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  • Greek Guilloche Gold Finger Ring

    Gold Finger Ring

    10,547 10,7352% OFF

    5% OFF on Making Charges
  • White Water Waltz Gold Bracelet

    Gold Bracelet

    13,407 13,6352% OFF

    5% OFF on Making Charges
  • Kite Runner Gold Pendant

    Gold Pendant

    6,315 6,4422% OFF

    5% OFF on Making Charges
  • Boutonniere Gold Finger Ring

    Gold Finger Ring

    8,017 8,1732% OFF

    5% OFF on Making Charges
  • Curl Unfurl II Gold Round Bangle

    Gold Round Bangle

    51,355 59,72514% OFF

    40% OFF on Making Charges
  • Sun N Spick Gold Drop Earring

    Gold Drop Earring

    20,843 21,2152% OFF

    5% OFF on Making Charges
  • Knot Trot Gold Round Bangle

    Gold Round Bangle

    44,365 45,1562% OFF

    5% OFF on Making Charges
  • Cease Scallop Gold Round Bangle

    Gold Round Bangle

    38,254 38,9362% OFF

    5% OFF on Making Charges


Saroja Yeramilli’s Melorra founded in 2016, understood that the talk of the town is gold jewellery online shopping. Melorra has rapidly revolutionized the way a gold jewellery set is looked at, bought and stocked. Super glamorous, easy to wear, pocket-friendly, crafted from the quality you’ll love and a fitting accessory for your everyday outfit, the latest gold jewellery designs showcase adding a bit mystic fashion and charming magic to it. After all confidence and a smile will look fabulous on you, every day, no matter what you wear!

Melorra understands buying gold and diamonds can involve lots of searching for the right item, with hard-core salesmen pushing you for a sale and perhaps a not-so-wide choice. Melorra’s online process helps you decide in comfort with transparent pricing and a humongous variety of choices in every item you could desire.

The Spring/ Summer Collection 2018 features diamond jewellery, gemstone pendants, stylish animal inspired charm bracelets, necklets, earrings, bangles, banglets, nose pins and all that can adorn your style sense. Drawing inspiration from the Lavender obsession of designers and various world-renowned celebrities, the Melorra Lavender Collection endorses wearing lavender in your jewellery, loud and proud! Crafted by Indian and other international designers and based on high tech analysis of trends, the 3-D printed latest gold designs would gladly be worn on international ramps as they are designed, built and priced right!

Gold jewellery designs with price and weight indicated, offer you a choice of 283 designs starting from a mere Rs 8,600/- onwards. The price of the new gold jewellery designs always depends on the design, quantity, value of diamond carats, gold weight, making and wastage charges and the current cost of gold per gm. Melorra also offers you 575 diamond jewellery designs and 99 designs with gemstones when buying diamond jewellery online.

The Spring Summer ‘18 and the upcoming Autumn Fall ‘18 collections celebrate the latest gold jewellery inspirations drawn from nature, colours and people like you! That’s why the sections are named Animal, Ballet, Brocade, Burgundy, Gelato Pastels, White Edge, Fringe 2018, Casual Floral, Checks and Stripes, Classic gemstone, Cosmic print and Crop Top.

Lightweight gold jewellery earring styles like Drops, Ear Cuffs, Hearts, Hoops, Huggies, J-hoop, Large hoops, Nakshatra, Shoulder Dusters and gold jewellery designs with cable chain, double box, mesh, textured box chain, bevel chain cuts, rings like the Band, Stack Rings, Finger Sleeves, Cocktail Rings, Eternity, Solitaire, Hearts, Nakshatra are all made from 18k or 22k gold, embellished with the glitter of diamonds and certified gemstones. Just check out the latest gold jewellery designs catalogue for the collections named Animals, Leaves, Micro Flowers, White Edge, Sunflower Yellow, Dainty Diamonds, Solitaire, Diamond Clusters, Gelato Pastels, Fringe 2018 and Tropical Leaves. Absolutely top of the line, it’s affordable versatility at its best!

What we use in our Gold Jewellery Designs

All Melorra’s designs are executed only in gold, diamond and precious gemstones. The gold used may be the popular yellow, white or rose gold in 18k and 22k purity. A smart, versatile and judicious mix of the various gold colours in the gold bracelet for women, can in itself make the design colourful and unique, for example, the Floral collection, which consists of an impressive canvas of colours in a sunny design.

Yellow gold is most popular among shoppers of 18k and 22k gold jewellery online shopping. Every item featured online is 100% purity-guaranteed and passes through over 25 QC checks and comes with complete certification and hallmarks proof from international agencies like IGI, SGL, and BIS. You are also assured of the lowest prices on S-I clarity and I-J colour diamonds and 100% purity-guarantee. Melorra's gemstone gold rings for women have certified precious stones, which are thoroughly checked for purity and flaws. The latest trendy Sunflower Yellow collection of affordable jewels, inspired by sunflowers in yellow gold and diamonds can easily grace the international fashion shows and be paired to complement chic casual wear, imposing formals and even the sporty denim.

Jewellery tales and Innovations galore

Designed-right at Melorra means earrings come with easy-clasps, overcoming those tight, hard to undo screw backs. The nose pin clasps are tweaked to give you a snug fit. The chain clasps and bracelets are easy to fasten and the rings comes with comfort-fit. The surface hardener application and textured lustre allow you to use your jewellery for daily wear. The hard to replicate jewellery making techniques used to enable flawless movement of the fringe elements are mind-boggling in their precision and comfort.

Diamonds and gold are a classic combination in making a style statement. Both elements are hypoallergenic and are perfect accessories for daily wear, for traditional attires like the sarees, while partying or jiving at a disco or with the well-cut pantsuit for office. Melorra’s daily wear has hardened exteriors and ease-of-wear ability with surface hardeners and use of textured finishes.

Horns, polished pebbles, feathers and charms to ward off the evil eye are endemic to almost all cultures and initiated the evolution to gold, silver, platinum, and even plastic jewellery. The early man donned clay and pottery jewellery. Experiment with wearing the flexible bracelet on your ankle or high up on the upper arm to make an impact. A priceless style is the result of innovation and a dash of mix-and-match when you choose to shine.

There is no such thing as too much glitter or being poorly dressed! Loud is not gaudy, sneakers do not mean sporty and boots are not meant for workmen alone. Match those pastel shades or the LBD (Little Black Dress) with a leather cord strung with your ring collection or even a few pearls and pendants in them to get a unique glam statement. Clasp your anklets together to form a one of its kind neck chain. Double up your nose pins as dainty ear studs, if you love wearing single ear earrings as your show of rebellion against conservatism.

The price tag on Gold Jewellery Designs

Lightweight gold jewellery designs with prices banded into less than Rs 10,000/- right through to Rs 50,000/- and more, indicate not just the gold jewellery price but also the cost of the diamonds with the quantity of carats used, cost per gm of gold, the making charges, whether it is 18k or 22k and so on.

Find jewellery designs in gold with prices for a diamond ring starting from Rs 8,700/- onwards, the gold necklace designs starting as low as Rs 13,000/-, and gold nose pins with diamonds below Rs 10,000/-. Melorra ensures they procure from the best vendors and pass the price benefit directly to their over 50,000/- customers who are enthusiastic fashionistas, along with great discounts on making charges for first-timers and loyal repeat orders.

Splurge on yourself and even use Melorra jewellery as an ideal gift for festive occasions for a beloved one. Rest assured it will be packed with love and doorstep delivered with free insurance cover. Invest in the future and build your very own legacy while enjoying wearing the latest fashion trends! We have you covered with a lifetime exchange policy and even a 30-day return policy if for any reason you are dissatisfied. Explore Melorra Styledesk or ask for expert help through convenient call back facilities or a WhatsApp chat option

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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