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Diamond Carat

Carat or ct. in short refers to the weight of the diamond. As gold is sold and priced based on their its karat, diamond is sold and priced based on carat. Among the 4Cs of the diamond, only the carat does not determine the brilliance and sparkle of the stone. Instead, carat is more of a value that influences the diamond business across the globe. 

Another advantage of knowing about diamond carat is to shop for the best stones without compromising on the price. Since, diamond-cut determines the brilliance and sparkle of a stone, a lightweight diamond priced moderately can be brightest in the room if it is cut properly. 

Note: Often people misunderstand diamond carat as the size of the stone rather than its weight. Thus, it is one of the biggest misconceptions that need busting: diamond carat determines the weight of the diamond rather than its size. 

Carat and its Value

Not only diamonds but other gemstones are also weighed using the carat indicator. For instance, one carat of weight approximately equals 0.2 grams, and this one carat is further divided into 100 equal parts/points to measure smaller and lighter diamond stones. The point system is specifically introduced to guide and help jewellers accurately weigh the precious diamond stones and put a price tag on it with precision and without any irregularities.

For better understanding, consider a diamond ring in which the stone around 80-points. In the carat value, the diamond would be equal to 0.8 carats. If the diamond ring is question has gold or silver, then do make sure to ask for the weight of diamond and gold separately. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is the ‘total carat’ weight. If the seller has mentioned the total weight of your diamond earrings as 5 carats, then it means that diamond stones in both the earring come to a total of 5 carats and not just one earring of the pair.

In case you’re looking for more clarity, then always ask the question that is running in your mind to the seller or the store representative to ensure that you’re buying exactly what you want and for the right price.

Impact of Diamond Carat On its Price

There shouldn’t be much confusion around diamond carat and its price. As gold is priced based on its karat, a diamond holds the price tag based on its carat weight; more the carat value, high the price. However, carat is just one of the elements of 4Cs that determine the diamond brilliance, sparkle, market value, and demand.

Is there a Difference between Carat and Karat?

There is a high level of confusion and misconception about karat and carat. Both of these are not just two different words used to explain two different metals; they differ by a lot.

In the case of diamond and gemstones, carat is used to indicate their weight, whereas goldsmiths use the word karat (k) to show the purity of the gold metal. The purity of the gold is scaled from 1 to 24, where the highest number indicates the purest form of gold. Generally, gold of 18K and 22K are preferred for jewellery making.

Magic Carats

Some of the diamond weights are labelled magic carat, which carries negligible weight difference but varies in its market price. Noticeably, a 0.99 carat diamond is not different a stone that weight one carat; however, due to this 0.1 carat difference, their prices still vary. 

Magic diamonds sizes are 0.5 carats, 0.75 carats, and 1 carat. You can always raise this concern with your gemologist or jeweller while buying diamonds ranging under these weight scale.

Impact of Shape and Size on Diamonds of Same Carat

Usually, buyers think that carat specifies the final price value of the diamond in question; however, the truth is far from it. While diamond weight (carat) do influence the stone price, it is the shape, size, and cut of the diamond that impacts the value as well. A lower carat diamond with the right cut and more brilliance and sparkle would drastically increase the market price.

As a result, a round diamond cut with more fire and brilliance compared to an emerald cut diamond would have higher cost price irrespective of being lower or same in carat weight. This is how diamond stones of the same carat can differ in price.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Diamond

Buying a diamond is a huge decision for many people, and buying it online is further riskier. Subsequently, there are a few tips that might come handy to you the next time you step into a store to check out diamond jewellery:

Before you step in to pay for the diamond price, consider the carat and cut together. A diamond may perform poorly if the carat is high but the cut loose. So, always check for the carat and cut together to see how brilliant a diamond is and if it is accurately priced.

Exploit the knowledge of magic weights if you want to make the most of your budget. For instance, go for a 0.99 carat diamond or 0.75 carat diamond to avoid paying more, and the difference is size will be hardly noticeable.

Lastly, always work with cut, clarity, colour, and carat together while buying diamond jewellery. Do not overlook one or the other in the ambition to get a brilliant or less expensive stone. In fact, the right hierarchy to consider while buying a diamond would be cut, clarity, colour, and then carat.

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