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Gold and Diamond NECKLACES

Want to add more definition, style and fashion to your neckline? Then, accessorising it with gold and diamond Necklaces should probably be your first pick!

Gold necklaces are one of the trendiest and most desired pieces of jewellery that you can find in a women’s jewellery cabinet. Over the passing time and with increasing demand for these shinning pieces of ornaments, they have evolved to become one of the most desirable and easily wearable pieces of jewellery.

Also, gone are the days when necklaces meant heavy, chunky pieces of jewellery. Today, with the evolving trend, women all over the world are trying their hands on jewellery that is easy to wear, minimalistic and lightweight, which are the everyday wear kind of necklaces. Picking such easy piece of gold jewellery online is also helping them make a fashion statement that better suits their everyday look and mood.

Less chunky, More Fashionable

Love necklaces, but worried about it being extra bling to match your everyday wear needs? Worry not, browse through Melorra’s extensive range of necklaces that are minimal in design, light in weight and absolutely easy to wear with any and every choice of outfit and occasion. Shop for your gold necklace online at Melorra to bring out the best of your fashion statements, and flaunt your beautiful side of your personality with our versatile and diverse set of neckpieces. Add some sheen, shine, and fabulousness to your neckline by picking the necklaces that are designed based on the latest global fashion trend.

In all sizes and shapes!

A choker, a long chain necklace, medium sized chain and pendant combo, your wish for your favourite type of necklace type, is our command. Quite literally, as our catalogue of gold and diamond necklace online has all these variations of necklaces for you to pick from.

Choose from different designs and lengths of gold necklaces available in our necklace category; we have an numerous set of styles for you to pick from. These choices include options that would complement your casual wear, office wear to party wear. Regarding the length of the necklace, the options vary from short (14 inches) to long necklaces (33 inches).

Guess what, if there is a certain style, length, and sparkle that you desire, just ping us and let us know, we’ll be happy to tailor the piece according to your measurement and preferences. We can also customise the product to suit your choice of gold colour. You can pick from a yellow gold necklace, rose gold necklace, white gold necklace, diamond necklace, gemstone necklace or necklaces with enamel details on them. We offer a whole lot of gold necklace collection that is worth every penny that you spend.

Assurance of purity

Trust us; you will have the most delightful online gold shopping experience with us. This assurance is based on the fact that all our gold jewellery comes with the global standard SGL & IGI certifcation, and all our diamonds carry the BIS hallmark. Hence, you have been assured that you best get only the best quality of diamonds and gold of the purest kind. As for the service, our customer service professional are highly trained and jewellery experts.So, when in dilmenna over the kind of design you want to pick or the quality of the products, just give us a call, and all your concerns about jewellery will be duly answered. As for prices, as for all of Melorra jewellery, necklaces too are designed to be affordable and for everyday use. So, believe us, once you indulge yourself, you will keep coming back for more. So, what’s the wait? Go on and grab them, and get ready to gain all those envious glances from a beautiful addition that you have made

Diamond Necklaces –

Have to head to party straight from work? Want to look on point and well put together at work place? Or want to add more sheen to that everyday look? Make your pick from the many choices of gold necklaces that we have to offer you. The designs go in sync with the latest trends and fashion. With a wide variety of designs with different lengths, we have a lot to offer you!

Gold Necklaces –

Explore and pick from the exquisite selection of gold necklaces by Melorra, as we offer neckpieces in most variants at affordable prices and also in all shades of gold – yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Hop on and be ready to bounce onto some amazing pieces of gold and diamond necklaces online.

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