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Gift for your Girlfriend

1845 Designs

  • Forbidden Love Gold Earrings

  • Coral Chords Gemstone Rings

  • Twirl A Lace Gold Rings

  • Bar O Lace Gold Rings
    • Bar O Lace

    • 15,250 17,702

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Doting Bows Diamond Earrings
    • Doting Bows

    • 26,313 35,377

    • 50% off on Diamond Price


  • Leaf it up Diamond Rings
    • Leaf it up

    • 14,817 15,641

    • 50% off on Diamond Price


  • Twirly Whirls Diamond Pendants

  • Alice! Diamond Pendants
    • Alice!

    • 13,510 18,042

    • 50% off on Diamond Price


  • Petal to the Metal Diamond Earrings

  • Mi Amore Diamond Pendants
    • Mi Amore

    • 18,083 23,439

    • 50% off on Diamond Price

  • Edgy Ensemble Diamond Nose Pins

  • Spike N Like Diamond Earrings
  • Arc Attack Diamond Rings
    • Arc Attack

    • 18,955 22,251

    • 50% off on Diamond Price


  • Go Gingham Diamond Pendants
    • Go Gingham

    • 6,779 8,427

    • 50% off on Diamond Price

  • Team Tartan Diamond Nose Pins
    • Team Tartan

    • 9,580 10,816

    • 50% off on Diamond Price


  • Sash Sway Diamond Nose Pins
    • Sash Sway

    • 7,882 9,118

    • 50% off on Diamond Price


  • Bar Code Diamond Nose Pins
    • Bar Code

    • 6,483 8,543

    • 50% off on Diamond Price


  • Itsy Bitsy Florals Diamond Earrings

  • Spring promise Diamond Bracelets

  • Floral Faerie Diamond Nose Pins

  • Heart Mache Diamond Rings
    • Heart Mache

    • 17,422 20,718

    • 50% off on Diamond Price

  • Barbed Buds Gold Rings
    • Barbed Buds

    • 12,947 15,029

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Calming Corals Gemstone Rings

  • Razzle Dazzle Diamond Rings
  • All Roped In Gold Pendants
  • Lace Twinning Gold Earrings
  • Viva La Vida Diamond Pendants
  • Forbidden Love Gold Pendants
  • Nature At Work Gold Earrings
  • Floral Stylist Gold Pendants
  • Floral Enigma Gold Pendants

  • Four-petal Diamond Pendants
    • Four-petal

    • 8,033 9,269

    • 50% off on Diamond Price

  • Spring Basics Gold Pendants

  • Star Light Star Bright  Diamond Earrings
  • The Wilderness Diamond Earrings
  • Bloom Zoom Diamond Earrings
    • Bloom Zoom

    • 24,691 32,519

    • 50% off on Diamond Price

  • Amethyst Hue Gold Earrings
  • Florid Fancy Gold Necklaces
  • Soul n' Spunk Diamond Earrings
  • Dancing Hearts Gold Earrings

  • Floral Charm Diamond Earrings
  • Parisian Hearts Gold Necklaces
  • Thorn Theory Gold Rings
  • Caring Curls Gold Bracelets
  • Climber Vines Gold Pendants
  • White Trails Gold Rings

  • Bouquet of Hearts Gold Bracelets
  • Ace of Lace Diamond Pendants
    • Ace of Lace

    • 24,341 31,757

    • 50% off on Diamond Price

  • My Kinda Scarf Gold Rings
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Jewellery Gifts for Girlfriend: Special Jewellery for Your Special One

When you love someone, you would only want to get everything best for that person. And if that someone is your girlfriend, then it is obvious to let her know how important she is in your life. Your love for her isn’t ordinary, and so why should your gifts be! Choosing a gift for girlfriend can be a tough call, provided there are a variety of ideas streaming the internet every day. From chocolates to dresses, you can gift her anything, but the scenario comes down to one question. How extraordinary should that gift for your girlfriend be? Yes, she deserves the best. And not something randomly picked from a shop or an article suggesting best gift ideas for girlfriend. Whatever you select must be unique and special enough to speak for your unconditional love. Jewellery is the answer, as it can be a part of her daily life, and she can treasure it forever as a symbol that will remind her of the love you both share.

Choosing the Perfect Jewellery Item: Surprise Your Lady Love

For most boyfriends, selecting the perfect jewellery gift for girlfriend is often tricky, even for the ones who have some good fashion sense. Most boys end up taking help from their sister, friends or mother to decide what to gift their special girl. But actually, all you need to do is make a little effort to choose a great piece for her. The trick is to start by paying some attention to her style and preferences in jewellery. If she loves wearing decorative pieces or shimmering accessories, then go for dazzling diamond jewellery. And if she likes to keep it minimal, then we say go for gold or delicate stone jewellery. Notice what she likes to wear daily to her office or while going out with you. Find out whether she prefers white gold or rose gold? If you have the answers to these questions, then choosing a unique jewellery gift for her would be easy with a little more help from Melorra.

Buying Jewellery Gifts Online for Girlfriend: Why Choose Melorra?

Why buy it online? Because it saves your time and efforts. And why Melorra? The answer is simple. Melorra is the only platform that offers the trendiest designs of precious jewellery which replicates the fashion of modern women. And with the help of this platform, you can buy jewellery items online from the comfort of your home. The days of searching for the perfect jewellery gift from one store to another are over. And also, you don’t need to settle for designs that are typical or outdated. Buy designs that match her style sense. Scroll through thousands of minimal yet stylish designs in a variety of motifs, metals, and colours. Order in just a few clicks and get it delivered to your doorstep.

And what’s more! Exclusive range of jewellery collections under budget-friendly prices. Easy returns or exchange within 30 days. A lifetime exchange policy so that she can even exchange it for another trendy piece later. Just select the design, make payments and then gift it to her over a candlelight dinner.

Valentine’s Day or Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend: Get Ready to Steal Her Heart!

Melorra makes it easy and convenient for you to pick the best gift for girlfriend. And with such fantastic designs that are inspired by the worldwide runways, any woman would want them to be a part of her jewellery collection. Melorra’s website exhibits a variety of collections in stunning gold jewellery, diamond jewellery and gemstone jewellery to cater to the jewellery needs of current women. These designs can make the best jewellery gift for girlfriend, be it valentine’s day or her birthday or just a regular day for you to express your eternal love for her. More than 9000 designs to choose from that are up-to-the-minute for her chic outfits. These designs are also lightweight for her to flaunt them daily, and minimal for wearing them on any occasion.

Are you looking for a heart pendant to gift her on the upcoming Valentine’s Day? We have more than that! Pick the perfect Valentine’s Day jewellery gift for girlfriend online on Melorra. Gift her a pair of heart-shaped earrings or a heart bracelet. Think beyond the typical. Go for a heart-shaped gold pendant with her initials. Gift her a heart necklace that is trendy as well as adorable. Impress her with dainty diamond jewellery on V-day. Surprise your lady love with a heart-shaped diamond ring! Our product – heart machine diamond ring is the perfect choice which is also in budget. Choose heart-shaped gold jewellery with enamel and add that splash of colours to your love story! Is she a fan of gems, then go find her the zodiac gemstone that can shine upon a ring on her hand. If you do not want to make it cliché and want something out of the box, then explore our jewellery gifting collection or choose from the below categories. Get ready to pamper her with heart-warming jewellery!

Ring Designs for Girlfriend

Earring Designs for Girlfriend

Bracelet Designs for Girlfriend

Necklace Designs for Girlfriend

Bangle Designs for Girlfriend

Pendant Designs for Girlfriend

Gold Chain Designs for Girlfriend

Nose-pin Designs for Girlfriend

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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