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Gold Stud Earrings

Gold is probably the first choice of all the women around India when it comes to earrings and what can be better than Melorra's gold stud earrings which are not only trendy and fashionable but also minimal and comfortable.

In today's fast-changing fashion scenario, gold stud earrings are a must-have for every jewellery enthusiast. This minimal piece of jewellery not only enhances your overall look but also adds a touch of bling to your outfit. These studs are perfect for everyday wear as they are light and comfortable at the same time. You can accessorize your outfit by adding these studs to your look and carry them with style and confidence.

Gold Stud Designs

Jewellery at Melorra is trendy, not traditional and same goes for designs of gold studs' earrings. These can be worn to work, a casual day out or even a party with friends.

The Gold Stud Earrings of Melorra's collection is made for everyday usage. These designs are minimalist and don't suppress your overall look. These designs are made in 18 karat and 22 karat gold. There are designs available which would go with all kinds of the outfit in the earrings collection of Melorra. Melorra believes in living with the trend and regularly updates its collection so that you can find new jewellery every day. They use the 3D print technology and launch new designs at regular interval. This gives you access to update your old whenever possible with modern and trendy designs.

Gold Studs Earrings- Geometric Designs

Coming in all kinds of geometric shapes- oval, square, circle, rectangle, triangle and much more, gold studs earrings are the most preferred choice when it comes to daily wear earrings. Their lightweight and small structures make them the first choice of all kinds of women. Made in yellow, white and even multiple gold studs, these gold studs will surely woo your heart in just a single glance. These designs are preferred mostly by working women as geometric designs are minimal and go well with western and formal outfits.

You can also filter your results to view the seasonal collection. Mellora offers a different set of collection according to seasons such as Autumn/Winter '18 and Spring/Summer '18.

Gold Studs Earrings- Abstract Designs

The most beautiful thing about abstract jewellery is that a boundary line does not limit the designs. That's why at Melorra you get several gold studs in abstract designs which will add a glam factor to your look. Made in different shapes and sizes these modern yet minimalistic pieces of jewellery are a must have for every jewellery freak. Made in mainly yellow gold the designs are available in both 18 Karat gold and 22 Karat gold.

The most exciting and unique part about Melorra are the names given to different designs. Every design is not only different from the previous one but also has a unique set of names which complements the design as well. For example- 'Muted Melon' is the name given to earrings made in the shape of musk melon. 'Slice of Pine' is the name given to earrings designed like Pineapple and many more.

Gold Studs Earrings- Floral Designs

Who doesn't like flowers? And when it comes to, floral designs are one of the most popular among women. These are one of those evergreen designs which always stay in fashion and never really go away. These gorgeous flowers and petals designs are available in various weight variations starting from 2 gm and going up to 6 gm.

Floral designs would suit your all kinds of outfits and can be worn to any occasion, be it a party, a dinner, a casual day out, shopping or hanging out with your friends in a cafe. These gold earrings would surely become your favourites once you lay your hands on them.

Gold Studs Earrings- Heart Designs

Popular mostly among teenagers and young women, these gold studs designed like hearts are surely going to win your heart. Available in yellow and rose gold these earrings add a different aura to your personality while you wear them to work, party or a casual day out. The price range is quite affordable and won't make you feel guilty for spending too much. Painted with beautiful red enamel paints, some of the heart gold studs stand out of the collection. 'The Golden Glow' and 'Scarlet Heart' must be looked out for as they are designed beautifully with gold and red paint to signify 'heart'.

Gold Studs Earrings- Star Designs

Most of the star designs in this collection have polished yellow gold studs that have cut work star motifs which make them look very elegant. Available in both yellow and rose gold these star studs make jewellery an everyday accessory instead of an occasional luxury. There are designs such as single stars, multiple stars, moon and stars, and even layered stars to suit all kinds of outfits, be it ethnic or western. Pair up these earrings with a western dress, and you will stand out from the crowd as it adds glam to your overall look. It is starting at just Rs. 6,283- these earrings will not only fall under your budget but would also leave you craving for more.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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