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How to Prevent Scratches on Your Diamond?

Diamonds are the hardest precious material available on Earth. However, that does not mean that they are indestructible. Although tough, diamond stones are fragile and prone to scratches when they are polished and cut to the desired shape. In their rough nature, diamonds do make up for the toughest precious material, but the same is not the case after they are cut, polished, and used in a jewellery set. Hence, this guide brings you ways to avoid any type of scratch that might destroy your diamond jewellery design or even loose diamond stones.

After you get over with reading this guide, you will understand what can cause diamonds to get scratches and how such instances can be avoided. This guide will also help you to understand what you can do in case the diamond stone you wear already has visible scratches on its surface.

What Can Scratch a Diamond?

Several materials could result in the diamond rock getting scratches in its surface. While these precious stones would not go as far as breaking down, they would undoubtedly loose their shine and bling if even a single scratch becomes visible on the surface. Here are all the items and thing or your actions while wearing the jewellery piece could result in getting scratches on the diamond surface:

·         A diamond can scratch another diamond

·         A diamond ring could receive scratches if exposed to hard surfaces while house cleaning or travelling or doing some other work

·         Although rare, diamond necklaces, earrings, and even loose diamond stones can get scratches if they are stored with other diamond jewellery pieces

How to Prevent Scratches on Diamond?

The answer simples; avoid storing any diamond stone, loose or in-jewellery, to prevent scratches. We recommend that you keep the diamond in the same box you bought to avoid any misshape from happening.

We also suggest that you remove diamond rings, diamond bangles, and diamond bracelets while cleaning, travelling, or any other chore that might result in even one scratch on the diamond surface.

Another one of our suggestions is to completely avoid keeping diamond stones with any other type of jewellery, be it gold or gemstone. You should also ensure to wear bead-less or stone-studded attire that might damage your diamond pendant or necklace.

In terms of diamond stone earrings, they are difficult to get scratch as they hardly come in contact with other surfaces.

What to Do if Your Diamond Gets Scratches?

There might be the possibility that your diamond could have scratches before you got to know how to prevent those. In such case, here are a few tips on what you can do to if your loose diamond or diamond jewellery already has scratches in its surface:

·         Avoid wearing the diamond jewellery till you show it a gemologist or get it fixed

·         Talk to your jeweller or retailer about repairing the diamond

·         Consider the repair value and replace value before you decide on one. If the diamond stone is small, then the repair value would be greater than the replacement value. In this case, replacing the diamond is the right choice.

·         Talk to the jeweller, retailer, or the gemologist about how to avoid further damage to the diamond stone.

There are chances that a diamond could get scratches or even chipped. The only solution to avoiding such problems is to clean the stone regularly and check the setting and prongs in place every six months or so.

If you still have doubts about what to do if and when your diamond gets a visible scratch on the surface, we suggest calling the experts at Melorra. They will help you through the process of clearing your doubts and taking care of your diamond stone and jewellery items.

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