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Detailed Guide to Buying a Solitaire

They say that solitaire is every girl's dream, but they often fail to mention that choosing a solitaire is a guy's worst nightmare. Not only are most of them less or misinformed about the beautiful solitaire jewellery, but their heads are also filled with all these questions that only an expert knows the answer to. And more often than not, people lack the connection and knowledge to reach a jewellery expert and ask them the right questions about buying a solitaire ring for their partner. With this guide, you won't have to worry.

At Melorra, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate you on buying a solitaire without breaking your head or pulling out your hair. This guide explains the A to Z of buying a solitaire along with a few extra tips on the mistakes you must avoid while doing the diamond jewellery purchasing.
But first, let's start with the main character of this play: solitaire.

What is Solitaire?

One of the common misconceptions around buying diamond jewellery and solitaire is thinking that both are same; when in fact, they are different in jewellery making terms. 
A diamond is a naturally occurring precious stone that is cut, polished, and set on different types of jewellery sets to make pendants, bangles, rings, and earrings. On the other hand, a solitaire is a single diamond or gemstone without any side or accompanying stone.

Take, for example, the Fab Facet diamond ring on Melorra has tiny, little diamond stones clubbed together to make the jewellery, whereas the One Love solitaire ring has only one diamond stone studded on a gold finger ring. 

Naturally, both are diamonds, but solitaire is the term given to denote jewellery that contains a single rock-studded any kind of jewellery set.

Solitaires are not Just Rings!

Another misconception around solitaire jewellery is that all of them are only rings. When someone says that they're looking to buy a diamond, people automatically assume that it's a ring. But to your surprise, solitaires are more than just ring jewellery!

While solitaire rings are the most popular solitaire jewellery given their symbolism as love accessories, there are several other solitaire ornaments that have made their way into the heart of jewellery lovers. 
Let's begin with solitaire pendants! A chain with a single diamond stone is not easily seen at many events and functions, but they do make a good ornament for minimal accessorizing. You can find various solitaire pendant designs on Melorra.

There are even solitaire earrings and nose pins that are famous among women. Solitaire earrings for women are often the next in line in terms of popularity. You can find a few stylish and trendy solitaire earring designs on our website. And to better understand the pricing of these solitaire diamond jewellery, go through our guide on diamond buying and pricing.
In our opinion, solitaire jewellery is more than just rings, and if you're looking for an accessory to add a diamond to your look, then going with a solitaire earring or a pendant will give you a trendy but minimal look.

What to Look for While Buying a Solitaire?

Till now, we have been learning about all the types of solitaire jewellery that you might like to add to your box of accessories. But before you pick a design and go ahead with adding it to your cart and buying it, remember to look for these factors: 4Cs of a diamond.
In one of our guide, we described how a diamond and its eternal beauty is determined by the 4Cs that impact its brilliance and sparkle; the same is true for solitaire as well.

4Cs of a Solitaire

Cut: The most significant of the 4Cs, the cut impacts the solitaire's value to a great extent. If you're looking for the brightest, most beautiful solitaire jewellery either for yourself or your loved one, then always enquire about the solitaire cut or its shape before finalizing the design.

Colour: After cut, colour is another factor that impacts a solitaire's value as well as its jewellery set. Naturally occurring diamonds have different hues, but the coloured or faint colour stones are a popular choice for jewellery making and designing. Make sure to pick out a solitaire diamond that has less to no visible hue in it.

Clarity: Just like natural diamonds have different shades; they also have several imperfections that affect the aesthetic appearance of the stone. The internal imperfections are called inclusions, while the external ones are called blemishes. Again, not all diamonds have irregularities that are visible to the naked eye. So, you can pick a solitaire that might have these invisible imperfections and manage to get a good price on it.

Carat: Lastly, the size of the diamond determines the value of the jewellery you're buying. The only mention of a carat is to impact the solitaire jewellery market value and its appearance (only a little) based on the above 3 Cs.

For a more detailed analysis of the solitaire and the above factors, you can read our guide on Tips to Choose Solitaire Jewellery.

Take the Jewellery Set in Account

Solitaire diamonds are the highlight of any jewellery set they mount. The concept of solitaire only became popular due to its design that puts emphasis on the single precious stone. And that should be your reason to focus on the jewellery set so that it does not overcome the brilliance of the stone. For instance, if a single diamond stone with faint yellow tint was to mounted on a yellow gold jewellery set, the whole purpose of highlighting the diamond goes to vain.

A solitaire can have different jewellery set as per their usage, but then choosing the right one is essential. In a few instances, you can go for a coloured diamond stone studded in white gold or rose gold jewellery set. On another instance, you can pick out a jewellery set of yellow gold that compliments the light or slightly colour diamond stone. 

The right choice of jewellery set also differs from one person's choice to another, and we recommend that you contact an expert before making the final decision.
Also, ensure that the size of the diamond fits perfectly in the set and does not seem to bulge out in appearance. 

Now that you know the particulars of buying solitaire jewellery, here are a few common mistakes that you must steer clear off while making a choice.

Mistakes to Avoid During Solitaire Jewellery Shopping

Always ask for certification
Often shoppers forget to ask for documents and certifications that prove that the diamond they're buying is an authentic natural precious stone and approved by GIA and other diamond authorizing agencies. It will not only ensure that your buy is original but also gives you the power to question the seller if you find any defects in the stone's appearance afterwards.

Do your research
Buying diamond jewellery is an investment of a lifetime, and you don't want to be duped or wronged the first time you go to buy a diamond accessory. That is why always research before you finalize the diamond jewellery design. Either ask a friend who already owns a diamond or Google about the questions that pop up in your mind or call an expert for opinion, but do your research first and buy the item later.

Opt for a reputed and branded seller
 As much as you're excited to own your first diamond jewellery, we recommend that you only opt for stores and sellers who have a good name and reputation in the market. Go online and read the customer reviews of the store or e-commerce jewellery website to better understand their services. Research about their customer support and after delivery support before placing the order.
And we assure you that Melorra has made sure to accommodate all the necessary customer requirements and questions into account and made our services better than ever. 

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