing a gold hoop for any occasion can emanate style, glamour and the point that you are a responsible, authentic person. In fact, the same goes for all gold jewellery. Combining both the vintage and modern, hoop earrings designs in gold are especially impeccable.

At Melorra, we fashion our gold hoop earring designs for every day wear in yellow, rose and white gold. These gold hoops weigh from 2-4 grams to 10 grams and above and can complement almost all of your outfits with equal amounts of subtlety and vivacity. The best thing about hoop styled earrings in gold is that they somehow match all face shapes. Wearing a big gold hoop earring at the earlobe matches with the current, while wearing a comparatively small gold hoop earring or a half hoop along the edges of the upper ear makes you feel hip, confident and refined. You can also mix and match your style by wearing diamond hoop earrings along with your simple gold hoop earrings. Browse through the stunning designs at Melorra and create your own trend.

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Latest Gold Hoop Earrings Designs – The Hottest Hoop Motifs in Demand

Inspired by the runways of Global Trends, Melorra comes with new designs of gold hoop earrings every week. These designs are minimalist, up-to-the-minute and so gorgeous, that you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. Made in 18 karat and 22 karat gold, these gold hoop models come in a variety of designs for you to pick from. Keeping up with the trend, we regularly update our collection so that you can find new jewellery to wear every day. We use the 3D print technology and launch new designs every week that are not found in any other platforms. This gives you access to update your old jewellery whenever possible with modern and trendy designs. Browse through our most popular motifs of the season and find your match.

Geometric Designs

Geometric shapes of gold hoop earrings come in different shapes - oval, square, circle, rectangle, triangle and much more. Being quirky and trendy, these geometric gold hoops are the most preferred choice when it comes to daily wear earrings. They are lightweight and beautifully structured to make them the first choice for any trendy outfit. Made in yellow, white and even multiple gold, these hoop styled earrings will surely become your favourite in just a single glance. These gold hoop designs are mostly preferred by working women for the fact that geometric designs are minimal and go well with western or formal outfits. You can also filter your results to view the seasonal collection. The best pick is the Freedom Fighter gold hoops. Weighing 7.3 grams, this pair is great for the rebel experimentalist in you. It contains triple rank, yellow 18 karat gold hoop earrings, rendered in yellow gold and put up with two lines of green enamel and one central line of black enamel. It is a striking presentation of stripes and alluring colours.

Abstract Designs

At Melorra, you get several gold hoops in abstract designs which can change any of your ordinary looks to a gorgeous one. Add a strikingly attractive variety to your jewellery collection with these designs and flaunt them anywhere you go. Made in yellow, white as well as rose gold, these designs are available in both 18 Karat gold and 22 Karat gold. The one hard to miss is the Tale of Kale gold hoop. A Bold hoop earring with a feminine yet bold ring features three waves of high polish yellow gold with two scallops of brush-finish yellow gold in a circular hoop.

Floral Designs

Women and florals are like made for each other. When it comes to gold earrings designs, florals are the most popular ones among women. These designs are evergreen and never really go out of fashion. These dazzling flower designs are available in various weights starting from 4 gm and going up to 10 gm and above. Floral designs to match all your kinds of outfits and can be worn to any occasion, be it a birthday party, a dinner date, a casual day out with friends, or shopping and movie. These pretty gold earrings would surely become your favourites as soon as you see them. The one to pick right away is the Prick A Rose – a pair of yellow gold high polished gold earrings that has a hoop with leaf strands and a dangling rose motif.

Heart Designs

Anything sparkling and heart-shaped just takes away our heart. Doesn’t it! Gold hoops from our line-up designed in heart shapes are surely going to win your heart. Available in yellow gold these earrings add a charming aura to your overall look while you wear them to work, party or a casual day out. Both the designs in this motif are models to go for. Glam Romance is a high-polished yellow gold hoop in a tilted heart design. While the Vision O Love is a pair of hoop earrings in high-polish yellow gold suspending a heart-shaped element with cuts on either side reminiscent of stylised layering. Pick any of them and let the world follow your style statement!

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Gold Hoop Earrings for Girls – Small Hoops for Young Dreamers

Every girl wants to look like a diva while growing up. They want to just own everything that’s in fashion and flaunt their style statement with elegance. For every girl out there, small gold hoop earrings are the fashion essential and a must-have accessory in their jewellery collection. Our range of small gold hoops for girls includes a variety of pieces in motifs like never before to suit the taste and style of every little diva. These gold ear hoops are very light in weight and are created for the little ones so that they feel comfortable while looking gorgeous in any look they pick. Inspired from the latest trends, these gold hoop earring designs are something that will make a permanent place in her jewellery collection. She can wear them with her casual tops and denims. She can pair the floral ones with her flared dresses and skirts. These small gold hoops are perfect to gift your daughter on her birthday or her graduation day, and we bet she’ll love them. Our line-up of gold hoop earrings for girls online are so fresh and sleek; she might want more than just one.

Shop Gold Hoop Earrings with Price at Melorra – Browse the Best!

Tired of an unending browse while searching for gold hoop earrings online? We can solve that for you. With Melorra, it will just take you a few minutes to browse and pick your favourite earrings online and then order them from anywhere you are. Melorra gives you the best options and the smoothest shopping experience to pick out your perfect gold jewellery. You can filter our gold hoop earrings designs by weight, price, trend, karat, occasion and more. Also, try our collection of hoop earring designs in white gold or rose gold as well. Sort them by price, popularity and discounts.

Buy your daily wear earrings from Melorra with zero worries, because our jewellery is 100% certified. Our gold items are made up of BIS Hallmarked gold, which is the proof of originality. Be fully assured as every gold hoop you order from us will come with the certificate of authenticity and insurance, packaged in a tamper-evident box so that nothing happens to your jewellery even on the way. We deliver it to you for free with the option to pay at the time of delivery. And if you ever change your mind, we have the option where you can return your Melorra jewellery within 30 days or exchange them afterwards through the Lifetime Exchange Policy.

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Go on and check out our collection of gold hoop earrings with price. Pick your favourite ones and match them with your awesome outfits to dazzle around in style!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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