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Different Types of Solitaire Jewellery Designs

When we say solitaire, what picture comes to your mind? Is it of a beautiful finger ring with a single studded diamond stone that catches everyone’s attention? Or is it of a simple yet attractive solitaire ring that can be worn daily? If the word ‘solitaire’ only brings up the images of a ring in your mind, then you’re missing on quite a number of jewellery items. And you’re not alone.

On average, every person had associated solitaire only with ring jewellery at least once in their lifetime. While it is true that solitaire diamond rings are vastly popular, having a misconception only leads to you missing on other potential jewellery designs of solitaire. With this guide, we attempt to drive away those misbelieves, and show you a whole lot of models of solitaire jewellery that are not rings.

Why is Solitaire Diamond Linked with Rings?

There are several reasons as to why a solitaire diamond stone is popularly associated with rings more than other jewellery types. One of them is the link between solitaire and wedding rings. Since we can remember, the gesture of professing one’s love always begins with a solitaire ring. Although the basis behind such a proposal is to offer your loved one the best engagement ring, the origin is only from an advertisement that was run years ago by De Beers. In an attempt to increase their diamond sales and attract potential customers, they ran a campaign where diamond rings were regarded as the epitome of professing one’s love. And since then, people began to associate solitaire with love and engagement rings.

Now, there is nothing wrong with solitaire being linked solely with rings. The downside only appears when you start to miss out on other amazing solitaire jewellery pieces.

Solitaire Jewellery Designs: More than Just Rings!

If solitaire diamond stones are your favourite, then you must look beyond just owning a ring. There are several jewellery items in the realm of solitaire that are not rings. But before you dive deeper into the different types of solitaire jewellery, we recommend that you take a look at our guide that explains about the solitaire diamond and the difference between solitaire and a diamond.

Moving ahead, these are all the types of solitaire jewellery available on Melorra that are not rings:

Solitaire Earrings

If you went through the above-mentioned guides, then you would know that a solitaire diamond is a single stone studded into any jewellery piece. The same is true for a pair of solitaire earrings as well. While there would be two pieces of earrings, each of them would consist of a single diamond stone (two diamonds in total).

Similar to a solitaire ring, the earrings can be made of gold (yellow, rose, or white) or platinum with solitaires studded in them. We advice you to check the current gold rate before buying.

Solitaire Pendants

Many people often go for jewellery sets, which consist of necklaces with a similarly designed pair of earrings, and can do that with solitaire jewellery as well. You can pair a solitaire pendant with the above-mentioned solitaire earrings and elevate your entire look by multiple times because as a complete set, pendants and earrings would definitely brighten up any sober look without making it appear extravagant and out of place.

Solitaire Nose Pins

Not a very popular option, but solitaire nose pins are also gaining gradual attraction among women. These nose rings are perfect for small events that are of traditional nature, and can even be worn on a daily basis if you’re comfortable with wearing nose pins. The solitaire studded in the nose pins only makes the jewellery more desirable for, rather than an accessory with no value to add to the wearer. Moreover, a solitaire nose ring would blend well with your other diamond jewellery, making you look like a diva in the event or function you’re attending.

Melorra Has All

Yes, at Melorra, all of these different solitaire jewellery designs are available on the website. You can browse through several solitaire models, and pick the ones that better serve your demands. 

We hope to have cleared any confusion you might have with solitaire jewellery. But if you’re still at the edge, then we recommend you contact our customer service team for further clarification:

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