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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, solitaires are the best of them all! Solitaire diamonds are mesmerising and are more valued than any other crystal or gemstone. They outshine everything else and are glittering show-stoppers. A solitaire highlights the brilliance of an individual diamond and can light up your look as nothing else can. Melorra offers over 15 trendy designs in exquisitely-crafted diamond solitaire rings! Read on to know more about solitaires.

A diamond solitaire is a piece of gold jewellery set with a single diamond. Solitaires are often used to celebrate significant occasions in a person’s life. The saying ‘diamonds are forever’ has contributed to the belief that a diamond ring is indestructible. Hence, a solitaire diamond ring has come to symbolise eternal love. The glitter of the classic combination of diamonds and gold has stood the test of time and is an all-time favourite among jewellery lovers. Diamonds make endearing gifts and cherished heirlooms.

Today, you can buy solitaire online at Melorra! We create designs inspired by international fashion runways to make dazzling solitaire diamond jewellery that is affordable, yet elegant and trendy. Melorra offers a vast range of magnificent diamond solitaire jewellery that includes earrings, rings, pendants, and nose pins.

Famous Indian solitaire diamonds

Through the ages, India has had its share of world-famous diamonds. Some of these include:

  • The colourless 105.6-carat Kohinoor diamond which adorns the British crown.
  • The 34.98-carat Beau Sancy which graced the courts of the French rulers.
  • The 24.78-carat Graffe Pink, the 73.06-carat greenish Akbar Shah diamond.
  • The 45.52-carat Blue Hope diamond.
  • The 67.5-carat Black Orlov diamond that was referred to as the Eye of Brahma.
  • The 90.38-carat Briolette of India.
  • The 41-carat Dresden Green.

The Allure of Solitaires

Solitaires diamond rings are popular as engagement rings, wedding presents, and anniversary gifts.   Diamonds are scratch-resistant, making them ideal for daily wear and because of it’s versatile nature, an apt addition for every occasion. The mystery and allure of versatile gold embedded with dazzling diamonds make Melorra’s solitaire jewellery a must-have!

Check out the Melorra collection of sparkling solitaire diamond finger rings like the white gold Sassy Solitaire, the yellow gold One Love, the rose gold Eternity Blossoms or the breathtaking white and yellow gold Solitaire Extraordinaire! 

Melorra Solitaire Collection

We know our diamonds well at Melorra and truly celebrate this precious stone with the unique dangler collections of Sparkling Strands, String-Bling, Arrowhead Beams, See-Saw and Looped Fringe.

The minimal and perfect designs incorporate solitaire diamonds on various chain designs like the box-cut, rope-cut, belcher chain, trace chain, curb chain, Figaro chain or cable chain cuts. With an apt chain length, easy-to-wear clasps, Melorra jewellery is designed for maximum comfort.

The stunning solitaire collection from Melorra includes dazzling beauties like the Eternity Blossoms Diamond Nose Pins and Rings, Night Star Diamond Earrings and Pendants, and Rock n Roses Diamond Earrings, Nose Pins, and Pendants.

Materials Used

When you buy solitaire online from Melorra, you purchase crafted-with-pride modular jewellery. Our jewellery is made from 18k or 22k yellow, rose or white gold and is certified by world-class SGL, IGI, and BIS. Gold and diamonds are hypoallergenic and suit all outfits, skin types and occasions.

Each item of the rings, pendants, earrings, nose-pins, chains, necklaces, and bangles can be viewed with complete details like gold weight, carats, cost per gram of gold and making charges. Each unique piece goes through over 25 QC checks for purity, product quality, and design accuracy.

Each glittering solitaire diamond at Melorra comes to you with certifications and hallmarks with the lowest pricing of S-I clarity and I-J colour diamonds.

Pricing for Solitaire Jewellery

The Melorra solitaire range is available from less than Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 and above, making the solitaires ever so affordable. The catalogue of jewellery available online in the Ballet, Brocade, Casual, Floral, Checks and Stripes, Cosmic Print, Crop Top, Dainty Diamonds, Electric Blue and Denim collections, will assure you that our prices are highly affordable. Gold rings for women complete with a solitaire are available from as low as Rs 8,000 and gold stud earrings with diamonds available from Rs 7,000 upwards. Melorra sources high-quality materials from reputed vendors and ensures that the price benefit directly to you, the end customer.

Why Melorra?

Your diamond solitaire ring is completely protected, delivered to your doorstep with free insured-delivery. Melorra also surface coats the gold jewellery with a hardener to make your rings long-lasting.  The intricate jewellery designs are created using 3D printing technology. The price of gold and diamonds appreciates steadily, thus making Melorra jewellery an excellent investment option. We also offer a lifetime exchange and 30-day return policy.

Have questions? Explore Melorra Style Desk or ask for expert help through convenient call back facilities or a WhatsApp chat option.

Check out the range of bands, stack rings, cocktail rings, finger sleeves and diamond-encrusted rings. Say goodbye to shopping hassles and shop from the comfort of your home. Splurge on yourself or a loved one with a solitaire today!


Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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