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22 Karat Jewellery

A few decades before, jewellery was the realm where men save up and buy for the women in their lives. We all know it’s the opposite now. While women still enjoy the occasional gift, they prefer to buy jewellery as per their taste and fancy. Many jewelers these days are moving beyond conventional purchases like engagement ring or wedding ornaments or anniversary gift necklace. Among different types, 22 karat jewellery is loved for its purity and money’s worth. It’s the ‘916 jewellery’ you keep hearing about in ads and other endorsements.

Today’s women have the financial freedom and a unique style statement. And they do not hesitate to splurge when they feel like treating themselves. This is a woman who sees, chooses and clicks on ‘place order’. So predictably, chic pieces for daily wear within affordable price bracket are most sought after. It is no surprise that for woman, the primary criteria is the design itself – ‘will this go with the executive skirt I bought for that international conference’? When people have embraced the likes of Prada and Dior, a more global and contemporary look for jewellery too has been inevitable.

In India, 22 Karat jewellery, gold or diamond (or both), is still associated with marriage and festivals. However, the quintessential urban bride believes in having fun at her wedding rather than focusing on ‘teary goodbyes’. And her experimental choices in ornaments reflect it. In short, she does not want their jewellery to sit in lockers and collect dust after the wedding. All this thanks to the shift in social norms and the growth of number of professional women. Gone are the days when self-gratification carried guilt with it (especially for women), or they stop caring. She knows herself and is attuned to a certain design sense that combines the new and old.

A steady drift toward less loud jewellery has fuelled curiosity in dainty and fine 22K gold. Delicate pieces that blends well with daily outfit – something that you wear to work, for an evening with friends and while visiting your parents. Something that add just the right amount of zing to your personality. 22K <gold jewellery may be pricier than your regular fine-gold of 18K or less – yet, still accessible. Also, they can be as sassy and razor-sharp in accentuating your overall persona. And the charm never wears off. Beauty aside, there is an inherent worth to gold. No, we don’t mean the rising market price either (actually, that too).

Melorra – a 916 Journey

Melorra is synonymous with great craftsmanship and even greater creativity. We pride ourselves on being on the same page regarding the changing desires of the modern Indian woman. 22Karat jewellery in diamonds, gold and gemstones are our newer realm of exploration. We are not merely selling mere 22K jewellery. We fashion icons and carriers of stories and messages that celebrates individuality. Something that becomes a part of you. Unusual designs inspired by tradition as well as modernity are becoming more popular. It gives women no reason to wait for an occasion – encourages her to buy something simply for the sheer joy of it, and thinks she will look drop-dead gorgeous in it. Our lightweight ornaments, thus, inspire her to take them out of the box and adorn herself more often – at work, on holidays, while dining out and so on.

Melorra’s 22 Karat collections blend art, nonconformity, design and style. Is there anything that can dull the luminous sparkle of a diamond in comparison? Glorious and breath-taking, Melorra’s 22K diamonds are strong statements in itself. It is about accessorizing the person within rather than flaunting valuables. The current non-fine ornament landscape was indeed metamorphosed from rigid notions and restrictive functions. Melorra has managed to cut across cultures, conventional notions and communities to present intricate designs and themes.

Customers have started to value jewellery as an extension of an artist’s thoughts and emotions rather than skill. This has certainly widened the canvas of creativity. It has a long way to go and Melorra intends to stay ahead of the game for a long time to come.

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