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Gemstone Pendants

Have you ever wanted to wear your birthstone in style? How about wearing those gemstone pendants which are trendy and will also accessorise your dress? Gemstones add up to style and give a natural look. They are embellished in gold with designs to suit every woman's style naturally with the rarest stones in their natural colours.

At Melorra, we have such gemstone pendants which not only bring in luck but also add uniqueness to your style! These pendants will talk about your personality when you wear it to work or an occasional party. The best gemstones are also made to order by Melorra.

We design jewellery to match every style of the season. May it is lace, polka dots, winterwear, summer fabrics, you name it, and we have a piece of jewellery to go well with it. Classic and modern gemstone pendants in more than 60 designs are readily available at Melorra while your designs can also be customised. A perfect design to make your day is sure to set the trend.

How are gemstone Pendants by Melorra different?

Jewellery from Melorra are different from the regular jewels in the below ways:

  • They are trendy, not traditional: Traditional jewellery is always considered as occasional wear. But when you want trendy jewellery for regular use, then Melorra has it all to suit that outlook. Our expert designers are trained and have an update of the latest fashion. They make designs to go together with the latest in your closet.
  • There are new designs every day and not rarely: At Melorra, we believe in creating jewellery that is technically updated, and so we use 3D tech to design more than 10 designs each day, and so we give out 300 designs every month not just for the sake of investment but to keep the trend alive. When the wardrobe can change so often, why not jewellery?
  • They are matching sets and not single pieces: The latest designs are carefully tailored to match every outfit. A ruby pendant can match that little red dress for a night party while a pearl pendant set can always be worn in style to work. The gemstone pendants are also designed with matching earrings so that you don't have to search for a pair of them to match with. Single pieces are no more a trend, and we at Melorra keep that in mind while designing these sets.

Why buy gemstone pendants online?

Shopping online is the trend and an effortless way to buy anything. When can you sit back and buy everything from clothing to panty just by making a few clicks on your phone then why not jewellery? Melorra provides easy online shopping by giving its customers cash on delivery, 30 Day returns, insured delivery along with lifetime exchange. So buying gemstone pendants is comfortable and straightforward. Luck will be delivered right at your doorstep when you wish to buy a lucky stone.

You can also choose the right gemstone by talking to our experts online. You can also customise any stone pendant design online and get it custom made as per your needs. Everything from stone karat to gold weight is mentioned on our products to give its customers a transparent picture of the pricing. Of course, the prices are as per the market prices. Even our diamond pendant designs can be brought online with such clear details. An extensive collection of gemstones such as ruby, emerald, diamond, pearl, opal, sapphire, aragonite, topaz, onyx, blue tiger, beer quartz, freshwater colour stones, freshwater pearls, sea pearls are available to make a vivid choice. You will get the rarest gemstones at Melorra.

With more than 60 gemstone pendants to choose from, Melorra has it all to match your wardrobe. Each gemstone is picked carefully to retain the colours as naturally as it is and is designed to perfection by our experts. You can always choose the metal while shopping online - 18kt or 22Kt for the gemstone pendant or gemstone pendant set you to prefer. Gold weight is also a choice along with what kind of gold you are looking for - white, yellow, or rose gold. The designs showcase the gemstones as a priority and not the metal in which it is embossed. So when we say gemstone pendant, the gemstone is what looks like your style and not the gold/silver embodying it. They are durable and also come with lifetime exchange, so you don't have to worry about using it only for the current trend. These gemstone pendants are simple, stylish and modern.

Gift-worthy Gemstone Pendants for girls

The gemstone pendants at Melorra are affordable and reasonably priced. When it comes to buying for yourself or to gift these gemstone pendants for girls, it is the best choice. They add style to your gift and will be a worthy one to remember. They keep up the status too as a gift. The diamond pendant designs are unique collections at Melorra. A multicolour gemstone pendant with ruby, pearl and emerald is undoubtedly going to be loved by a young girl and cherished as a memorable gift, especially when it comes in a unique design. It is sure to be the best accessory for her as the design is trendy and goes with every outfit for college goers or teens. Designs such as animal prints and stripes are meant to match such an outfit. For the lady love, you can always gift a heart-shaped pendant

Gemstone Pendants for every budget

Gemstone pendants at Melorra are priced between Rs. 8275 to Rs. 65951. We also offer a 5% to 10% off on making charges when you buy gemstone pendants online from Melorra. Based on your budget and occasion, you can choose any alphabet locket design. There are filter choices such as office, work or party wear pendants and also seasonal collections such as autumn/spring/winter collection. You can also pick up classic or antique gold pendant designs if that suits your budget. At Melorra there is a choice for every budget and everyone's likes. A gemstone pendant is made to suit every woman globally may it be modern or classic.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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