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How to Prevent Scratches on Your Solitaire Diamond?

Diamonds and solitaires are precious; they bring in the sense of achievement and elegance with themselves, which remains unrivalled by any other precious material found on Earth. If even a slight scratch becomes visible on its surface, the damage to the stone as well as your beloved jewellery piece is beyond comprehensible. Hence, we bring you a detailed guide on how you can keep wearing your engagement solitaire rings and other solitaire jewellery items daily, without inflicting any damage to them.

The guide will cover the basics of avoiding scratches on solitaire jewellery pieces, especially solitaire engagement rings, which are a prized possession of every woman. It will also encompass a few tips that you could follow to prevent any mishaps from happening to all your solitaire accessories. In case you own diamond jewellery items that are not studded with solitaire, we recommend you to go throughout guide on how to prevent scratches on diamond accessories. All the while, you can also browse through the guide on the difference between diamonds jewellery and solitaire jewellery before you continue with understanding how to prevent and care for your solitaire rings and jewellery items.

What Can Cause Scratches on Your Solitaire Diamond Rings?

Several items and daily use are the basic and primary cause for developing scratches on solitaire diamonds. Although these precious stones are toughest ever natural mineral known to humans, they are susceptible to damage and fine scratches after being cut, shaped, and moulded for jewellery making. In the case of solitaire, finger ring designs are famous among women and men alike, thereby placing a tremendous burden on keeping them safe. For a diamond necklace, solitaire earrings designs, and even solitaire pendants and nose-pins aren’t as exposed to damage as rings are. Hence, keeping the solitaire jewellery designs items for females away from exposing damage as per their delicate nature is essential.

·         A diamond can scratch another diamond when stored together

·         A diamond ring could receive scratches if exposed to hard surfaces around the house while cleaning or travelling or doing some other work

·         Although rare, diamond necklaces, earrings, and even loose diamond stones can get scratches if they are stored with other diamond jewellery pieces

Tips to Avoid Scratches on Your Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement rings are an essential and treasured part of every woman’s life. They not only cherish it with their life but also aspire to keep the diamond stone clean and shiny for years and years to come. But it is easy to keep the diamond stone ring clean but difficult to prevent it from outside damage inflicted in it through scratches. Here are a few tips on how you can avoid scratches on your diamond engagement ring designs:

·         Try avoiding storing any diamond stone, loose or in-jewellery, to prevent scratches. We recommend that you keep the diamond in the same box you bought it as it would help to avoid any misshape.

·         We also suggest that you remove diamond rings, diamond bangles, and diamond bracelets while cleaning the house, travelling, or doing any other chore that might result in even one scratch on the diamond surface.

·         Another one of our suggestions is to completely avoid keeping diamond stones with any other type of jewellery, be it gold or gemstone. You should also ensure to wear bead-less or stone-studded attire that might damage your diamond pendant or necklace. We suggest that you confirm the gold price today per gram before investing in it. You can then shop for coins in gold with price as well. 

·         In terms of diamond stone earrings, they are difficult to get scratch as they hardly come in contact with other surfaces.

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