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8 to 10 Grams Gold Bangles

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8gms to 10gms
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  • Fantasy Finds Gold Bangles

  • D-tucks Gold Bangles
    • D-tucks

    • 42,220 52,838

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Subtle Seams Gold Bangles
  • Amour Neon Gold Bangles
    • Amour Neon

    • 48,217 60,342

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • The Tuscan Sun Gold Bangles
  • A-lister Gold Bangles
    • A-lister

    • 46,693 58,435

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Bold Sheers Gold Bangles
    • Bold Sheers

    • 47,971 60,034

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Formal Tweed Gold Bangles
  • Take Two Gold Bangles
    • Take Two

    • 45,120 56,467

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Cease Scallop Gold Bangles
  • New Neutrals Gold Bangles
  • Catzmatazz Gold Bangles
    • Catzmatazz

    • 42,761 53,514

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Polygon Mesh Gold Bangles
  • Zesty Neon Gold Bangles
    • Zesty Neon

    • 42,810 53,576

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Maraca Gold Bangles
    • Maraca

    • 41,827 52,345

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Skylight Gold Bangles
    • Skylight

    • 45,857 57,389

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • The Wild Side Gold Bangles
  • Slay it Subtly Gold Bangles

  • Gold Taijitu Gold Bangles
  • Sweet N Subtle Gold Bangles
  • Tweed Twills Gold Bangles

  • String of Hearts Gold Bangles
  • Parisian Panache Gold Bangles
  • Know-it-all Gold Bangles
    • Know-it-all

    • 44,580 55,790

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Dart Alright Gold Bangles
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Gold Bangle Designs In 8 Grams : Made To Match Western & Fusion Outfits

Have you had trouble wearing gold bangles every day because they weigh down your hands? Or because they look odd with Western outfits? Don’t worry, because your prayers have been answered on Melorra. Our collection of gold bangle designs in 8 grams is light enough for everyday use and blends seamlessly with what’s in your daily wear wardrobe. What’s more, these modern bangles impress you with their style appeal that borrows from trends on international runways and fashion magazines. You’ll also be flattered by how easy they are to carry and how elegant they look with anything from workwear trousers and shirts to cocktail gowns and breezy summer dresses.

Designs that spell simplicity, these 8 gram gold bangles in round and cuff styles will leave you spoilt for choice. Solid gold bangles with a touch of sophistication perfect for workwear. Open top bangles that perk up casual wear. Enamel finish designs that comply with cocktail looks. That’s not all! Geometric, abstract, bow, shell - there are plenty of motifs to choose from too! You can also pick rhodium finish gold bangle designs in 8 grams if you aren’t too fond of the yellow metal. We won’t be surprised if you want to grab them all.

Not just the design, we pay attention to the fit too! Our collection of 8 gram gold bangles in round shapes come in 6 sizes ranging from 2.0 to 2.10. There are also cuff bangles - available in small, medium, and large sizes to fit your wrist, no matter how big or small it may be. So, you’ll never have to worry about pinched skin or accessories moving to and fro on your hands

Our collection of gold bangle designs in 8 grams are ideal for teens and tweens too. Choose from bangle designs with dainty charms or coloured alphabets to gift her birthday or graduation day. Not only will your little woman feel on top of the world, but she’ll also never want to take it off her wrist any time.

8 Gram Gold Bangle Prices : So Affordable, You Won’t Have To Think Twice

Wonder what our 8 gram gold bangle prices are? Worried that shopping for these trendy bangles will burn a hole in your pocket? Not at Melorra, because our collection of 8 gram gold bangles is affordable between Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000 so that you don’t need to have second thoughts about buying your favourite. When you can spend on luxury bags or electronic gadgets, why not fine gold bangles that you can wear everyday?

Buy gold bangles online on Melorra, and we bet you’ll love not just the designs but also the shopping experience. Because you can

  • Filter 8 gram gold bangles by karat, price, material, and many more parameters.
  • Sort bangles by popularity, low or high price, discount, and latest arrival.
  • Pay when you place your order or after you receive it, using the cash on delivery option. No shipping charges extra.

And if you’ve concerns about buying precious bangles online, you can put them to rest too.

  • All our 8 gram gold bangles are BIS hallmarked.
  • Simple diamond bangle designs are certified by SGL and IGI laboratories.
  • Your order is packed in tamper-evident boxes and insured till it is delivered to you.

Hold on, because we’re sure you’ll be flattered by these too!

  • You can return your order for 8 gram bangles within 30 days of delivery and receive a 100% refund to your bank account. Or use the amount for another purchase on Melorra.

Anytime you want to swap your old 8 gram gold bangle from Melorra for newer and trendier designs, there’s the lifetime exchange policy to make use of. With a 90% best-in-industry exchange value, so it won’t feel heavy on your pocket either.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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