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Add bling to your look with 4-gram gold earrings

It’s all about accessorising today. You can step out with a simple bun, casual T-shirt and pants but get all the looks with a beautiful earring. And our favourite material when it comes to being both trendy and tasteful? Gold it is! Through centuries, earrings have fascinated women, upholding their sense of confidence and inspiring them to go ahead and be more than what they already are. Endorsing this aspect, we at Melorra bring to you an array of 4-gram gold earrings designs that will accentuate your outfit no matter how it is, upping the style quotient by various levels.

4-gram gold earrings with Gold Chains are perfect for both your classy work outfit consisting of the dapper suits and stilettos and also the time-honoured, graceful saree. They meld onto your outfit yet underscore all your pretty features with a discerning glimmer.

There is also the question of budget. As alluring as the 4 gram gold earring designs can be, it is always wise to set out shopping with an idea of the amount of bucks you want to spend on an earring. It is a pleasing, lifelong investment though- there is no denying that; choosing what suits your tastes best, within the silver of your purse is where the question lies. So imagine you get to choose some great designs within your budget and somehow manage to find a pair of earrings that have conquered your heart- how satisfying a feeling can that be! With a myriad of designs to choose to range from below Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 and more- you will find that coming down here could be some of the best things you've done in a while. And yes, there is also 5-20% off on the making charge. (Kudos!)

4-gram gold earrings are usually elaborate and fancy. If you are the type who doesn't care to spend the extra bucks for something better and showier- they are the perfect pick for you. The 4-6 gram gold earrings are your go-to if you want to achieve more of the bling factor in your look.

The Lei Floret is a high polish stud earring with a single floral motif that has a 3-D effect and enamel detailing on two of the petals. If you want to bring out the flower-loving little girl in you, they are excellent at Rs. 17,300.

The Mamba Maze stud earring is a rectangular gold nugget with snake print texture in the centre in a matte finish and is about Rs. 17,400 if you are looking for something embellishing.

The Flick, a Fringe drop earring, consists of multiple dangling ball chain strands attached to a laid rope knot. At Rs. 17,200 it serves as an ideal addition to any Kurti top or a modern dress for a hot date.

3-gram gold earrings: Perfect for the busy you

As a woman in the 21st century, you have a thousand things running in your head and many roles to play as your course through your everyday. And having the thought of protecting your favourite, expensive gold earring at the back of your head all the time is only more trifling. With 3-gram gold earrings that are both lights, cost less comparatively and still let you enjoy all the good parts of owning a great earring: you got your pick.

The Triple Ripple, 3 gram gold earrings design is made of 18 karat Yellow gold and consists of yellow gold dangler ring with knife pleat motifs shaped in a semi-circle. It is about Rs. 12,600 and is all about the modern, stylish complement to your look as you manoeuvre your everyday.

The Swirl Curl stud earring is made out of yellow gold and consists of a high polish ring pattern with partial palmette leave motifs on opposite sides and is about Rs. 13,300.

Love fruits and want to incorporate them into your Gold jewellery somehow? Yes! We got you. The Muted Melon stud is just about Rs. 15,000 and as its name says it has an arc-shaped motif (the cut melon shape).

The heart shape is something we all 'heart'. The Double Dealing drop earring is all about the lovey-dovey feeling we all want to experience and cherish. It contains hearts intertwined together- one in high polish yellow gold and other rhodium plated and suspended on a hook. It is the combination of trendy and classic- and is the warmth you might need.

Are you more about going ultra-modern in every style choice you make? The Knotty Affair, about Rs. 13,600 is a drop earring with a trilateral and pleated texture. It is subtle yet charming in its take.

Life is all about embracing our quirks and showing them off proudly. Feel free to add a dash of whimsy to your look with the Neon Hex that has two disc-like motifs overlapping, one with a neon green enamel and the other in plain gold, placed at Rs. 13,000.

Be it Golden accessories such as golden bracelets and gold bangles embedded with beguiling stones or the gold chains that can add volumes of ombre to your look.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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