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Guide to Buy Your First Diamond Jewellery

Have you recently made a decision to buy your first diamond jewellery ever? We understand that every jewellery purchase (for the first time) comes with its own share predicaments and concerns. In the case of buying a diamond, the queries are a load, but the answers are always short or unsatisfying. We are here to put all your doubts to rest and accompany on your journey to taking the leap of faith and placing your first diamond jewellery order.

In this guide, we’ll cover several tips to help you shop for your first-ever diamond accessory, be it an earring or a ring. All the tips mentioned in this guide are valid for any diamond jewellery purchase in an offline store or online store. However, if unknowingly we fall short of addressing all of your concerns here, we suggest that you pick up your phone and call Melorra’s customer executive team. Even if your question is about the current gold rate, do not fret and ask away. The contact details are given at the foot of this guide.

What Concerns You About Your First Diamond Purchase?

First time shopping of diamond brings several unanswered queries to the buyer’s mind. Is the jewellery retailer trustworthy? Or what is the right budget for the diamond bangles you’re planning to buy for the last six months? Even questions like diamond karat and its anatomy might baffle a few shoppers. We say you gather all these doubts and demand for answers. If any of the following queries are troubling you before your first diamond buy, this guide is perfect for you:

  • Is Diamond the right jewellery to buy the first time?
  • Do diamonds have a resell value?
  • Can I buy diamond jewellery for less than 20k?
  • What is diamond carat, cut, clarity, and colour?
  • How do I know if a diamond is real or fake?
  • How can I find a trustworthy diamond retailer in the market?
  • Is it safe to shop for diamond pendants from online shop?
  • Are solitaire jewellery different diamond jewellery?
  • What are all the factors I must look at before finalizing the diamond accessory to purchase?
  • How do I shop for my first diamond ever without getting duped?

Here is a list of few questions that might be keeping you awake at night. We are sure there are many, many other doubts (not listed here) grappling your mind about shopping for the precious stone for the first time.

Follow These Tips/Steps to Buy Your First Diamond Like a Pro

  1.  Start with the Budget

A smart person always sets a budget before hopping to go shopping. If you have been thinking of buying your first diamond for quite some time now, set a budget or at least, set a budget range. While a stringent budget might compel you to miss out on those pretty diamond necklaces you have placed your eyes on; a budget range will help you to buy any diamond jewellery that sits within it. Moreover, a jewellery budget range might also help you to buy two diamond items where the total price comes to the maximum point of your budget.

2.       Learn about 4Cs of a Diamond

You might have seen how one diamond ring looks different from another? While one might appear extremely colourless, the other stone could show some signs of colour. It is all due to the different characteristics these precious stones contain.

The 4Cs of a diamond: cut, colour, clarity, and carat are what determines the use, price, and shape, and toughness of the stone. A smart buyer would extensively read about the 4Cs of diamond stones before buying.

3.       Do Not Compromise on the Retailer

How do you research when you plan to go to a doctor? Put the same effort and time into researching the jewellery retailer as well. You must not compromise on the retailer, be it offline or online when it comes to buying diamond stone accessories. A trustworthy retailer has a stable customer base, favourable policies for the shoppers, understandable return/exchange option, diamond grading certificate, and a dedicated customer service team.

4.       Research More and More

There’s never enough research when you’re buying your first diamond worth thousands. We suggest you research more and more about how to buy diamond jewellery and get all your questions answered. Melorra has curated a select Jewellery Education Guide for such proposes. You can check out all the posts about diamond education to help you make the right decision on shopping the diamond.

5.       Finalize Your Choice

At this point, you have got a budget range, a verified jewellery retailer, and the basic consumer knowledge about 4Cs of diamonds; all there is left to do is finalize your jewellery choice. If you already had decided on buying a diamond stone studded bracelet, by all means, go for it. But if you just wanted to buy your first diamond regardless of the jewellery type, you can go for ring designs, earrings, or pendants. These three make for a minimal and right choice for first diamond jewellery.

6.       Ask for Diamond Certificate

A verified and trustworthy retailer will tell you everything about the diamond you just bought. Its weight, its overall length and breadth, its anatomy, and more. But telling is not enough; you must ask for the diamond certificate (GIA, IGI, SGL, DGLA) that specify all these diamond characteristics with the issued agencies’ seal. Remember that the diamond certificate comes with every diamond purchase (loose or in the jewellery), and you get to keep it along with your purchase.

7.       Look for Marks on Gold/Platinum/Silver

Diamond jewellery comes with base metal; the surface on which the stones are studded. If the surface is gold, make sure to look for BIS Hallmark sign on it. If it is platinum, look for the abbreviations ‘PLAT’ or ‘PT’ followed by the numbers ‘950’ or ‘999’; these numbers denote the purity of the platinum metal. For silver, different hallmarks define its authenticity. Usually, Sterling Silver markings prove that silver is real. You can also buy gold coins or look at their price to get a better understanding.

8.       Care for Your First Ever Diamond Purchase

Now, you have your first-ever diamond jewellery in your hand. After all the time-consuming research, you are the proud owner of a stunning diamond accessory. But now you need to keep its shine and sparkle alive. Take good care of your diamond ornament, and clean it n regular basis as its surface can lose its lustre due to dust and oil settling. Follow these steps to take care of your purchase.

If you feel that you have more questions in your mind, feel free to contact experts at Melorra and shoot your questions without any hesitation.

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