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Tips to Choose a Solitaire Ring

For centuries, solitaire rings are a symbol of love, and their status hasn't changed even one bit. The first-ever known exchange of engagement ring dates back to 1477 when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria was promised to be wed to Mary of Burgundy. Ever since then, solitaire diamond rings are popular among masses to proclaim their love for their partner. 

Seeing the increase in usage of solitaire diamonds as engagement rings, even retailers and jewellers have begun to come up with creatives and designs that are modern but still include a touch of history. You can even find several modern and trendy solitaire ring designs on Melorra as per your budget and jewellery taste. But we know that wanting a solitaire ring to propose to your partner, and actually finalizing a ring are two different things. That is why we have come up with this guide to help you pick up a solitaire ring for your partner without stressing.

What is a Solitaire Diamond?

What comes to your mind when we say a solitaire ring? Most probably, you would think about a diamond ring that resembles an engagement ring, and for you, engagement rings are the jewellery items that you have mostly seen on television. We are here to tell you that you're right, but there's a lot more.

Here are all the things you need to know about solitaire diamonds before buying one:

  • Solitaire is a single diamond stone or gemstone fitted on a jewellery set
  • The jewellery set could be yellow gold, white gold, or even platinum
  • The choice of jewellery setting depends upon the 4Cs of diamonds so that the brilliance and sparkle of the stone is not lost among the shine of the ring
  • Solitaire diamonds are not always fitted on a ring. You could also buy solitaire diamond pendants that feature a sole diamond stone hanging from a gold or silver chain
  • You can also buy a solitaire diamond earrings jewellery with one diamond per earring
  • Basically, the idea behind designing a solitaire diamond jewellery is to highlight the beauty and sparkle of the diamond stone without diminishing the jewellery setting shine

That means solitaire jewelery is only good as the diamond stone studded in it. So, here are all the factors that you must consider and look upon before buying a solitaire ring or jewellery.

Factors to Focus on While Choosing a Solitaire Diamond

When it comes to selecting a solitaire for your loved one, it all boils down to quality and brilliance of the diamond stone. While all the diamonds may look similar to you, they are very different when seen from the eye of an expert. Here are all the things you must focus before finalizing the engagement ring:

  • Cut - the shape of the solitaire diamond greatly impacts a stone's price as well as beauty. If you go through the Diamond Cut guide of Melorra, then you'll get to know how the cut is the most significant among the 4Cs of the diamond. A diamond can be cut and polished in several shapes, such as the oval, emerald, pear, cushion, and princess; the better a cut, the more brilliant a diamond. So, we suggest that you must always look for the best solitaire diamond cut before you finalize the carat and colour.
  • Clarity - you must know that diamonds contain external and internal impurities that affect its clarity to a great extent, but not all of these irregularities are visible to the naked eye. However, the price of the diamond steeps down drastically due to such imperfections. Thus, you can pick out a solitaire diamond that might contain invisible impurities within your budget. Go through our Diamond Clarity guide to know more about the grading diamond stones, which could help you figure out your own choice.
  • Colour - diamonds are naturally occurring stones, and they do not have one specified shade. While colourless diamonds are popular among the consumer masses, there are several shades of stones that are famous as well. You can check out the colour shades of solitaire in our Diamond Color guide, and choose your solitaire jewellery wisely. The shades of the diamond also determine the jewellery setting of the item. A colourless diamond would look perfect on white gold, while a diamond with a little hint of yellow might look perfect on yellow gold.
  • Carat - lastly, focus on the weight of the diamond stone. You might think that a heavier stone will cost you more, but that is not always true. A diamond's price is calculated based on all of its 4Cs, and carat only contributes a little. So, you might be able to pay less for a heavier diamond if you make the right choice. These diamond buying tips might come handy to you.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Solitaire Diamond

  • Never overlook the brand you're buying the diamond from. Many big brands and retailers have made their way into the hearts of consumers by providing authentic diamond jewellery at the right price. Trust the reviews.
  • Do not go shopping for the world's precious stone without any research. Melorra has several guides for you to understand the intricacies of a diamond and its market cost. Go through all that information to understand what factors influence diamond buying.
  • Always ask for documents and certifications that prove that you're buying a real diamond and not a fake one. Every time you shop at Melorra, we provide IGI certificate and other documents that prove we only use high-grade diamonds for our jewellery designs.
  • If possible, take the advice of an expert who knows diamonds, in and out. You can contact our team for expert advice on diamond and jewellery shopping if you are not sure how to pick a diamond with the most brilliance at less price.

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