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Gold Rings by Weight – Trendy Rings of 2 Grams

Every jewellery speaks in its own way; what it only needs is someone to listen. And we not only listen to the design of the jewellery but also the women who will be wearing it.

Rings are the widely used jewellery pieces as they require minimum handling but add an elevated level of class to a woman’s overall look. But gone are the days when bold and heavy rings were preferred over simple and sleek ring designs. Today, women and girls alike favour rings that are easy to carry, comfortable to wear and go with everyday attire. Melorra has all such designs and more!

Our designers have crafted fashionable 2 gram gold rings and 3 gram gold rings that are ideal for everyday wear and even possess a global and contemporary look. So, now you don’t have to sit ideal for days to get that stylish ring out to flaunt it at an event; you can wear the ring every day and look trendy. You can also explore through the rings section and compare the 2 gram gold ring price with the 3 gram gold ring price to choose the ones that are ideal for you.

We are here to guide through the hundreds of gold ring designs we have on the website and help you find the ones that best suit your wardrobe, personality, and mood. Our lightweight gold designer rings for women and girls are ideal for daily wear as they are crafted to withstand the hardships of everyday activities. Weighing between 2 to 3 grams, our gold ring collection is perfect for girls as well. They are not only contemporary and modern but also exude simple and comfortable designs that are unmatched in the gold jewellery market. Besides 2 to 4 gram gold rings, you can also buy 5 gram gold ring designs on Melorra. In case you're looking for 5 grams gold rings designs with price, Melorra has a lot of options for you.

Go Minimal with Lightweight Gold Rings

Here is our range of lightweight jewellery that weighs 2 gram and 3 grams and goes with every outfit and accessory that you own. You won’t have to browse through unlimited gold finger ring jewellery to find the one that goes with you western, formal, and casual outfit. We have a literally unending list of 2 gram gold ring that will match with your every piece of clothing. You can even go colourful with the gemstone rings we can in our kitty that weigh 2 to 3 grams.

Our range of 2 gram gold ring –

  • These gold ring of 2 grams are as appealing as the bold and heavy ones that weigh more, but our range of 2 gram gold ring is easy to carry and run daily errands without halting to think about the ring and jewellery condition
  • Many women end up neglecting their finger ring while they change earrings and necklaces as per their outfit, but with these 2 gram gold rings you don’t have to worry about that
  • Also, why go for occasional rings when you can buy more than one gold ring within budget and use it often?

Moving ahead, our range of lightweight gold finger ring also consists of 3 gram gold rings in various trendy designs – 

  • Pair the Florid Fancy with your outfit for a fun evening after work or college to add a hint of colour to your usual accessory
  • Go for white gold finger ring Maraca that brings a subtle and classy look to your every attire
  • To flaunt a ring that feels light but looks heavy, 3 gram gold ring Fringe Swing that has an exceptional and intricate design that can be exhibited daily or on occasions

Experience the Magic of 2 Gram Gold Ring for Women – Shop Online at Melorra

We call it magic because that is what you will feel when you wear the 2 gram gold rings. Be it a floral-inspired design or an asymmetric ring design, we have multiple options for you that are not just within the budget but also unlike any other designs available in the market.

Our 2 gram gold rings are sketched and manufactured to match with new-age women who loves to wear trendy gold accessories rather than lock them up as an ‘investment’ for the future. 

All the gold ring jewellery designs are inspired by the current look of the seasons that are showcased on various runways as well as worn by famous personalities. Why should celebrities have fun? For a slight bulky look, 5 gram gold ring designs are also good for ladies.

Perfect Fit for Everyday wear – 2 Gram Gold Ring with Price

As you admire the beauty and intricate shape of these lightweight gold rings, you involuntarily tend to fall for the mix of modern and simple designs that effortlessly look sleek and chic at the same time. Moreover, you can explore the options available in 2 gram gold ring along with the price to gain the right information about the rings.

Our designers have also ensured to keep the rings’ diameters in general proportion with the fingers; you can wear these rings on your ring finger or even flaunt it on your little finger

Besides the general information, you can venture further on the way to making your purchase decision by going through the product description page that highlights the necessary details about the 2 gram gold ring price.

Explore 3 Gram Gold Ring with Price

If you have decided to move over 2 gram gold rings, then opt for 3 gram gold rings that perfectly balance the art of weight and look. These rings are carefully crafted to ensure that they weigh the right amount and still look trendy and fashionable to blend with or contrast with different outfits, events, ambience, and functions.

Similar to 2 gram gold rings, you can venture deep inside the product description page to gain required details about the 2 gram gold ring price

More Gold Ring Options by Weight – 

 Besides several gold rings of different weight, you can also find gold coins price and buy the coin designs that appeal to you.

The Melorra Assurance

  • Receive BIS Hallmarked Gold with today gold rate of India
  • Enjoy 30-days return/exchange guarantee
  • Come back to us with your gold ring anytime under Melorra’s lifetime exchange policy
  • Choose COD for your purchase and relax
  • Become the proud owner of authentic gold jewellery along with its SGL and IGI Certified documents

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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