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For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery

For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery


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Follow Us for Your Daily Dose of Fashion

5 gram Gold Earrings Designs

Want to be a rose in the world full of daisies? Looking for something trendy yet grounded? If you are the one that likes to experiment with style and looks, Melorra is your kind of place. Melorra is known for the designs that are trendy enough to go with our latest fashion outfits. Pair up your Indian or Indo-Western outfit with Gold jewellery online to up the ante.

If something is in trend, we promise that you would find that on Melorra. Earrings are one of the most important parts of the fashion accessories, and we also do understand how much women love wearing earrings.

Melorra’s designs can be flaunted by females of any age group and any ethnicity. The earrings are lightweight, affordable, available with various variations. Women of all ages widely prefer 5 gram gold earrings as they are of appropriate sizes and go with all type outfits. 2-4 Gram gold earrings are on the lighter side and offer more spunk while 6-8 Gram Gold earrings designs, being on the voluminous side are all about bling. The 5 gm gold earrings designs are more preferred due to their size, affordability and more patterns in designs. These are the choice of modern and classy women and also liked by teenage girls. The major category of gold earrings are studs, drops, and Hoops- with price range from 17k to 25 k INR.

You can find these designs in 5 gm gold earrings designs:

  • Studs: Mellora has more than 500 designs- such as floral, heart, shell, paisley, abstract, geometric, teddy and many others. All these designs are curated by a team of talented designers and are in line with the latest fashion trends.
  • Drops: Drop earrings are the perfect choice when you are looking for something more outrageous than studs, but still want to make your look grounded. The Melorra Collection has very beautiful drops that are surely going to add a fairy-like look to our outfit.
  • Hoops: Hoops are trendsetters. They are the most preferred earrings and look good with all the western outfits, be it jeans or shorts or dresses. Check out this excellent collection.

6 Gram Gold Earrings

A treat for your senses, you are sure to find that our collection is one that is trendy and inspired by the latest runway designs. Melorra tries its best to stay in line with the new trends by shuffling the designs every week.

We have the best team of designers who look at the latest fashion trends from Fashion heritages such as Milan, Paris, and New York, to provide our valued customers with the best of the designs within affordable ranges. 6 gram gold earrings amp up your style and look good with any western dress. Be it ruffles, neons, polka dots, paisleys or any new trend, Melorra should have something to rock with your outfit. These designs are available in white as well as rose gold that go well with a dress, tees, shorts and what not.

Every woman loves wearing jewellery that goes with the outfit but is also sure to make a statement. Designs that are brewed at Melorra help women carry their daily chores at ease while keeping their own style game up. You can dive in into the Melorra collection, to look for the fine and trendy 6gm gold earrings designs for your look. You can wear these earrings to a party or outing with friends, celebrating with cousins or show up wearing Melorra collection to a family function to leave everyone awestruck by the refine designs. The 6gm gold earrings design range between 25k to 35 k INR.

At Melorra, you can experience the following gold earrings design in 6gm category:

  • Studs: There is some variation in the gold studded earrings in 6 gm weight in 5 gm weight. There are some geometric designs with more intrinsic work done. These earrings are available in white gold and rose gold as well. In some of the gold earrings that are some vibrant colours and embellished gemstones. The studded earrings are the perfect choice for daily wear. They are casual as well as ones that put you in the fashion circles.
  • Drops: In here, most of the designs are drops of earrings designs. There are various pretty patterns for the earrings that are surely going to be loved by women. You can pair these drops earrings with any look, be it traditional or western. There are various patterns such as tangelo, fringes, leaves, ruffles and what not- treat your eyes and indulge in the fashion parade that is Melorra!
  • Hoops: Hoops are the hotshot trendy designs- topping all the others in their own charismatic way. In here with 6 grams, hoops are much more in diameter than in 5gm gold jewellery. If you want to buy hoops that are going to make a statement, you can go for these ones without a doubt.

Gold Bracelets are delights to your wrists. Wear them and admire them in all their glory- in the midst of the daily grind. After all, have to reward yourself for all that you have been doing! Or, are you looking for something classic and still does the job of style quotient? Gold Bangles await you! Gold Chains ante up the subtle crevices of your neck. Pair it all with a chain and you are ready to go. All these things are trendy, chic and most importantly- makes you feel great! What are you waiting for?

Melorra's jewellery cuts for beingstylish yet affordable jewellery. Melorra is the preferred brand for online jewellery shopping due to its superior facilities. Melorra has provides its consumers things such as 30-day returns, lifetime exchanges and 100 % certified jewellery. Women can dive in into the jewellery collection by Melorra and have their collection of different, in style jewellery safely and hassle-free.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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