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Gemstone Earrings for Daily Wear – Embrace Your Glory!

Confucius said- “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without”. And the adage shall hold for eternity… Ever since the origin, gemstones have always been a part of earrings fashion and they continue to rule the world of modern jewellery with more brilliant and vibrant colours. Women have always been entranced by suave things. Which is why they can never say no to the shine of these colourful gemstones. Mismatched accessories in gems especially entice you with their glory and make you feel an instant connection. They urge you to embrace your flaws, making you realize how perfect you are and how much you deserve. In the end, all that matters is the degree to which these jewelry designs with gems make your heart flutter.

At Melorra, we enable you to choose the perfect stone earring design inspired by thousands of powerful, vivacious women like you. The different Variety of Earrings Collection from Melorra enables you to select the best one of your choice.

All Kinds of Latest Gemstone Earrings - For The Vivacious Ones

At Melorra, you get the freedom to choose earrings in your favourite colour, style and gem type embedded in the metal of your choice. They can be a combination of contrasting colours that bring to the fore your facial contours and features or consist of a single stone to add opulence and subtlety. Exploring your type of gemstone earrings online has never been so easy with so many designs to choose from. And yes, we are here to spoil you with options!

Pearl Earrings

Diamonds are ravishing, yes, but the most passionate of us will choose the radiant little pearls that captivate our hearts. Pearls emanate nothing but utter beauty and elegance. The pearl is the queen of gems, and of course, they make you feel like a queen when you wear them. Pearl earrings enchant you with their opulence. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth too, even with her excellent collection of jewellery from all around the world considers her lovely pair of pearl earrings the favourite. Pearl earrings are the perfect fit for your work blouse, slacks and stilettos. They can be matched with any attire, and radiate poise and finesse even with the monotonous every day. “At the edge of madness you howl diamonds and pearls”- says the famous poet Aberhjani. Pearls can cure you of your madness with their splendour. They ooze swankiness and brighten up your day, as you take your pearl earrings in hand- enthralled. Some of us like pearls atop yellow gold, while some prefer them secured inside white gold. White pearls or coloured ones, find them all with the trendiest pearl earrings design. Choose your perfect pair from the array of pearl earrings designs at Melorra.

The Pearl-o-Panache stays true to its name. It is urbane and edgy, consisting of gold danglers with edgy geometric motifs on the top and a button pearl suspended playfully. Match it with your favourite jumpsuit, do your hair in a tight bun, and girl you are good to go!

The Pearl 2.0 is for you if you are looking for a dash of vintage and modern. Consisting of a boxy pair of modern studs in high polish yellow gold and button pearl at the centre, it is all you need to complement your V-neck top and pencil skirt for your hot date. Find it among our other pearl earrings gold designs.

The Dots & Dashes earring consisting of paperclip like U-hoops (yes, hoops. Who doesn’t love hoops!) with a central pink pearl sitting snugly inside the U is perfect for literally everything. Wear that to accentuate your features and cruise to the limelight. Explore the whole collection of pearl earrings online and grab your pick!

Ruby Earrings

Associated with blood, passion, desire and love, the colour red is considered to be the most emotionally intense colour. You feel red whenever your emotions reach inexplicable heights. The gemstone Ruby channels all the red in your body to emanate power. When rubbed on the skin as they pierce through your ear, ruby earrings add pressure to your nerves at the right places. Like no other gemstone in the world, ruby earrings are the perfect symbol for powerful feelings.

The Cabernet Franc is a gemstone drop earring made out of high polish yellow gold. It is faceted with burgundy Indian Ruby swung from a triangular bracket on top and is ideal for channelling all your energy into looking and feeling your fullest no matter what. Pick your favourites from our collection of fancy gemstone earrings for women in ruby and feel the power!

White Stone Earrings

Solitary white stone earrings are loved by every woman as they are symbols of poshness. They go with anything and add a modern twist to your outfit. The Whiter Than White Gemstone Hoop Earrings is the perfect choice for that white party dress in your wardrobe. And if you’re planning to wear your favourite white shirt to work tomorrow, the Ivory Edge Gemstone Stud Earrings will be perfect to pair them with.

Coloured Stone Earrings

Gold earrings with coloured gemstones embrace you exactly as you are, unabashed and modern. They go best with light coloured dresses. If you are looking to match something with your pastel outfits, then you might go nuts over our pastel gemstone earrings collection that showcases stone earrings designs in blue, green and pink pastel. Black stone earrings in gold in drops design look bold and trendy with black party gowns. We all want to be hippie once in a while. Diamond earrings breath novelty and a tinge of bohemian into your look and are perfect for neutral coloured attire.

Latest Gemstone Earrings Designs – Pick the 'Now'!

We know you love to wear trendy and the newest. And we are here to revolutionise the definition of new in jewellery. Melorra takes you on a joy ride as you explore the latest trends moulded into astonishing jewellery designs that you won’t find anywhere else. We make sure the women of ‘now’ wear the ‘now’ with a big ‘wow’!

V-day Hearts Collection – For all the beating hearts out there, we give you the cutest collection of all times. The Valentines Special Hearts Collection has those perfect earrings you would want to wear on a V-day date with your sweetheart. And to all the men out there, gift her something this time that stays for more than one day. Get a pair of Ace of Hearts for the Queen of your heart or a pair of Love Buds to show her that budding love of yours. Choose Melorra and up your gifting game!

Feisty Hats Collection – A witty and sassy collection inspired by hats motif to accessorize your every occasion. Explore earrings from this trend and add to your collection.

Bow Power Collection – A fierce yet feminine collection inspired by the messy bows trend. Add some quirky cheeriness to your simple everyday outfits with this bow motifs collection of earrings online.

Winter Tweed Collection – Our new winter tweed collection crafted with geometric and minimal designs is just for you to flaunt your work-wear. Inspired from the winter weave, houndstooth tweed trend, this cool collection is here to bring in some real chills!

Gemstone Earrings for Girls – Some Shine for the Little Miss Sunshine

Gift some colourful shine to your little miss sunshine. Girls love colourful jewellery and if your daughter wants something to match with her colourful tops, then we have the loveliest collection for her. Our line-up of light weight stone earrings in 18k gold looks pretty on teens and tweens as they do on working moms. The designs are blended with fun and quirky motifs that woo your daughter’s heart. Whether she needs some stone studs for her casual wear or some gemstone hoops for her party dresses, she can have the most compelling designs to flaunt in front of her friends. If she is a fan of pearls, then we have a Polka Dots collection to add some retro twist to her polka dot dresses. If she is not a fan of white pearls but coloured ones, then she can explore all shades of pearls in our Shades of Sand trend. Thinking of giving your lady love a surprise on V-day? Then browse our collection of Valentine special gemstone earrings online to pick a pair of lovely stone earrings for her. 

At Melorra, explore numerous stone stud earring designs for your little one. Stone gold earrings that are comfortable, modern and trendy. And not at all heavy, so that your girl is comfortable wearing them all day. When browsing through our gemstone earring designs, don’t forget to take a sneak peek into the pendants collection for latest designs and more. Also, stop by the bracelets section, and you’ll find plenty of matching designs that complete her look. 

You can also browse through our collection of pure gold coins online.

Shop Earrings with Gemstones Online – Certified Earrings On Melorra 

Shopping anything online can become troublesome with thousands of doubts in mind. And the percentage of doubts increase when it is jewellery that you are buying online. With too many options, comes some great confusion. Picking your favourite from the plethora of designs available online can be a tough call. We make it easy for you by letting you filter out these earrings with style, price, weight, motifs and much more. Looking for your favourite stone earrings in rose gold? Filter with rose gold under gold colour to pick the latest designs. All our gold used in jewellery items are priced as per the current gold price in India.

Shop easily on Melorra without any doubts over quality or authenticity. All our gemstones, precious or semi-precious, and also all our diamonds used for manufacturing gemstone jewellery come with the certificate of assurance. All gemstones and diamonds in our earrings are certified by SGL or IGI Laboratories. While the gold used as the metal is BIS hallmarked. Your jewellery gets packaged in a tamper-evident box and delivered to you for free, with insurance and the option to pay after receipt of the product. And should you change your mind, you can return your order within 30 days or exchange them afterwards through the Lifetime Exchange Policy. Isn’t that exciting! If yes, then the time to grab your Melorra earrings is now.


How to order Gemstone earrings on Melorra?

Steps to order on Melorra –

·       Choose Gemstone under material from Earrings page

·       Filter out styles, if you are looking for a stud or hoop or anything specific

·       Pick your gemstone gold earrings

·       Click on Buy Now or Add to Bag

·       Fill in your full address

·       Choose payment method or choose cash/card on delivery to pay later

·       And it’s done. Now sit back and be ready to flaunt your new gemstone earrings.

Can I wear my Melorra earrings regularly?

Yes! They are made for you to flaunt them daily. You can wear them all the time. Our range of lightweight gemstone earrings is crafted with care for women and girls to wear them every day. Just avoid keeping it in an unsafe place and contact with chemicals.

How to clean your real pearl earrings?

Real pearls are very delicate and soft. Cleaning them regularly is not recommended at all. However, you can clean them with a damp cloth only as needed. If your pearl earrings have become visibly stained, you can mix a solution of lukewarm water and mild dish soap, and then dip a soft cleaning cloth in it and wipe the pearls. It is not a suggested idea to submerge your pearl earrings in water for too long.

How do you know a ruby is real?

You can tell that by looking at the colour of the stone. Real rubies glow with a deep, vivid, almost 'stoplight' red. Fake stones are often dull. They may seem 'light, but not bright'. If the gemstone is more of a dark red, then it may be garnet instead of a ruby. Also, if it is a real ruby, then darker stones are usually worth more than lighter stones.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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