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The Colourful Saga of Gemstone Pendants

‘Gemstone has a beauty unlike anything else because they allow light inside and refract it’

Isn’t it rightly said? Gemstones are the perfect addition to any jewellery box of a woman because, believe us when we say that, gemstone jewellery is the best colour you can paint your overall ensemble with.

For instance, gemstones are more than just birthstones that are believed to bring prosperity, popularity, and soul healing. These gemstones are best suited to be used in rings, earrings, and pendants, which are the most minimal jewellery accessories used by women every day. Be it a day of going to the office in formal wear or a day of hopping cafés with your friend in a light evening gown, and gemstone jewellery is best paired with dresses, which complement their shades and hue in different lighting systems.

Specifically, gemstone pendants are highly popular among women for their hue and shades. Who wouldn’t mind having a touch of red or lime green or a shiny white stone with their red dress that pops out among the crowd? But the main purpose of gemstones is to basically add up to style and give a natural look to the wearer. These gemstone pendants are embellished in gold with designs to suit every woman’s style naturally with the rarest stones in their natural colours.

Emerald, Amethyst, or Sapphire – Own All of the Stone Pendant Necklace

It is never wrong to explore more and more when it comes to accessories and jewellery, and what better way to do it other than picking out your first gemstone pendant necklace. Also, just so you know there are twelve different stones that pair with twelve months; so you can either pick out a stone pendant necklace that matches with your birth month or go for something that is different than your birth month but resonates with your mood and personality.

Here are a few stone pendants designs that are highly popular among women for their brilliant shade and appearance –

Emerald Gemstone Pendant

With a dark green hue that reminds people of the great green and nature, the emerald gemstone is the best choice for pendants if you’re green or nature lover. If you are looking to match your green dress with a light shade of green surrounded by light dots of reflective diamonds, then an emerald pendant is the best option for you. At Melorra, we have a variety of emerald gemstone pendants that would for sure either match or contrast your dress. You can hand-pick a few of our pendant collections if you’re a big emerald stone fan.

Amethyst Gemstone Pendant

Is the shine of purple, your favourite colour? Then amethyst stone pendant is your best jewellery option. In fact, in our collection, we have designed and launched quite a few amethyst stone pendants designs that catch the essence of amethyst shade and mould them into amazing jewellery collection that would bring the colour other than overused, yellow gold pendant in your jewellery box. If you have to pick a few amethyst stone pendants to go with your ensemble, then you can pick out Purple Haze – a perfect hue of purple that would complement dresses in light pinkish, off-white, and yellow colours. But hey, you’re welcome to play mix and match. Follow your own trend.

Sapphire Gemstone Pendant

The typical shade of sapphire gemstone is bright blue, but these stones vary in shades as its mineral count varies. At Melorra, our collection of sapphire pendants is the best that retain the natural and authenticity of stone even when it is mounted on the gold chain. They just match perfectly with the yellow gold chain and leave their blue shine all over the necklace design. So, if you are looking to own an expensive-looking sapphire gemstone pendant that is within your budget but matches with most of the dress colours. Also, you would know yourself what blue shade matches with your outfit. 

More Gemstone Pendants for Your Goddess Personality

Besides, emerald, amethyst, and sapphire, we also have pendants in different stones, such as opal, quartz, and topaz. Other stones would be ruby, pearl, aragonite, and Lizardite.

Gemstone Pendants for Girls – Explore Modern Designs

Colours are most suited for the college-going modern girls who usually opt for various shades rather than just black grey, or white. Often girls and teenagers like to reflect their mood in the form of their outfits and pairing a gemstone pendant necklace that matches with their mood shades. Just when the sun shining choosing a yellow pastel shade outfit would be the right choice. Another perfect choice would be to pair that ensemble with our Green Groove, Leopard Love, or Confetti Cones pendant jewellery designs. These gemstone pendants perfectly go with the yellow shade of a dress. However, never limit your imagination and always look around on how you can make a sober look more attractive by adding contrasting colours to it.

On the other hand, pairing a gemstone pendant with a red or a green dress is also easy with our range of gemstone jewellery pendants. We have so many gemstone hues in a variety of designs inspired from latest runway models that you will never run out of options. Here’s a quick guide for you – 

Pair a Stone Pendant Necklace with Your Red Outfit

Red is an all-time favourite shade of every woman and girl. When in doubt pick red and with red choose the gemstone hues that either match the attire or contrast it. Our designers have mentioned pairing Niche Nudes, Twirl in Peach, Cool Candy, Free Spirit, and Cream O Brush as a few options. But out of hundreds of designs, we are sure you can pick out a gemstone pendant for yourself that matches with your outfit.

Pair a Stone Pendant Necklace with Your Green Outfit

This shade of nature deserves as much attention as our climate right now. The hue of bright green is best matched with our stone designs Green Pine, Confetti Cones, Green Sheen, Triple Scoop, and Blossom Lush. 

Pair a Stone Pendant Necklace with Your Floral Dress

One of our collections celebrated the elegance of floral dresses with new jewellery design launches that were inspired by natural occurring shades and shapes of a variety of flowers. You can always pick out stone pendant designs, such as Scoops and Sprinkles, Blossom Lush, Pink Champagne, and any pearl-studded pedant that matches with your floral attire. However, always remember that florals too come in various colours and ensure to pair the right jewellery designs with dark and white florals.

Pair a Stone Pendant Necklace with Your Black Dress

Now is the time to discuss the universal colour adored by all, black. If black is your go-to shade for a western outfit or a one-piece dress, then we have the right gemstone pendant designs for you in our pendant collection. You can choose Paperclip, Twilight Saga, Frizzante, Dyed in Denim, and Hookup. 

Pair a Stone Pendant Necklace with Your Blue Dress

Here are a few of the gemstone pendant designs that you can never go wrong with if you’re pairing them with your blue dress, Hippie Denim, Peek-a-Blue, Do the Blue, Alice Blue, Dot the Line, and Linear Swing. Some of them would match ideally with your blue attire while others would add a touch of contrast to the ensemble. Either way, you will look amazing and would perfectly rock the entire appearance. 

Add A Colour Twist to Your Jewellery Box with Stone Pendant Designs

Isn’t that the whole point of picking out a trendy gemstone pendant? Colours play such a huge role in our daily life, but we often overlook them while buying jewellery online. We usually settle for yellow gold jewellery collection, but with the introduction of gemstones in pendants, you no longer have to buy gold every time you go jewellery shopping. All the gold items on Melorra are BIS hallmarked and priced according to the current gold rate per gram.

Moreover, gemstone pendants not only work with western outfits to supplement your evening look or a cocktail party look. These colourful stone pendant designs are even perfect for a casual white tee and blue jeans attire. We have a range of pendants studded with gemstones that are crafted specially for jeans look. Our designs, such as Denim Dare, Bleach N Beyond, Denim Diaries, and Rule of Blue are just a few names in our collection that are designed to go with a simple shirt and jeans look. Whoever said that colours are for an event has clearly not tried our collection of gemstone pendants. From emerald stone and opal to quartz and sapphire stone, we have pendants in various designs and shades that all of your dresses and attire in your wardrobe would find a friend.

Also, we have designed the pendants jewellery by keeping in mind the other accessories that you would pair it with. Our suggestion is to go for our gemstone ring collection and bring on your best creativity while playing mix and match with your accessories. Another reason to buy our gemstone pendant online is in our customer-centric approach. We don’t design jewellery for the sake of creating and selling them. We want you to have the experience of the runway models that walk many famous fashion weeks. So, we launch jewellery designs in gold and many other metals inspired by the creations of popular global designers. Another reason to buy our gemstone pendant online is in our customer-centric approach. We don’t design jewellery for the sake of designing and selling them. We want you to have the experience of the runway models that walk many famous fashion weeks. So, we launch jewellery designs in gold and many other metals inspired by the creations of famous global designers. You wear minimal ad trendy designs that are making waves in the national as well as international fashion weeks. Go tell this to your friends!

Buy Gemstone Pendants Online at Melorra

Because, why not? We have a wide range of pendant collections that are best suited for every type of outfit and occasion, from event-based to daily use. Furthermore, stone pendant designs at Melorra is authentic and original that exudes high clarity and shine, giving a contemporary look to the jewellery design.

Buying jewellery online from Melorra is also best for customers as we have numerous advantages for the shoppers. From lifetime exchange of gold jewellery and no questions asked return/exchange policy to certifications of gold and all the other metals used and free home delivery, our customer-centric business model is one of its kind in the market.

If you’re still at the edge about anything regarding the jewellery design or Melorra’s policy around customer support, you are welcome to shoot any questions at us at any time. You can find the contact number on the website and give us a call or a drop us a text message with your query. We are always here to guide and assist you through your jewellery purchase journey.

Then stop at nothing if you’ve made up your mind about adding colours to your jewellery collection of all time. You can even pick out a minimal and simple stone pendant necklace as a gift for your sister, niece, or girlfriend. Trust us when we say that you will not go wrong with the colours we offer on our website. Follow our advice when we say that you must shop till you drop to find that perfect pendant jewellery for yourself, and we will be here for you at every step of taking a purchase decision.

On a side note, we welcome you to explore our gold coins collection with price that come in different carat and weight.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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