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  • Gangsta Gal Diamond Pendants
    • Gangsta Gal

    • 11,94014,623

    • 75% off on making charges

  • Upon Neon Gold Pendants
    • Upon Neon

    • 9,66614,774

    • 70% off on making charges


  • Picture perfect Gold Pendants
  • Girl power Gold Pendants
    • Girl power

    • 12,90519,726

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Vacay Vibes Gold Pendants
    • Vacay Vibes

    • 11,12817,010

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Native Neon Gold Pendants
    • Native Neon

    • 13,74121,003

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Ideally Lit Gold Pendants
    • Ideally Lit

    • 10,86716,611

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Talk of the Town Diamond Pendants
  • Dudette Dreams
 Diamond Pendants
  • V for victory Gold Pendants
  • Happy Tangerine Gold Pendants
  • Early Edits Gold Pendants
    • Early Edits

    • 10,86716,611

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Drama queen Gold Pendants
    • Drama queen

    • 10,08415,413

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Mi Amore Diamond Pendants
    • Mi Amore

    • 18,43122,955

    • 100% off on making charges

  • Glow Show Gold Pendants
    • Glow Show

    • 6,5319,983

    • 70% off on making charges


  • Alice! Diamond Pendants
    • Alice!

    • 14,55417,705

    • 100% off on making charges

  • High on Hip Diamond Pendants
    • High on Hip

    • 13,78518,002

    • 100% off on making charges

  • Sailing Sun Gold Pendants
    • Sailing Sun

    • 11,44217,489

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Subtle Mattle Gold Pendants
  • Something special Gold Pendants
  • Knotty Hue Gold Pendants
    • Knotty Hue

    • 11,44217,489

    • 70% off on making charges

  • All Aboard Gold Pendants
    • All Aboard

    • 8,72513,337

    • 70% off on making charges

  • High five Gold Pendants
    • High five

    • 12,33018,847

    • 70% off on making charges


  • Peek A Sneak Gold Pendants
  • A-lister Gold Pendants
    • A-lister

    • 13,48020,604

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Viva La Vida Diamond Pendants
  • Mademoiselle Gold Pendants
  • Rise & shine Gold Pendants
  • Trendsetter Gold Pendants
  • Street Sass Diamond Pendants
    • Street Sass

    • 13,46217,489

    • 100% off on making charges

  • Yours Truly Gold Pendants
  • Nirvana Diamond Pendants
    • Nirvana

    • 17,44521,875

    • 100% off on making charges

  • Know-it-all Gold Pendants
    • Know-it-all

    • 12,80019,566

    • 70% off on making charges


  • Green Grabs Gold Pendants
  • Daily Dances Gold Pendants

  • Super Star  Diamond Pendants
    • Super Star

    • 15,77219,705

    • 100% off on making charges

  • Kinky Greens Gold Pendants
  • Nice 'n easy Gold Pendants
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Name Pendants for a Personalized Experience

No woman is ever impressed by a jewellery design that is common and all over the place. She wants something that exists distinctly and matches her personality. Name pendants are one such jewellery accessory. They are crafted to reflect the initials of the wearer, but the pendant design is moulded to resonate with women’s mood and personality.

If a diamond is what you desire, then we have created diamond name pendants that are bright and brilliant as you. And if gold has captured your heart, then Melorra houses a number of gold name pendant designs that are perfect daily use with all the outfits you might own. Wear your name with pride in different designs with our latest collection name pendant jewellery.

The personalized experience that is given out by the name pendant necklace is yet another reason for why these jewellery accessories are popular and desired by women. Studded with small diamond stones and even colourful enamels, our designs of name lockets for women are one of its kind in the market and are famous for their edgy and asymmetric shape. Besides the initials, you can pick out your name alphabet pendant in green, blue, yellow, and even pink. There are a variety of designs and numerous hues in our pendant collection that would make your shopping heart go wild.

Trendy and un-traditional – Name Pendant Necklace for Everyday

What is the most annoying factor that pops up its head while you are looking to accessorize yourself for your daily run-alone activities? Most commonly, everyone would they are heavy and bold pendants that do not match with the casual or formal clothes that are in your wardrobe. In case you finally discover magical jewellery that is minimal and simple, it turns out to be too shabby and un-trendy to be worn. Too similar? But no longer will it be an issue. We will give you such pendant necklace designs that you can focus on other things in your life that demand much more attention.

Our name pendant necklaces are so quirky and trendy that traditional word will not exist in your jewellery dictionary. With our name pendant collection, you can go un-traditional and still look simple for your office. Now that you don’t have to worry about looking extra in your office, you can focus your attention on the job at hand. But while choosing an enamel studded pendant of your initial, you need to keep in mind the colour match and contrast with your outfit.

Name pendants further make up for one of the best everyday necklace accessories for working as well as homemaker women. They can simply wear a pendant once and forget about it. Also, they are so lightweight and simple that you will feel no burden on your neck and just go about carrying out your daily work without worrying about a heavy pendant dangling down your neck.

For instance, our name pendant designs, such as Nirvana, Peek A Sneak, Street Sass, and Yours Truly are a few of the pendants that combine enamel, diamond, and gold to mould an initial necklace. All these colourful alphabet pendants could be in your jewellery box within your budget if you just explore around and pick out the ones that suit your name and personality. All the gold locket designs with name are priced at recent gold rate in Bangalore.

Enamel, Gold, Or Diamond – Name Pendants Designs of Your Choice

Yes, we have varieties in our range of name pendants. From wisely using diamonds in the alphabet shapes to colouring the name with different shades of enamels to introducing just right amount gold in the pedant jewellery collection, we have the designs that will touch your creative heart. We so many designs in name pendant necklace that you will not be fulfilled by buying just one pendant; you’ll want them all. And do not worry, our designers have kept the trend at the centre of jewellery making but ensured to limit the price within as much as they can. So, you could own and wear the latest jewellery collection and still not burn a hole in your pocket.

Enamel Name Pendants Online

Do you love colours and want a handful of pendants in different hues to grace your accessory collection? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. You can buy name pendants online from Melorra that are not only original and authentic but also vibrant and elegant in various shades. Our enamel-based pendants are lightweight as well as trendy that bring out the customized feeling to its design. You can pick out pendants, such as Green Grabs, Nice N Easy, and Mademoiselle as per your need. Besides, we also have other enamel designs that best for daily use and college-going girls. You don’t have to spend your time playing mix and match with these enamel name pendants. They go with every outfit and event.

Diamond Name Pendants Online

They are diamond, but they are minimal, trendy, and comfortable for everyday use. Do you how? Because our designers have kept the diamonds in the design in such a way that retain the elegance and brilliance of diamond but also feel comfortable and lightweight. But don’t believe our words, rather browse through our diamond pendant necklace and see yourself to believe what we say.

Name pendants are also available in the brilliance of diamond stones. You can wear them every day without worrying about losing their shine. Our favourites are Alice!, High on Hip, and Nirvana. But you are welcome to navigate through the name pendants online page and choose the ones you desire.

Gold Name Pendants Online

Gold is the universal metal for jewellery designing, and almost all of our name pendants necklace has the golden touch to it. It might be less in weight or more, but the gold name pendants are all of the pendants we have in our collection. For instance, you can pick out a completely enamel-based name pendant and still get around 3 grams of gold with it. But if you’re specifically looking for gold locket designs with names, then you can choose Talk of the Town, Street Sass, Daily Dances, and All Aboard designs for yourself. They are the perfect gold locket designs with name that are fashionable and unique.

Again, remember that all of this pendant jewellery collection is ideal for daily use. They can be paired with every dress, jeans, one-piece, and even traditional outfits as they are minimal, trendy, and comfortable to use.

Besides pendants, you can explore our gold coin collection range for investment buying.

Minimal and Simple Name Pendant Necklace for Gifting

It has long been a tradition to gift gold or even diamond to young girls on their birth or any other occasion. We say, what better gift than a name pendant. Not only will the young girls get a name for their life, but they will also receive a memorable gift to cherish that day by. While they might not remember the details, the stories about your gift and the name pendant that they can use and wear every day will make up for an amazing present.

Besides, you can also get these name pendant necklaces as gifts for your friends and loved ones who like to wear jewellery often but want to keep it to a minimum. You no longer have to break your head on thinking about what to get for your friend who goes to a corporate office, just pick out a name pendant in the diamond. She can wear it every day to her office without being concerned about her appearance in the office environment.

We believe that you are the best when it comes to picking out gifts for your loved ones. So, we will leave you to it. But if you ever get stuck while picking out and buying a name pendant design of your like, then do not hesitate to call or text us on the number available on the website. Our team is always here to guide you and assist you through the entire purchase journey.

Name Pendants Online Within Your Budget

We are sure that you might have come across a lot of name pendant designs of your like but had to step back from buying it due to budget constraints. We know how it feels to let go of things that you would have loved to own. That is why Melorra has designed the latest pendants that can be paired with other accessories, such as bracelets, and also within your budget range. They might appear expensive, but our designers have crafted the pendants in a way that you will feel extravagant without paying excessively for it.

In other news, you can also return/exchange the products within 30 days of purchase, and we promise that the entire process will be question free. You see it; you like it, you buy it, and you can retune it if you change your mind.

So, wait for none and unleash your heart while browsing through our designs of name pendants. We are sure that our designs will capture your heart, and you won’t have to think twice before buying them.

Happy Shopping!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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