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22 Karat Gold Earrings – For the Love of Gold!

Gold jewellery is effortlessly lovely. They occupy a niche in the hearts of women all over the world. However, while buying it, women need to think twice. And if they want to buy it online, then it’s mostly a ‘maybe not’ situation. Well, to that Melorra says maybe yes! We are here to revolutionize gold jewellery for modern women, making it trendy, lightweight and comfortable for daily wear. A jewellery collection online for women so fine that you won’t be able to take your eyes off!

Gold purity is measured in karats and 24 Karat Gold is the pure gold with a hundred percent composition. However, due to its softness, pure gold is not used for making jewellery. 22 karat gold is only 91.67 per cent of pure gold with other 8.33 per cent of metals like silver, zinc, nickel and other alloys. This addition of metals makes the texture of gold harder thereby making it apt for manufacturing durable jewellery. At Melorra, we create designs in 22k gold earrings that are very light in weight and comfortable for women & girls to wear on any occasion. Explore our collection of 22 karat gold earring in Global Fashion inspired designs with incredible texture and quality.

22K Gold Earrings Designs with Price – Buy Your Style

Finding the perfect pair of earrings online that matches both your outfit and your personality is a dream for any woman. Melorra makes that dream come true for you. We bring International Fashion into your jewellery to give you season-wise earring designs. Melorra's 22 carat gold earring designs are not only for occasions or festivities but are crafted to be worn daily like your outfits.

Geometric Designs

In 22 karat gold earring, geometric designs of earrings are elegant and can be a go-to for any fashionable attire. The Disco Drama 22k gold earring contains high polish yellow gold danglers that have sequin shaped motifs hanging from a circular nugget. They can go impeccably well with the one-piece dresses that you wear to the party. The Ace of Base is a gold stud earring that aces any look. It contains yellow gold high polish studs that have an obround motif with a cutwork rhombus pattern in the centre. It is perfect for a day out with family, is sophisticated and comfortable. The Loop Troops 22k gold earring has a drop motif with the top edges in a white rhodium surface. It is poised, fancy and minimal- all at the same time. Pick one of these or any from our geometric collection and twirl off into the limelight, girlie!

Floral Designs

At Melorra, we allow you to indulge the little girl into a beautiful floral earring. The Oak Leaf is enchanting, bohemian and accentuates your face. With an asymmetric quirky yellow gold circular element suspended from a stylised oak leaf earring stud, it is nature-loving and treats all your sweet feelings. Shades of mellow colours in gold are stunning and captivate you just by the look of it all. The Florid Fancy 22k gold earring has high polish studs with a floral motif at the centre. The flower has a lavender enamel detailing on one petal and is perfect for your one-piece dresses. The Lens Prance is stylish, hippie and modern. It contains high polish yellow cuff like danglers that hang four lens-like motifs spatially. Wear that with like all the light coloured tops you have, and just look amazing!

Abstract Designs

Browse over 145 designs of abstract shaped 22k gold earrings at Melorra. The Fringe Twirls is all glam and no bam. It has Yellow gold danglers that are layered- for the fringe effect. The danglers are attached to an inverted V-shape and a hook- for comfortable wear. The Ruffle Puff is well-suited for all dresses. It can go the same way for both your navy coloured office shirt and your pink one-piece. It contains yellow gold high polish studs that have an arc on top with wavy ruffles cutwork in the centre. It is comfortable and up-to-the-minute with the current trends. The Curvy Cascades are yellow gold high polish studs that have multiple concentric gold nuggets with a slight wave effect. Wear your earrings of abstract designs and go out confident and unflinching.

Hearts Designs

Looking to the vintage first, the Scroll of Hearts gives you a glimpse into both the old and new. These are yellow gold studs that have a cutwork heart motif with spiral patterns on top. Origami with gold, anyone? The Electric is where a petal-shaped bail element suspends an asymmetric floral pendant with high polish gold and rhodium-plated petals. Well, this is all about power play. Match up your heart-shaped 22k gold earrings with a matching gold chain (yes, 'you'd love a heart in that too, 'won't you?) and girl, get all the fluttery feelings as you dance through that every day.

Paisley Designs

Go back to the roots with Paisley shaped gold earring designs at Melorra- all within your budget. My Kinda Paisley features studs that have an inverted paisley motif with a stylised spiral motif on top. These duly go with your Tees and Jeans. The Paisley Pop 22k gold earring design features a paisley-shaped cut-out with wavy patterns. The hoop comes in here, and the Paisley sits on the side. You can match this with a nice gold bangle (yes, we have it here!) and breeze through charm all day long.

Shell Designs

You are a minimalist and love the crabs, the shells and all sorts of beachy things? The Cease Scallop contains two yellow gold studs that have a scallop motif with a ripple effect and is made just for you. Experience a shell on a miniature level with the Shell Shocks. They contain two yellow gold high polish motifs that even look like coffee beans to an extent.

Star Designs

The moon and the stars have fascinated us from childhood. Watch them do it again, only better with the Cosmic Dance which contains two moon-shaped studs cradling a trio of stars. Your mom would love this. The Galactica is another starry one. It is a 22k gold earrings design into a five-pointed star that shall shimmer in your ear. Pair it with a shimmery gold necklace from Melorra, and you’re good to go! 

Bow Designs

Rejoice in the warmth of love with My Valentine 22k gold earrings. It contains two-part high polish gold stud earrings that feature a yellow gold bow with a suspended white gold heart. Make it the gift of love. The Saint Bows is peaceful and revering. It contains yellow gold danglers having a disc motif attached to the bow.

Butterfly Designs

Fly gladly into the petals with Inspire Magic 22 carat gold earrings. These gorgeous pair of high polish yellow gold drop earrings inspired by the grace of a butterfly's wing are as beautiful as a butterfly in-flight.

Want to invest in more 22K gold? Explore our latest collection of 22K gold coins online with different weights and purity.

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22K Gold Earrings Online – Easy Shopping on Melorra

Melorra makes buying your gold earrings online super easy, affordable and convenient for you. Filter out earrings by style, motifs, occasion, season and more. We offer a wide variety of 22 karat as well as 18 karat gold earrings according to your taste, budget, and weight. While being under your budget, we give you the smoothest shopping experience with our free and insured delivery. Amazing discounts on making charges almost up to 100% along with a 30-Day return/exchange policy with no questions asked and a Lifetime Exchange Value. What else? Get certified assurance on quality and purity for every online purchase. Get only BIS hallmarked gold jewellery and SGL, or IGI Laboratories certified diamonds and gemstones. A unique collection of jewellery designs online makes Melorra the ideal destination for shopping jewellery online in India.

Wish to know better before shopping gold online? Know about the live gold rate today in India. Our jewellery items are priced accordingly so shop without any worries.

So, where to find your favourite jewellery? Yes, you guessed it right! Melorra lets you browse through a variety of stylish, lightweight and affordable 22k gold jewellery designs with price and wear the trend every day!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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