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Huggies Earrings – Capture the Subtlety!

What are Huggies earrings? Huggies earrings fit firmly around your earlobes and subtend a cute look to your face. That’s why the name Huggies - they hug your ear. Huggie hoop earrings are the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s favourite earring style and it is easy to know why. Multiple ear piercings are having a moment right now, and Huggies earrings are on the fore as they can be worn along the ear to create a stacking effect. Huggies can be worn anywhere, with anything- they are subtle, elegant and have all the right chops to effortlessly add class to your look.

When it comes to latest fashion earrings, modern women prefer something that can be worn without much hassle. Huggie hoops are the perfect choice for this. Huggie hoop earrings ooze charm, are uncomplicated and amazing. They are delicately pretty and make you realise the beauty of the minimal. After all, subtlety and finesse are the whole points of fashion. Huggies earrings highlight the tokens of your personality that usually go unnoticed: accentuating even the most understated features. Melorra redefines the unconventional in modern jewellery and offers the women of today a collection of trendiest huggies earrings designs online to match everyday outfits. We have huggies in yellow, white and rose gold, embellished with diamonds and gemstones to spoil you with options. When you gift yourself a huggie earring, you gift yourself some glow! In diamond, you can also opt for single stone solitaire type earrings.

Huggies to Flaunt Daily – Ace That Every Day Look!

Fashionistas believe that every woman needs a little black to dress to bring out the best verve in her. On the lines of that perspective, every woman also needs a huggie earring to keep her style subtle and classic once in a while. It doesn’t matter if you are making new friends in college or starting as a pro sportswoman or tacking Machiavellian colleagues in the corporate boardroom- the huggie earrings are a must-have in your jewellery box. In a party, you would want to move seamlessly without worrying if your earrings would fall. And surprisingly, Huggies earrings are perfect for that!

Melorra designs huggie earrings with so much care that they hug your ears perfectly and also give that subtle and sober look to your face. Our designs reflect Latest Global Trends, so that we make sure you wear only the best and fresh. Add a pair of huggies to your casuals and get ready to shine on a cloudy or sunny day. Wear them to your picnics or hangouts with that new jumpsuit. Your party dress up is incomplete without the Huggies earrings from Melorra. Choose from ravishing diamond Huggies earrings like Meghan Markle herself, opt for the traditional gold ones like Angelina Jolie or add some timeless elegance with gemstone Huggies. Huggies at Melorra are made out of 18 karat gold earrings or 22 karat gold earrings and weigh from 2-4 grams to 10 grams and above to suit your tastes. Enliven up your every day look, wear a huggie earring and get ready to slay!

Huggies Collection – Hottest Collection for the Coolest Ones!

Admit it, it’s very tough to find those perfect huggies that fits your ears and your personality as well. Online platforms are for variety but only few of them will offer you exactly what you want. And at the end you always compromise, don’t you? With Melorra, you don’t have to. We offer a stunning range of huggie earrings with breath-taking designs made in yellow, white and rose gold, studded with diamonds and gemstones. Filter by material, weight, occasion, trends, gold colour, price, season and more. The trendiest collection of huggies perfect for everyday casual looks, party looks as well as formal looks.

Gold Huggies – Gold huggies are simple, cute and match with almost anything. Choose your pair from Melorra's huggie earrings in gold which are light in weight and elegant while being trendy and fashionable. Match them with some latest chain designs in gold to complete the look. All the gold used in our gold jewellery items is priced as per the current gold rate in India.

Diamond Huggies – Want to shine but love minimal jewellery? Diamond huggies are here for you. Wear them with your formals or pair them with your casuals and shine anywhere you go. A range of stunning designs to choose from with motifs in geometric, abstract, floral and hearts.

Stone Studded Huggies – Colourful gemstone huggies make the perfect match for your colourful outfits. Our collection offers a varied range of latest huggie earring designs online embedded with gemstones like pearl, ruby and other stones that match with your trendy outfits and make you look more graceful.  

Huggies in White Gold & Rose Gold – For ladies who are not a fan of the colour yellow, we have huggie earrings in white gold & rose gold for you. A stunning range of light weight huggies in adorable designs with diamonds and other gemstones.  

Huggies for All Occasions – Add a Twirl to Every Outfit

Designers at Melorra blend International Runway Trends into fine jewellery to give you something you would feel elated to wear. Explore some of our irreplaceable designs in huggie earrings and pick your favourites.


Geometric Huggies are the easiest to wear and the ones without the hassle. You will recognise the gold geometric huggie earrings as ones you wore when you were a two-year-old. Of course, you can still allow the child in you to play with these choices. The Soft Trapezoid is a rose gold hoop earring, a huggie with stepped double- ribbed white gold bars. It is sleek and edgy and is imposing on the office atmosphere. Invigorate your job hours with the Soft Trapezoid. Imagine feeling and gazing over to a string of diamonds in a loop. How refreshing and ethereal would the shine be! The Endless Loop is a set of huggie hoop earrings that are rendered in high polish yellow gold. As the name suggests, they are studded with a row of bezel cut diamonds.

Even though most of us don’t enjoy going to the office in monotony every day, we have to admit, and we love our jobs. The White Collar diamond huggie earring is designed to celebrate the working woman you. With 99 problems to conquer every day and still doing it- it is inspiring. The White Collar contains huggie hoops with diamond-encrusted rectangular blocks that are attached to a loop of white gold. Go on lady, and beat the bore at work!


You are abstract, even though you think you are not. We are all abstractions of what we were yesterday, and it is high time we recognised that. The FourC is novel and bequeaths a realistic look to your face. It contains two inversed stacks of four C’s rendered in yellow and white gold. The C’s form a large yet airy hoop giving it the final, stunning appeal of a lobe-looker.


Flaunt your dresses with confidence and vivacity with floral huggie earrings. The Sea Surfin diamond hoop earring contains two high polish gold hoops that have overlapping petals which are strikingly embedded with pave set diamonds. Add magic to summer look.

Pearls are fabulous, ravishing and delightful. They occupy a special place in every woman’s heart. The Pearly Pink is a stunning pearly pink diamond huggie earring that contains tulip shaped bi-colour huggie hoops. The centre of attention is a dangling mellow pink pearl orb set against a contrasting texture. Wear this with any of your dresses and charm your way through- be it a hot date or a fun girls’ day out. Diamond earrings and diamond hoops are all about the glamour


The heart is the most important piece of the human body and the human mental self. To get all the warm feels and soak in the warmth of love, we at Melorra bring to you The Disco Hearts, aptly named are for you to become the life of the party. This yellow gold huggie earring contains high polish hoops that have multiple heart-shaped nuggets coined together alternatively. Wear your heart!

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Buy Huggies on Melorra – Your Search Ends Here!

Shopping earrings online can be tough. Confusion about the size, colour and product. Also no assurance of the quality because it’s online and not in front of your eyes. We understand issues like this at Melorra. Which is why we give you the best jewellery shopping experience ever. Melorra makes it easier for you to order your favourite huggies online. Filter our collection of designer huggies earrings by material, price or weight. All under a budget friendly range. Stay assured about your purchase online as we offer 100% certified jewellery on our platform. All latest gold earrings are BIS hallmarked. While all online diamond earrings and stone earrings use gemstones certified by SGL or IGL Laboratories of India. Your huggies are wrapped safely in a tamper-proof box and delivered to you for free. They also come with insurance and the option to pay on delivery. And in case you change your mind, you can return your huggie earrings within 30 days or exchange them afterwards through the Lifetime Exchange Policy. So stop looking anywhere else and buy your favourite huggies at Melorra for your best shopping experience ever! 

You can also explore Melorra's gold coins collection online if you want to invest more in gold. 

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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