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Gold Chains in 10 Grams and Above – Put your Glam Mode ‘ON’

In order to cater to the current fashion necessities of the modern woman, Melorra has come up with a range of gold chains of different length, weight, and designs. We offer pieces like 12 gram gold chains online that are preferred more by the everyday office-going woman as it accentuates her formal attire and at the same time, is not too heavy. We also have a range of 20 gram gold chain designs for the women who like to layer their neckline. Whether it is with long chains or a subtle single yet bold chain, there’s something for all women that’ll make them stand out.

At Melorra, we understand the shift in the jewellery fashion trends. We emphasize on crafting well-thought out jewellery, for example, 12 gram gold chain designs, that are suitable for daily use. We believe that every piece of jewellery you wear should complement your attire and should easily fit into your every day schedule. It should also be minimal, yet fashionable. Hence, keeping in mind all these factors, our jewellery designers create pieces that will fit the bill. They take inspiration from global fashion shows around the world to understand what’s in trend and design a trend-inspired range, to give you the best of options.

Whether you buy a 20 gm gold chain or a 15 gram gold chain, we tend to make one thing very sure for you. That is the ease of buying what you exactly want. With our options in gold jewellery designs online and budget-friendly prices, you wouldn’t be able to say no. All 20 gram gold chain designs with price points are mentioned on our website. So go ahead and check out our range of 12 gram, 20 gram and 30 gram gold chain designs with price points and add on a new piece with just a click! In between, you can also hand-pick our 15 gram gold chain designs with price without any hesitation.

30 Gram Gold Chain Designs – Pick heavily-styled Motifs at Melorra

Melorra offers 30 gm gold chain designs in a variety of motifs, so there’s a design for you and for all your needs! Browse through our 30 gram gold chain prices and mix-and-match them with stylish pendants that complement your flowy dress and yet make you stand out of the crowd. Or you can even choose to leave them bare on your neck to keep a minimal tucked-in denim and top look.

Our gold long chain designs in 30 grams are not confined to office wear or occasion wear only. If you are going to a cocktail party in a western gown, we assure you that you will find a gold long chain designs in 30 grams and a pair of shoulder dusters that will emphasize your outfit. If you are attending a friends’ get-together in casual jeans or a knee-length print dress, we have gold chain designs to make those fashionable too. If you don’t wish to go too heavy or too light on jewellery, our 15 gram gold chain designs are perfect for you.

20 Gram Gold Chains - Explore Trendy Options at Melorra

Melorra offers an array of 20 gram gold chain designs that will suit your work wear, party wear and even casual wear attire. Whether it is for a casual look or stacking up for an evening wear, you will be surprised to see how a simple 20gm gold chain can accent your dressing style. Be it a rope chain design or a double box chain one, a beaded chain design or a hexagonal one, you will be spoilt for choice! We also have gold necklaces for women in this range that will add the much-needed sheen to your entire ensemble. Imagine going to a meeting in a tan-coloured pair of pencil trousers, a crisp white shirt and a simple beaded gold long chain design in 20 grams from Melorra. Wouldn’t that look cool? You will surely look no less than a boss lady with our minimal yet on-trend jewellery. At Melorra, be assured to find styles and 20 gram gold chain price that won’t pinch your pocket!

Explore better before shopping for gold long chain designs in 20 grams. Go to our gold rate page to know the current gold rate in your city, so that you can shop online without a doubt. 

12 Gram & 15 Gram Gold Chains - An Ideal Gifting Choice

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one, there is no better option than a 12 gram gold chain. She can add her individual touch to it by adding a charming pendant or leave it bare as a long chain. From a teenage girl to a woman, this accessory suits everyone. So we suggest you take a look at our gold chain in 15 grams and make the right choice. From long chains to short ones we have got you covered with our selection! So just browse through our 12 gram gold chain designs and pick an unforgettable gift for your loved one. From designs in 18k gold chains to a 22k gold chains, the options are plenty.

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Gold Chain 10 grams and above Designs - Why Buy from Melorra?

Melorra offers trend-inspired and light-weight designs for every possible look. Our 20 gram gold chain designs with price for women makes it easy for you to make the right choice without any hassle. Whether you are inspired by the fashion runway trends or like clean and simple looks, our designers are on point with your needs. Bringing you trendy, fashionable and real jewellery pieces in all categories, we make sure you have the best of the best.  But if you're looking to go a little beyond and opt for a bit heavy design, then you can surely pick out our 30 gram gold chain designs with price to know, if it suits you and your budget. If you are a fan of the 80s look, you would swear by the long-chain look. Shortlisting the gold long chain designs in 20 grams for you, this style will fulfil all your retro cravings. Along with trendy and fashionable designs, this is what we offer:

·       New designs added daily: We understand the need to be update your wardrobe with the latest trends. Whether it is clothes, shoes or jewellery, there is a certain refresh that we all require. So to solve your gold jewellery dilemma, our designers keep an eye on the changing trends and transform them into styles you have never seen before. Keeping one eye on the trend list and the other on your needs, our gold chain designs for women will surely never let you down.

·       Gold quality assurance: Any piece of gold jewellery you buy from Melorra comes with BIS Hallmarked gold. Thus you need not worry about the quality, ever! We make sure what you see on our website, is what you get. We also suggest that you always check for the BIS mark whenever you’re buying gold, as the quality of the gold might be otherwise compromised. Let your piece be of any weight, but certification is important!

·       30-days return policy: When you’re shopping online it is possible you pick a piece that looks good on the model, but doesn’t match your style when you try it on. For such situations, our 30-days returns policy exist. We ask no questions if you return the jewellery within 30 days and can choose to either get your money back or work out an exchange for another piece.

·       Lifetime exchange policy: When you buy a piece of jewellery and wear it multiple times, you tend to get bored of it and are tempted to make a new purchase. We understand this and thus offer a lifetime exchange policy, so that you can exchange and upgrade to a new design of your choice. If you want to upgrade to  a new design that is over your budget and have an old gold accessory to exchange, we will offer you the best - suited gold value on your exchange. And the upgrade will be on its way!

·       Free and insured delivery: At Melorra, you do not have to pay any extra shipping or insurance charges for your jewellery delivery. Yes, we take care of this and make sure your chosen jewellery piece reaches your doorstep intact. So if you are eyeing a design in 20 gram gold chain price that you found best, then don’t worry about the delivery. Make the purchase and leave the rest to us.

·       Cash on Delivery (COD): In case you are skeptical about big online payments, Melorra offers cash on delivery option as well. So, you can pay once the piece is delivered to you.

With so many design options and benefits of buying latest jewellery online, what’s there to stop you now? Dig into our collection of 10 grams and above gold chain designs and get one home, with just a click of a button! Also, go ahead and explore Melorra's gold coins collection to buy pure gold coins online at best price.

Explore the link for stylish waist chains in gold.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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