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Gold Jewellery

Reena was surprised to receive a call from her friend Aanya, that too two days after her wedding. “Please come with me to the X Jewelers. I need to get my gold exchanged.” “But, you just bought them for the wedding. Isn’t it too soon to exchange?” “No, Reena. They are too gaudy and heavy for daily use.” More and more women are choosing to do as Aanya did with her wedding jewellery. Gold jewellery has always been considered profligate purchases for once-in-a-life occasions like weddings or engagements or anniversaries. The heavyweight ornaments would then find its way back to bank lockers and remain there until the next occasion because let’s face it – as precious as they are, one cannot wear it every day. The designs were too conspicuous and loud then. This trend is changing as women want unique signature pieces that go with daily wear – when going to the office, travelling in the metro, pub crawling and for family gatherings among others. All covered by the finest in fashion universe!

Traditional gold jewellers are also changing the way they see and treat gold to suit the contemporary market. Many prestigious gold houses now offer new-age casual pieces alongside their formal pricey one-time wears. These affordable subtle pieces appeal to the 21st-century woman – who is independent, confident and self-aware. They might want informal and hip-looking earrings or sleek gold chains. However, they do not want to compromise on quality – the same value for money they came to expect from traditional gold ornaments. Jewellers and designers, in short, have their work cut down in overhauling the whole aesthetic. So, out goes the elaborate wedding parures with Kanchipuram silk sarees and lehengas. And in comes teardrop designs and the with-it charms.

Journey of Gold Jewellery - Mystic to Contemporary

If the diamond is every girl’s best friend, then gold is family. The precious yellow metal was everything but stylish. It has long since traversed beyond a convenient investment or a divine possession. Certainly, gold is still the ultimate expression of wealth. For hundreds of years, gold has captivated hearts and minds with its exquisiteness and other unique attributes. And even the transformation that turned it into a daily wear cannot take away that.

Diamonds, gems and platinum may be pricier – but gold is the indisputable choice of jewellery metal. For instance, did you know half an ounce of gold can be stretched into a wire that can stretch for nearly 2 miles? Today, you can find gold pieces that suit every mood, moment and madness. Everyday gold jewellery has, in fact, become a way to assert one’s individuality with a touch of quirkiness. With significant income at their disposal, women do not think twice about swiping their cash cards to appear chic. They are go-getters, who love exploring global trends.

When Melorra Maps the Gold Jewellery Trends

Gold is a quintessential aspect of women’s jewellery assortment. You don’t stop using it at any age. You may simply change the way you don them as per your lifestyle. Melorra strives to make modern women feel prized without being flamboyant (unless you want to be, that is). They believe it imperative that the wearer feels herself and relaxed in their gold jewellery. So, their options range from the thinnest and lightest to the other end. Everything you find there will be round and well-refined so that it doesn’t irritate your skin. Ladies do not hesitate to collect stunning pieces – dainty earrings, tiny pendants, multihued anklets – and the clientele includes young working women, senior professionals, students and homemakers. It is also an ideal gifting option.

While craftmanship doesn’t do anything to uplift or negate the value of gold itself, the fine-gold niche has to focus on it more than anything else. Everybody wants designs that scream (or softly state) their personality and general attitude. “Oh wow! This bracelet is so you.” “Where did you buy this from?” Aren’t these what all jewellery wearers yearn to hear at some point? This is where Melorra wins you over – the myriad of designs with quality stamped over all their products. Because we understand that no matter what comes and goes in and out of the market, gold is here to stay and will continue to enamour.

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