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22k Gold Bangles Designs – Everyday Jewellery Wear

When you think of 22 karat gold bangles, what is the first image that comes to your mind? Is it the heavy designs from your mom’s or grand mom’s generation that are quite difficult to carry? Or are they the wedding bangles that are comfortably resting in your bank locker? Or even an ostentatious piece of jewellery that you bring out only during Diwali? But aren’t gold bangle designs of 22kt meant to be worn daily or regularly?

On Melorra, we understand that such designs are not wearable and can look odd with your everyday outfits. And that’s precisely why we have designed an entire range of 22 karat gold bangles that pair up with your bangle fancies. The models of the bangles in our collection are far from traditional and crafted to suit modish tastes of the new-age woman. Not to mention that these bangles feature simple and minimal designs that are perfect for everyday wear. Moreover, they are lightweight and have smooth edges, which do not mess with your clothes or routine activities as you hop from one place to another through hectic workdays or even laid back holidays.

Our collection of 22k gold bangles with the price is ever-changing and borrows inspiration from fashion forecasts, international trends, and celebrity stylists. What’s more, is that the models get trendy and fashionable with time because we launch over 300 new pieces every month. These 22k gold bangle models also keep up with changing fashion seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter so that what you wear is always in vogue and in sync with ‘now’. Explore all the latest designs of 22k gold bangles at today gold price.

22k Gold Bangles Designs with Price for Women

Our 22k gold bangles designs with price are affordable and feature varied price points to suit every woman’s budget. Plus, we are sure that you’ll love added perks like 100% real gold bangles with BIS hallmarking and SGL or IGI certified gemstones and free and insured delivery to 25,000+ pin codes in India. Alongside, our customers also enjoy COD payment facilities, 30-day returns, and lifetime exchange policy with a 90%, best-in-industry exchange value. Did we mention that buying a precious gold bangle has never been easier than with Melorra? Well, guess we did.

Round Bangles for Women

These circular models of gold bangles in 22kt are for those people who love classic, but with a contemporary twist. The 22k gold bangles of the round kind are what they must choose. We have over 180 designs of 22k gold bangles designs with price, such as solid loops with engraving, multi-strand designs with fold-like joints, dainty bands with starry charms. Plus, we also have semi-arched patterns with enamel filling, interlinking pebble motifs, partially overlapping curls, and many more designs that would sweep you off your feet at first sight. The collection of 22k bangles also includes 8 gm and 10 gm gold bangles, as well as those of heavier weights that only look heavy but feel like a feather.

Cuff Bangles for Women

Who wouldn’t agree that adjustable cuff bangles are the perfect choice for women? These models are what make you want to put on or take off bangles without bruising your knuckles. Most of all, they are also versatile and match up with almost most kind of outfits, such as casual or formal. We also suggest that you can perfectly pair up an engraved cuff with formal trousers and blouse to turn a bland look into a sophisticated work appearance. For the casual wear, you can team up enamel work cuffs with a fashionable bodycon dress for a glamorous party look or a night out.

You can also lend a dreamy twist to the usual casual dressing with a cuff having a dangling alphabet charm. Or you can use the delicate open top cuff bangles to perk up your feminine style. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to gather a massive fan following every time you step out flaunting these 22 karat gold bangles from Melorra.

Open-top Bangles for Women

Besides, cuff bangles for females in gold, we also have open-top models that are best suited for any occasion and event that you have to attend. However, you don’t even have to wait for a function to come up. Our models of 22kt gold bangles are so minimal and simple to carry that you can wear them every day and still feel that you’re carrying as less jewellery as anyone can. Moreover, our open-top bangle collection also matches perfectly with any finger rings that you might own. They complement each other and even surface as the ideal pair for heavy accessorizing using simple and minimal bangle models.

How Melorra’s 22kt Bangles in Gold Different from other Models?

In simple terms, the designs we have in our collection of bangle jewellery are for daily wear. Often, a woman goes for models that can be worn daily as they don’t wish to wait for days and months to wear that jewellery they bought a few weeks or months ago. Plus, you can always come back to us and tell us if the product that you ordered does not match your wardrobe, we’ll pick it up right from your house without asking any questions. And we’ll deliver the next thing straight to the comfort of your home. When you have got us as your partners, trust follows, and you receive precisely what you paid for.

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Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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