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22 Karat
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  • Trapeze Gold Rings
    • Trapeze

    • 19,509 22,168

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Fearless Hues Gold Bangles

  • Catzmatazz Gold Rings
    • Catzmatazz

    • 23,612 26,825

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Playful Madame Gold Pendants
  • Spirals N Vines Gold Earrings
  • Lure of Verdure Gold Rings
  • Tales of Bow Gold Rings
  • Jovial Fuchsia Gold Pendants
  • Paisley Pop Gold Rings
    • Paisley Pop

    • 19,751 22,442

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Knit Detail Gold Rings
    • Knit Detail

    • 22,409 25,462

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Simplistic Grace Gold Earrings

  • Polished Picks Gold Earrings

  • Bow Toned Gold Rings
    • Bow Toned

    • 19,449 22,099

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Prism Break Gold Earrings
    • Prism Break

    • 23,375 26,560

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Ridges N Rims Gold Rings
  • Whimsical mix Gold Rings
  • Prissy Arch etype Gold Rings

  • Edgy Essentials Gold Earrings
  • Sixth Sense Gold Earrings
    • Sixth Sense

    • 23,496 26,697

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Lacy Honour Gold Pendants
    • Lacy Honour

    • 15,583 17,707

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Feather Find Gold Rings
  • Peek-a-boo Gold Rings
    • Peek-a-boo

    • 23,254 26,423

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Pretty in Paisley Gold Earrings
  • Block O Meter Gold Earrings

  • Mushy Much Gold Rings
    • Mushy Much

    • 17,639 20,043

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Flitter Flutter Gold Earrings
  • Nature Imprints Gold Earrings
  • Basket Brooch Gold Rings

  • Team Tropical Gold Rings
  • Bow Buckles Gold Earrings
    • Bow Buckles

    • 16,972 19,285

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Love Triangle Gold Earrings
  • Fond Finesse Gold Earrings

  • Subtle tones Gold Rings

  • Inspire Magic Gold Rings

  • Beat of the Bow Gold Rings

  • Bonjour Style Gold Earrings

  • Drama Rules Gold Pendants
    • Drama Rules

    • 19,932 22,648

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Rhomb Knot Gold Earrings
    • Rhomb Knot

    • 19,087 21,687

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Playful Hats Gold Earrings
  • Floral Blooms Gold Pendants

  • Bow Overlay Gold Rings
    • Bow Overlay

    • 19,026 21,618

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Dear Cinderella Gold Rings
  • Twin Tale Gold Earrings
    • Twin Tale

    • 89,545 111,624

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Pink Odyssey Gold Pendants
  • Inspire Magic Gold Pendants
  • Pink Odyssey Gold Earrings
  • Boteh Beauty Gold Rings
  • French Formals Gold Earrings
  • Boldly Roman Gold Earrings
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22 Karat Jewellery

Understanding 22k Purity:

Karat (or Carat) is a measure of the ratio of gold to other metals and alloys present in jewellery. They are measured on a 0 to 24 scale. The higher the Karat, the more the gold present in the jewellery. Other metals could be copper, palladium or silver. Other metals are added to gold to strengthen it and enhance the colour. 22 k gold means the gold is 91.7% pure and there are 22 parts of gold out of 24 present in the jewellery. Melorra brings to you the 22k purity collection of jewellery that has a choice of bangles, chains, necklaces, earrings and so much more!

History of Gold Bangles

The word Bangle was derived from the Hindi word “Bungri” (Glass). Bangles are made of many materials such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood, metals, and plastic. Bangles signify and mean different things in various regions and cultures.

Different kinds of bangles signify various aspects - red bangles symbolize energy, blue bangles symbolize wisdom, and purple symbolizes independence. Silver and Gold signify strength and fortune respectively. Bangles are worn for various occasions like weddings and religious functions.

Symbolic Significance of Chains

In the ancient times, it was believed that the chains represented eternal love. It is said so because each circle is linked without a beginning or an end, to the next circle. In short, a chain is a perfect symbol of love.

Introduction to Melorra.com

If you want to enhance the beauty of your ensemble, then just visit Melorra.com and you get to buy elegant jewellery like gold necklace sets, gold bangles, earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, chains, and nose pins. These types of jewelleries are categorized on the basis of 18 karat and 22 karat gold. Melorra has classy, affordable gold collection, diamond collection, and gemstones. In their online store, they have various gold jewellery designsgold necklace set, gold bangles, gold bracelets, gold chains, and gold nose pins which include diamond and gemstones as well.

Melorra provides the best choices in jewellery to fashionable women. Their products have the best finish in terms of lustre and design. Their jewellery is designed by the use of 3-D printing technology which they use to create these exquisite works of art.

Melorra has made a mark in the online industry by selling trendsetting, cost-effective, convenient and certified quality pieces. You can team up any of these pieces of jewellery with any outfit. The jewellery goes great with casual, party or work wear. With just a click of a button, the accessories are brought to your doorstep with amazing offers like a lifetime exchange policy and a hallmark certification.

Types of Gold Bangles

On Melorra.com you will find different styles of bangles like oval, round, banglet, charm bracelet, cuffs, Nakshatra, and Hearts. These sets of 18k and 22k gold bangles designs are available with other materials such as diamond and gemstones, apart from gold.

These bangles are also available according to various seasons to enhance your chic appeal. The seasonal collections for spring, summer, autumn, and winter have dazzling choices that leave you wanting more!

Melorra’s 22k gold jewellery online shopping has different colors like white, rose and yellow.

Types of Gold Chains

Melorra makes you look amazing in any ensemble even with regular chains which are simple, yet dazzling! Melorra delivers 18k and 22k gold chain at great prices right at your doorstep. The gold collection provides fabulous choices in jewellery that can add panache to any ensemble you wear. These chains are also available for various occasions like work wear, party wear and casual wear.

22k gold Chain price and 22k Gold Bangles Designs

Melorra makes various kinds of jewellery, including 18k and 22k gold chains and bangles at very reasonable prices. Jewellery shopping is made easy and affordable by Melorra online as the jewellery comes with certified quality, an easy 30 days return policy, and free & insured delivery.

You can choose accessories from a plethora of 22k gold jewellery online shopping collection based on factors like the pattern, weight, colours, and seasons- the 22k gold chain designs and the 22k gold bangles designs are priced such that they are pocket-friendly and make you look elegant in any ensemble. The starting price of 22k gold bangles is from Rs. 30,000 and the 22k gold chains start from Rs. 10,000.

Melorra also has a dedicated desk to help you style your jewellery with the attire that you choose. Have an amazing shopping experience at Melorra by downloading their app either on IOS or your Android phone and use the customer-friendly interface for the best 22k gold jewellery online shopping experience.

No time to step out? Don’t like to visit crowded stores and deal with pushy salespeople? Hate the traffic? Don’t worry! Just order your favourite piece of jewellery from the comfort of your home at Melorra.com. 

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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