18karat Jewellery

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More and more brands are coming up with finely wrought ornaments that entice women seeking global fashion. They are not just for women with plenty of money. Women with lesser than plenty can also indulge.

You may see an exquisite piece of light-kissed white gold on someone in office and wish to buy something similar for yourself. However, most women are not keen on filling up their jewellery box with stuffs seen everywhere and on all and sundry. As they say variety is the spice of life and it is true when it comes to fashion as well. Today’s women want to be appreciated for their exceptional fashion sense. Not evoke a ‘oh, my aunt and neighbor too have the same earrings’ kind of reaction. This is where fine jewellery opens endless avenues for chic designs. And 18 Karat jewellery has already earned great fervor for its glam factor and quality.

With all the hype 18 Karat gold jewellery is enjoying nowadays, one actually wonders why it walks away with bulk of the googly-eyed attention. 18K basically means there are 18 out of 24 units are gold – 75% gold. So, it does come within affordable price range, compared to 22K and 24K. One thing that made cool belles fall in love with this alloy is its subtler and softer coloring – a deep pleasant hue that blends in with the workwear rather than stand out gaudily. So, jewellery too plays a part whether we dress for a purpose or not, and it is not necessary to have a purpose to don gold, right?

Donning 18 Karat diamond jewellery in day to day lives, today’s forthright womenfolk are going for the naturally attention-calling rather than attention-seeking items. There’s an staunch desire to work hard and do well in life, not taking anything for granted. Women buy their own jewellery today. As a matter of fact, a well-chosen 18K piece can bring out the real you in what you call effortless elegance. A gentle pendent adorning the mid-night black dress or a sleek pair of earrings that accentuate your presence! Indeed, accessorizing is an art. Something more than owning valuables.

Trendy jewellery doesn’t mean making ‘trend-of-the-moment’ designs that may probably make you regret buying them. How sad would it be to look at them after 2 years and sigh – “I wish I hadn’t spent so much on this.” Customers should be able to look at it with fondness ten years down the line too. Even the bigger, more opulent pieces have a touch of pragmatism. Yet, if you look at popular fine gold items, they are lovely, arty and gracefully edgy, taking pride in flaunting individuality and individual style statement. They can be as classic as black dress with silver earrings or white top with blue denims. Always in!

When Melorra Fashions Magic with 18 Karat

Melorra’s 18 Karat jewellery pieces are among most sought after by college goers, young professionals, homemakers and retirees. It is all about exhibiting fine jewellery that resonates with modern women – feminine, sophisticated yet casual enough for a walk in the park. Melorra also has thematic ornaments that are quirky or talisman-like – sometimes in the shape of an owl or a violin or a four-leaf clovers that swing gently from a slim chain. Their impressive display in endless scroll-down online shows that jewellery is coming out its loud and fussy mold. It has become something that you need not take off (ever), can shower in or sleep in.

Melorra’s 18K collection have items that cost below Rs. 10,000. It ranges from quite an opening price point to something far superior. So, Melorra does address a diverse and vast group. Some of the pieces include a deep gold amulet with tiny stars hanging from it, a ring highlighted with a tiny pavé diamond stone, a pair of oversized round earrings. They may vary in depth and size, there was a lucidity to the panache, celebrating everyday wear. What better thing to blow your paycheck on? The pieces have an identity - they reflect independence, ambition and self-worth – everything contemporary women stands for. Yet, Melorra doesn’t rest on its current popularity. Because there are still miles to go.

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