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Guide to Buy Diamond Jewellery Online

When shopping for diamond jewellery, what do you prefer, offline stores or online retailers? While some people are comfortable with the conventional method of visiting a store and choosing diamond ornaments, others like to shop from their couch without moving a muscle. Overall, shopping diamond accessories from e-commerce or online stores is far better, if you’re looking to purchase precious jewellery items at a slightly lower price and from among many, many designs. We will explain this statement as you read further in this guide.

Our aim with this guide is to help consumers become comfortable with shopping diamond jewellery online without falling prey to any malicious or fraud retailers. In this guide, we’ll discuss the factors that you must keep in mind while shopping for diamond jewellery online and the aspects that you must avoid when buying precious items from e-commerce stores. Additionally, this guide will help you become confident and smart in shopping online for such expensive accessories on the internet.

Why A Guide to Buy Diamond Jewellery Online?

As we mentioned, buying diamond jewellery on the internet from a retailer is quite daunting as it requires you to look at the picture of the ornament and order it. You get no face-to-face consultation to feel or try-out the jewellery before placing the order. Hence, this guide attempts to drive away the doubts that come with shopping precious jewellery items online, especially diamonds.

We understand that purchasing thousands of rupees without actually handling the accessory is an uneasy task, but we still recommend that shopping online is better than buying jewellery items offline. Let us elaborate.

Is Buying Precious Diamond Jewellery Online Safe?

It definitely is! Just like you order smartphones and other items from e-commerce websites, you can safely buy diamond accessories from online stores. You can either choose online payment or Cash on Delivery while finalizing the order. Here are the basics of buying precious diamond jewellery online:

  • Ensure a reputed retailer trough intensive research and customer reviews
  • Check out the website and product brochures for better understanding of their jewellery designs
  • Read the policies and guidelines around jewellery return/exchange
  • Talk to their customer care executives to clear your queries
  • Lastly, always check the standard certificates of diamond jewellery

What to Look for in Buying Diamond Jewellery Online?

There are several factors to check for before you take the plunge of buying diamond jewellery online. Once you have looked for all these things, we’re sure that your one-time buy of diamond would turn into multiple times. Be it a diamond pendant or a finger ring studded with tiny diamond rocks, all these factors are imperative to begin your journey toward placing your first order on a jewellery e-commerce site.

·         Diamond Certificates: Every diamond stone in this world is certified to mark its authenticity; several agencies certify these stones. The most common ones are IGI, SGL, and GIA certificates.

·         Research more and more: Every person has different doubts regarding diamond jewellery purchase. Would the total weight of a pair of diamond earrings be the weight of both the earrings combined or only one piece of earring? Does the diamond certificate mention the total carat of diamond present in both earrings? Many questions need answers, and the internet is your way out in such situations. Research more and more, and get your doubts cleared. You can go through our diamond guide section to look for answers to your questions.

·         Know About the 4Cs of Diamonds: Everywhere diamond comes, the 4Cs follow. They describe a diamond rock and characterize its shape, clarity, colour, cut, price, and more for better understanding of the jewellery. You must research about the 4Cs of diamonds before buying jewellery online.

·         Diamond Jewellery Setting: A clear, colourless diamond stone looks good on a yellow gold ring or white gold setting? Which one would you choose? If this decision is difficult to make for you, we suggest you read about lookup different diamond jewellery setting designs to match the right rock with the perfect jewellery setting.

·         Set Up a Budget: It is alright to have a vague idea of the jewellery budget you’re thinking to buy, but you must always have a specified budget or at least a budget range. For instance, if you’re thinking to purchase diamond bangles within the range 50k to 75k, do not go beyond. The set budget will help you to the way in your options of the diamond type, gold karat, online retailer, bangle design, and additional features among the thousands of options available. It’ll save you time and a ton load of queries/doubts.

·         Scrutinize the Online Store Options: How do you decide on purchasing one brand of washing machine over another? Research and options. That is exactly what you need to do in buying diamond jewellery items online. There are many, and many options available on the internet, all you need to do is go from one online store to another and research for below things to make a decision:

o   Number of Jewellery Designs

o   Customer Reviews and Comments

o   Jewellery Return/Exchange Policy

o   Diamond Certificates and Gold Marks

o   Google Reviews and other Brand Mentions

·         Talk to an Expert: Now, even after all the research, you’re hesitating to make the first purchase, we suggest you talk to an expert. A gemologist or a jewellery enthusiast is the right person to gather intimate details about online diamond accessory shopping. You can speak to experts at Melorra via call or chat to clear any doubts or queries. The contact details are given at the foot of this guide.

When Should You Avoid Buying Diamond Online?

Isn’t it frustrating when everyone tells you what to do, but not what to do? It is fairly evident that many guides and posts do not mention the factors you must avoid to successfully place your order online. However, we intend to help you out here. There are several factors that you must avoid while online shopping for diamond accessories:

  • Do not go by the words of a retailer. Do your research and ask questions
  • Never buy any diamond jewellery without a proper certificate for both the gold part of the accessory and diamond rocks
  • Avoid recklessly purchasing a designer precious stone jewellery item that does not have a credible customer base and an acceptable return/exchange policy on products
  • Do not pay by online methods (cards or net banking) if you want are sceptical about paying for the product beforehand; choose Cash on Delivery
  • Never buy a diamond only based on its picture. You must always double-cross the diamond carat, cut, clarity, and colour along with the rest of the jewellery weight to ensure the right price for your purchase
  • Don’t try to seem over smart. If you have any doubts/queries, call the experts or the customer care executives to help you with placing online orders
  • Lastly, never go out in the field without proper training. Research and research a little more about diamond jewellery and all its characteristics before buying it online

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