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For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery

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Bracelets For Women - Designs You Want to be Seen In!

Whether you’re working on the laptop, conversing over coffee or driving your car to work, you don’t want your accessories to come in the way. At Melorra, we get your lifestyle, so we design bracelets that are lightweight and fit like a charm!

What’s more, these wrist candies are unlike any other design you find elsewhere. ‘Coz, like all our accessories, our bracelets are trend-inspired by what’s on the global ramps. We start designing ahead of the season so what you flaunt is NOW. So, Emporio Armani inspired-neon shades or denim-on-denim as a global trend quickly make an appearance on Instagram and on our bracelet designs. It’s hard to find such beautiful trend-inspired bracelets anywhere else!

Bracelets: The Little Details That Make All The Difference

Whether you’re looking for gold bracelet for women or a diamond bracelet for girl s, our collection of 500+ designs of bracelet online are pick-me-up for any outfits. We experiment with how your bracelet designs look - from the type of chains used to the motifs and the placement. Cable chains, parallel cable chains, beaded chains, ball chains, banglets, snake chains, three layers of chains - think of it and we’ve already created our latest bracelet designs in all combinations! We have created a lot of new model bracelets using cable chains and ball chains for lightweight comfort. Rose gold bangle bracelet s, gemstone bracelets with dangling motifs, loops and stylised elements - the combinations are endless and so is our creativity! And, while we’re at it, we don’t forget to make our ladies bracelet model functional. Our bracelet designs are created with different types of locks to suit your lifestyle. From secure lobster locks to toggle and clasp locks for which you don’t have to ask anyone around to help you close your bracelet.

Melorra Bracelets: Trendy, Minimalistic, And Affordable

Think Melorra. Think Minimalistic. We create trend-inspired ladies bracelets for your Western wardrobe. And bracelets for girls, ideal for gifting. Here, you will not find those traditional, chunky designs that weigh you down. Instead you will discover lightweight bracelet designs in pure gold, real diamonds and gemstones that are playful, practical and oh-so-perfect for every day. What you’ll love about Melorra bracelet designs is that you can play around with them and also stack multiple bracelets to create a unique statement. Did we mention they are affordable enough to pick many, instead of one? Our bracelet prices start as low as Rs. 9000. Buy bracelets online on Melorra, and we’re sure it won’t get more accessible than this!

Bracelet Designs : Styles That Amp Up Casual, Work, And Partywear

Our ladies bracelet designs come in many styles to go with your work, casual and partywear.

  • Charm Bracelets - Love trinkets? We’ve got plenty of such delicate bracelet designs for women. Let them work their charm on you while your wrists do the talking. Perfect to go with your LBDs at a Friday party or a casual day out with your girls.
  • Cuffs - Prefer cuff-style wrist candies? We’ve got a wide range of gold bracelets for women of this kind on Melorra. They make for great pair-ups with your casual tees and denim look.
  • Open Top - No-nonsense gold bracelet designs for ladies that are easy to wear, practical, and fun to sport with casual wear and workwear.
  • Twin & Triple Layered - Want a little edgy look in your evening wear? Pair our new bracelet designs in double and triple layers with your figure-flattering dresses and gowns.

What’s more, you can pick one or more of these style if you’re looking for a bracelet design for girls. These fashionable pieces are a great choice to present your daughter on her birthday or on her latest achievement in school.

Bracelets: In Gold, Diamonds, And More

On Melorra, ladies bracelet models are amazingly lightweight and trendy, available in 18 karat gold and 22 karat gold. We have in-house designers who create beautiful gold bracelets that will amp up your style quotient. New model bracelets that are created to get a second glance. Add a pastel gemstone and gold bracelet or choose to go all glimmer, there’s a motif for all your pairings on Melorra. While classic gold will be a popular choice, don’t hesitate to experiment with vibrant hues of enamels or neons in our gold bracelets. Explore the entire catalogue of gold bracelets with price. You’ll also find some interesting pieces with rhodium finish or in rose gold, if non-yellow is what you prefer.

On Melorra, we have an entire collection of diamond bracelets for women. These trendy, runway-inspired pieces are created with certified diamonds and are a solitaire-studded affair for your everyday wear. With minimal elements, our diamond bracelet designs are perfect to be worn alone or stacked up on your wrists, any time you please. To accessorise your work outfits, to perk up your casual clothes, or to get your cocktail style noticed, these designs are more than perfect. Melorra offers the most affordable bracelets online for you to experiment with. Discover bracelet models that are not-your-usual designs. And if you do diamonds daily, you could also check out our elegant collection of charm bracelet s in diamonds.

No matter what you choose, you’ll love to buy a bracelet online on Melorra. Because our designs carry BIS hallmarking for authenticity. Plus we ship to over 25,000 pin codes along with COD options. We also offer 30-day returns on our bracelets. And a lifetime exchange policy with 90% exchange value. These are benefits you won’t find at another jeweller’s.

Come explore a fascinating collection of gold, diamond, and gemstone bracelets on Melorra. You’ll fall in love with them instantly!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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