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Guide to Buy Loose Diamond Stones

Have you ever looked at a gold diamond ring and thought, ‘I would like the same diamond stone on a platinum ring’? As you proceed to find your favourite ring designs with studded diamond rocks, you might not find the exact model you have in your mind. What do you do then? You either give in and buy a ring design that looks best among the available, or you could buy loose diamond stones and make a ring as per your liking.

But do you know how to shop for loose diamonds and even select ideal jewellery set for your chosen diamond stone? The process isn’t rocket science, and you just require the right guidance in the right direction. This guide on buying loose diamond stones will help you start with your preparation to buy a loose diamond and even choose jewellery set to go with it.

By the end of this jewellery guide on shopping for loose diamonds purchase, you would get to know about why must you buy loose diamonds, and how can you smartly shop for such precious stones without getting duped or being a victim to a fraud.

What is Loose Diamond Stone?

If you have gone through Melorra’s diamond guides, you already know that diamond stones are naturally mined from Earth’s surface, and these precious stones in their natural form are rough diamonds. But before these rocks enter the consumer market, they undergo cutting, shaping, and polishing process. Once they are ready to make their way into the jewellery sets of users, diamonds are called as loose diamonds.

A perfectly cut, shaped, polished, and brilliant diamond stone that is not yet put into a jewellery set is called a loose diamond. These are then either inserted into different Jewellery sets (gold, platinum, silver) or sold as loose. You must note that loose diamonds are not only colourless, but they can also be found in fancy colours like pink, yellow, blue, and red. People often buy loose diamonds to set in custom jewellery, engagement rings, or for investment purposes. Many retailers and wholesalers sell single, loose diamond rocks, which can then fit into your choice of jewellery set.

Why Should You Buy Loose Diamonds?

Every person has their personal reasons to buy loose diamonds. But if you’re looking for a reason, and can’t seem to find one, let us help you.

  • A loose diamond stone allows you to make your own jewellery item. Just like you pick out the items to include in your pizza topping, shopping for loose diamond rocks helps you to pick out your jewellery set, diamond cut, shape, clarity and carat. Mix all these ingredients, and you’ve got your own designer diamond jewellery item.
  • Rough diamonds are one of a kind, and they sell out quite quickly once they’re perfectly cut and polished. We suggest you buy diamond rock and keep it safe with you until you find its jewellery set companion or a buyer who wishes to buy it from you at a considerable market price.
  • Loose diamonds are more reasonably priced compared to the diamond jewellery item. There is more transparency as to the quality and grade of the diamond. Hence, a large number of sellers price their diamonds competitively, enabling you to get the best diamond price possible.
  • You can individually discern the diamond quality, size, shape, colour, and more characteristics if you buy a loose diamond rock. When the diamonds come already studded in the jewellery, it becomes difficult to recognize their aspects.

How to Smartly Shop for Loose Diamonds?

Set a Budget Range

The first step to buy a loose diamond precious stone is to set a budget range. We say range because setting a stringent budget could make you miss out on your like. However, if you finalize a range with minimum and maximum price range, you’ll have a variety of diamond stones to choose from, without compromising on your like. Plus, you can always split the range into two or three parts and buy more than one diamond rock if you wish.

Learn About 4Cs of Diamonds

You should never buy a diamond product if you don’t know about the 4Cs of the diamond. The colour, clarity, cut, and carat of a diamond highly influences its purchase value and market demand. You can read Melorra’s 4Cs of diamonds guide to get yourself equipped with these aspects of precious stones and make the decision regarding your loose diamond purchase.

Research About Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Not everyone wants to buy a colourless diamond rock. If your wish is to purchase fancy coloured diamond stones, go ahead. But before you finalize your product, research about the coloured diamond stone market, their rarity and customer demand, and the 4Cs of the coloured diamond as well. The more you research about fancy coloured diamonds before buying a loose one, the more informed decision you’ll make about your buy.

Choose the Right Jewellery Setting

Do you know that an extremely colourless diamond (grade D to F) appear to go well with platinum bands or jewellery set? These diamonds also blend well with white and rose gold. Similarly, a diamond of different colour and clarity grade goes well with different jewellery set of various shades; you only need to choose the right jewellery setting. We advise you that you talk to an expert about matching the diamond with a jewellery type to get the best overall accessory for yourself. You can always call or email Melorra customer service for such queries and help.

Know About Diamond Certificates

Not every diamond is real. There are artificial diamond stones as well that are cheaper, and do not have the same chemical composition as a natural diamond rock. Then how would you differentiate between the two? The diamond certificates. Issued by GIA, SGL, DGLA, and more, a diamond certificate is proof that the diamond is real. It also holds information about the origin, 4Cs, and price of the diamond.

Buy from a Trusted and Certified Diamond Retailer

Similar to how you wouldn’t buy an electronics item from any store, don’t buy a diamond from just any jewellery retailer. Hop on the internet and research about the retailer, whether offline or online. Read the customer reviews, order policy, return/exchange rules, and catalogue information before putting your trust in a brand to buy loose diamonds.

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