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Valentine's Day Jewellery For Women

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Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

When we think of Valentine’s day, we think of romance, Romeo & Juliet and the bae in our lives. A day that celebrates love, Valentine’s day has been a day of gifts, pampering, and all things red and heart-shaped. Even in 18th Century England, this day was an occasion in which couples would express their love by presenting flowers, greeting cards and different heart-shaped confectioneries to each other. These in time came to be known as Valentine’s. Even today, the practice of expressing love continues with many people exchanging gifts or sharing hand-written love notes across the World. What started off as a Western tradition has today, taken over the World.

As Valentine’s day became an international occasion, gifting became more widespread with the requirement of more unique, personalized gifts. And with this, jewellery for Valentine’s day came into being. While there are numerous costume jewellery options available, they wouldn't last long or create allergies or just fade over time, making it lose its value and finally turning into memorabilia. 

However, we have a question, why not gift in gold?

Gold jewellery has always been perceived as traditional and expensive. But at Melorra, we’re all about changing that perspective. Whether it’s about being conventional or costly or not suitable for Valentine’s, we disagree on all fronts. Making gold jewellery trendy, lightweight and affordable, we’re making Valentine’s day jewellery gifts an easy and accessible route for you.

Make this Valentine’s day a special one with our Valentine special jewellery, that would last for more than a day and would suit her for all her looks. Keeping women’s western wear wardrobe in mind, we make sure our designs are apt for their daily wear. Moving in sync with the latest fashion trends, we take inspiration from the international ramps and runways to create unique designs in gold. So if you’re looking for a sweet Valentine’s day deals on jewelry, this is the place to be! Whether it’s valentine necklaces for her or special heart earrings to convey your love, you’ll find them all here. 

Valentine’s Day Jewellery Collection

We know Valentine’s day jewelry gifts can get tricky, especially when there are so many options to choose from and you’re at your wit's end. There is a plethora of options in the market which may or may not work for your loved ones. What do they like or don’t like, what colour are they currently looking for, or do they like floral? All are question you’re still familiarizing yourself with or just working on. So while you’re looking for those answers, we’ll help you out! 

With Valentine day special jewellery, we’re adding jewellery collections that would definitely be in the top Valentine’s day jewelry gifts you’ve given her. These collections are inspired from the Autumn-Winter season, with the additions of hearts. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s day gold jewellery or best Valentine’s day jewelry deals. From graceful earrings to stunning rings, from gorgeous necklaces to pretty bracelets; it’s all here, under the same roof, and just at a click of a button!

Check out all jewellery collections in our latest Valentine’s Special Range

From textures on hearts, prints, enamel colours to gemstones and diamonds, our Valentine’s jewellery includes designs that are never seen before. And that too, in all categories! Whether it’s Valentine’s day necklaces for her or Valentine’s day heart jewelry, you’ll be able to find it all. Here’s what you’ll find at Melorra:


Instead of making gold jewellery boring and only in high polish, we like to add textures for a little more play. From brushstroke, satin finish to matte finish, we add that little extra style to make your gold jewellery stand apart from the rest. A perfect add on for all her work looks, textured gold will add sophistiquee with ease. Plus, it’ll also be the ideal Valentine’s jewellery gift for her. And if you’re looking for Valentine’s day couple rings, this unisex range would offer you that add on as well.


Now we know, prints might seem a little wild to you, but you’ll be surprised. By adding cutwork designs to our collections, we’ve added a print play to gold. Whether it’s a pair of gold danglers or gold pendants, there’s an entire range for you to buy from. With floral, animal and chain print cut-out designs in heart motifs, we’re adding that oomph to your jewellery box. From casual to party, these additions will definitely put her in the limelight. 


Who says gold jewellery can’t be in colour? Adding enamel to gold, we’re adding those colour trends from your wardrobe to your jewellery. And right on time for Valentine’s day too! Forget the red this season, go for any colour you like instead! From neon shades of green & yellow to pink, orange and blue, there’s a heart in all colours. And if you’re not up for enamel, there’s also gemstone jewellery to choose from! With our textured gemstones, this year valentine jewelry for her is going to earn you some serious brownie points. 


And how can we forget the bling? For Valentine’s day, special diamond jewellery is the way to go. Add a little dazzle to her gold and change the gifting game! Including diamonds to hearts this season, it's all about her showing off that Valentine’s day jewellery. With bows, pleats and checkered patterns, diamonds have never looked so charming. Whether you’re looking for an everyday diamond jewellery design or addition to her party wear needs, there are numerous options to choose from.

Your Initial for Your Love

Hearts have been the way to go for a majority of people. While looking for Valentine’s day jewelry for her, it becomes a preferred option for all. While hearts are a fun way to express your love, there’s also another one to choose from – alphabets! We all like to carry our own initials or of that someone special in our life, which makes it a subtle yet romantic take on love. 

So surprise your better half with not a heart this season, but your initials! At Melorra, we understand your need for fashionable designs that last. And we also understand the need for change! Hence, we added alphabet jewellery designs in vibrant enamel tones and diamonds for you to choose from. Whether it’s a pair of valentine special stone earrings for bae or just gold bangles with a dangling initial, we have one for all her looks. 

So while we’ve sorted out your Valentine’s day jewellery for her, all you’re left wondering about is the budget. But don’t worry about that either! ‘Cause with striking valentine day jewellery offers on gold, diamond and gemstones, you wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. We promise. We also offer various coupon codes and payment options exclusively for you to make it an easy-going process for you. 

So this Valentine's Day, gift your loved one a heart!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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