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Gold Bangle Designs in 8 Grams – Trendy and Comfortable Models

How many times have you faced the conundrum of wanting to wear gold bangle jewellery but couldn’t because of its weight? Or have you ever thought of wearing bangles only when you’re attending a function? Because this is clearly one of the biggest predicament that women face while thinking of sporting a heavy bangle jewellery design. But we have got you covered. On Melorra, the 8 gram gold designs in our collection are what you can term as ‘heavy-looking’ but ‘easy to wear and carry’. The gold bangle models in 8 grams and more are undoubtedly the best online jewellery piece that you can buy without worrying about it just being an accessory. Because we know that the modern women are not looking to hoard up gold jewellery just for the sake of owning it; she is searching for those minimal and everyday jewellery wear that she can flaunt in her office and at home.

The gold bangle designs in 8 grams on Melorra are designed by keeping in mind the current popularity of fashion jewellery. Our designers have intricately crafted the bangles weighing eight and more grams based on the recent display on runways by famous international and national jewellery designers. While those models might feel away from your personal accessory box, we bring you similar bangle designs in gold of 8 grams at affordable prices to worn daily. You can check out the gold rate per gram on the website. Alongside, you can also explore the gold coins collection of Melorra.

8 Gram Bangle Designs for Western and Fusion Outfits

Often wrist ornaments are not given as much attention as they need when it comes to pairing them with the outfits. However, this small mistake usually leads to a woman ending up with a gold bangle of grams that do not match with their attire. Melorra is here to disperse these practices.

Our gold bangles models of 8 grams spell simplicity yet intricate sophistication that they work well with formal wear, casual wear, and western outfits. Take, for instance, the night-out that you enjoy with friends. For such occasions, fashionable rings and trendy earrings are every woman’s first choice; bangles feel left behind; but no more. The models of 8 gram gold bangles we have in our collection are just what you need for your western outfit. You can pick out the ever-loved round bangle design, such as Classique and Grey Hierarchy that are perfect for a sombre look. On the other hand, you can choose the designs Formal Tweed, Sweet N Subtle, and Amour Minimal as you jewellery accessory for a fusion look.

You can also pick out cuff or open-top models of gold bangles of 8 grams for your adventures. We suggest that you can choose Like a Lily, Maraca, Plumeria Sunburst, and Whimsical Puffs as your dress buddies to highlight your wrists and the ornaments. Some of these designs are also popular among our customers for their out-of-the-box shape and use of different metals. You can see that Maraca is a combination of white gold with rose gold that perfectly complements each other. You can explore more designs in bangles that are made of rose gold as well as white gold.

Gold Bangle Designs in 8 Grams with Price

The price of any gold jewellery is of the topmost concern for every buyer. If you are looking to buy gold bangle designs in 8 grams with price, then you are at the right place. At Melorra, we proud ourselves in being one of those online jewellery providers that offer bangles in gold of 8 grams as per standard market value. There are no hidden charges, and you only pay for what you buy, nothing more.

Furthermore, we assure you that you can buy our gold bangle collection online without worrying about its authenticity. The gold used for jewellery making is of the top grade quality, and we prove it to you by delivering sufficient documents as well as certificates that prove their authenticity. Alongside, you also receive our word to return/exchange the jewellery designs that you bought from our collection within 30 days without any questions. So, if you’re at all at the edge about buying a gold bangle design in 8 grams with price, then you cannot be wrong by choosing Melorra as your jewellery delivery partner.

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Explore Your Favourite Bangle Jewellery on Melorra 

Now that you have almost explored through our bangles models in gold of 8 grams and 9 grams as well, you are welcome to choose the designs that best fit your requirement. If your usual daily attire looks more like formal wear, then the white gold bangle model Polygon Mesh surfaces as a right choice. If your outfits are more toward casual appearance, then we suggest that you pick up the Ripple Effect and Drawing Room. Also, when you can explore the 8 gram gold bangle designs in 8 grams with price, there is no way that you must wait till an event to present itself to go shopping. If you feel like wearing a bangle model in gold every day, then, by all means, be our guest.

We encourage you to sport the designs of 8 grams bangles in gold every day.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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