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Alphabet Pendants

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    Alphabet Pendants

    There is a lot in a name and why not flaunt it in the form of a pendant? Alphabet pendants or name lockets are trendsetters for those who want to flaunt theirs or the names of their loved ones. It is also a means to express love and care for each other. It will also add up to your style when you pick up the fine jewellery collection of alphabet pendants from Melorra.

    At Melorra we create name pendants with unique designs and colours. The enamel work on the letters is carefully made to make the pendants look natural. This is how Melorra creates fine jewellery. There are also name locket designs embellished with finely cut diamonds.

    Melorra jewels are designed by international stylists keeping in mind the latest fashion trends. All experts are updated with the happenings in the most popular fashion industries of the world such as Milan, Paris, New York and London fashion weeks which help them bring home global trends.

    How are alphabet pendants from Melorra Jewellery different?

    Fine jewellery is made with extreme craftsmanship by expert designers at Melorra. Precious stones, colours, design, pattern and metal are all wisely chosen to suit the pendant. Name locket designs are:

    • Trendy, not traditional: Every piece at Melorra is designed to keep up the trend. They match your outfit for any occasion. A k locket in ink blue will add style to your ink blue gown for a night party or if it is embellished with diamonds, then it is sure to match with ethnic wear. Traditional jewellery is gone by the ages and at Melorra fine jewellery follow the trend. These pendants can be flaunted both with casual and ethnic wear.
    • For every day and not just to wear once in a while: Name pendants by Melorra are made for regular wear, they are not too gaudy so that you have to keep it locked and wear only for a particular occasion. A simple pearl pendant will be light but unique which makes yourself look out in style. It is a fantastic piece of jewellery which can be worn to work every day. Teens will also love to wear it in style with casual wear as alphabet pendants are the trend.
    • New designs daily, not occasionally: Melorra creates expert designs each day and name pendants come in more than 21 designs which are readily available. The designs are created using the latest 3D technology keeping in mind global styles and modern women. These are intricate designs which pop up as new arrivals each day and not once in a month for the sake of investment. Every design is unique by itself and a piece to possess. You can find the latest gold pendant designs at Melorra.

    Why buy alphabet pendants online?

    Shopping from the comfort zone of your home/office is the trend to buy anything that you need. May it be food, clothing, books, accessories, home needs, office needs, decor etc. Then why not jewellery online? Modern Alphabet jewellery can be brought online through Melorra from their online shopping website. It is trustworthy and offers cash on delivery, 30-day return or exchange, lifetime exchange for value, insured shipping and lot more. After all, you are buying gold online and comes with all privileges! All payments made online are secure.

    Fine name lockets by Melorra are carefully made and packed to reach you safely. Utmost care is taken while packing them so that you don't have a reason to complain about transportation when you buy jewellery online. From the maker to your doorstep, they come securely. There are various designs to choose from and also you can order custom designs as you wish. Colours, gemstones, designs, gold karat, gold weight, the price can all be chosen as per your requirement. For instance, there are various s pendant designs readily available online in specific enamel colours or gemstones. If you want to customize other than the available name locket designs online then you can always have it made to order online. This not only saves time but also gives you the luxury of sitting back at your comfort zone and ordering the best gemstone pendants.

    You can email, chat or call our experts at the style deck who are ready to assist you in the process of buying jewellery online. If you are looking for a customised design or pattern, these experts will help you get the best out of what is in your mind. They are known to make the alphabet lockets add beauty to your etiquette without hampering your comfort. Jewellery by Melorra is affordable, easy to wear, fashionable, long lasting and of course attractive.

    Gift worthy Small diamond pendants for women

    If you are looking to gift your lady love with diamonds then alphabet pendants with diamonds are the best choice. Small diamond pendants from Melorra will be loved by every woman when you have it designed with their initial embossed in plated gold with diamonds around. Diamonds are a woman's all-time favourite and these pendants for women are affordable too! You can also choose alphabet pendants with gemstones to make it more simple but elegant. This will also be matching for her attire. It is sure to be a fashionable accessory for gifting.

    You may even choose alphabet pendants to gift newborns or babies for a naming ceremony or first year birthday. It is an apt gift for a naming ceremony. On various occasions, you can gift name lockets from Melorra adding style and stature to gifting.

    Alphabet pendants for every budget

    At Melorra you can find affordable alphabet locket designs. There is a pendant for every budget and prices range from as low as Rs.6252 to an affordable Rs. 15562. These are the competitive prices in the gold market and it also offers 5% to 10% off on making charges for enamel name locket designs. If you choose to buy name locket designs with diamonds then you can get 30% -100% off on making charges. Aren't these offers attractive to flaunt your name in style?

    With such fabulous prices and offers its now time to wear your name. Pick up your phone and start shopping at melorra so that you don't miss on the offers. Let the world know your name!

    Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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