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Rings | Customer Reviews
Radhagovinda Gantayet | 08-10-2021
I purchased an 18kt Earthly Elegance Gemstone Ring from Melorra. It’s my first purchase and I am truly satisfied and happy.

Amit Kumar Soni | 08-10-2021
I Purchased an 18kt Mac N Bold Gold Ring from Melorra. I am absolutely happy with the design and the offers provided by Melorra.

Hir Upadhyay | 08-10-2021
I bought a 22kt Short N Sophisticated Gold Ring from Melorra. The design was just the same as displayed on the website. Am happy that the product was delivered way before the expected delivery time. I like the product as it fits me perfectly and is really comfortable to wear. Loved everything about the Ring. Its Lovely.

Namrata jaju | 09-01-2021
I bought a 22kt Classique Devotion Gold Ring from Melorra, for myself. I loved the quality and the finish of the product. Its too good.

Rimi Deka | 08-10-2021
I bought a Smart N Sober Diamond Ring, from Melorra and I really liked the product. I feel very comfortable wearing it.

Imran Haider Rizvi | 09-01-2021
I bought an 18kt A lot Like Lace Gold Ring from Melorra,I chose my size but it was as accurate as it could be also the offers and discounts are mind blowing. No regrets in making my decision of purchase from Melorra.

Kalyani Sharma | 09-01-2021
I bought a22kt Nature at Work Gold Ring from Melorra, for myself. I was so much in love with the design, and the service provided was really good. The packaging was very attractive.

K Aditya | 09-01-2021
I bought an 18kt Hazel Hues Gemstone Ring from Melorra, as a gift. I liked the entire shopping experience. The design is beautiful, customer service was good and the product was delivered on time.