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Taking Care of Your Gold Jewellery

Being a timeless accessory, there is nothing like the sparkle and sheen of gold jewellery. And due to its elegance, we love to wear it on special events as well as every day! Your gold pieces won't tarnish or corrode when left on their own. However, with regular use, your gold jewellery can eventually accumulate a film of soap, body oils, and even grease. So, over time, it's natural for them to lose their shine and fade. Taking proper care of your precious gold jewellery pieces can ensure an increase in their lifespan, keeping them glittering for a more extended period.

Be it yellow, white or rose gold; caring for your gold means maintaining your jewellery even when you're not wearing it and often cleaning it to remove regular build-up and occasional tarnish. Read the tips below to learn on how to take care of your gold jewellery at home:

1. Check them Often

You may be wearing your gold rings, gold earrings, gold chains and gold bangles or bracelets daily or weekly and might overlook the fact that they need some deep cleaning. It is good to inspect your jewellery every 5 to 6 months and check if they need any cleaning or appropriate polishing. If you wear them regularly, then make sure you check them more often for any dirt or grease build-up. 

Another right way to maintain your gold is by buffing it occasionally. Gently rubbing the surface of the gold piece using a soft cloth from time to time can help restore its shine right away, without a need to clean it further.

2. Wear them Properly

To maintain your jewellery, you need to wear it properly and make sure you don't ruin it with regular use. For those pieces that you wear daily like rings, chains, bangles; it is best to remove them before taking a shower or washing dishes and clothes. The contact with soap, detergent and chemicals can dull the metal, resulting in the need for more frequent cleaning. Always remember to take them off before going into a hot tub or swimming pool. Pool water contains chlorine, and like other chemicals, it can permanently discolour gold. 

Put your party jewellery on only once you are ready. The direct exposure to lotions, perfumes, hairspray, makeup or any other liquids can build up residue and particles causing some severe damage to the metal.

3. Store them Well

Keep your gold jewellery as safe as possible not only because they are valuable but also because they need to be stored properly to avoid scratches or chemical contact. Never store your gold jewellery pieces with artificial jewellery. As gold is a soft metal, it can get easily scratched or bend out of shape. 

To prevent scratches and tangles, keep your pieces separately on velvet-lined trays, in boxes with compartments, or small zippered plastic bags or cloth pouches. If you don't have enough space to put them individually, try wrapping each piece in a soft cloth or cotton. To prevent gold chains or bracelets from getting tangled, hang them if possible.

4. Keep them Away from Chemicals

Chemical can directly ruin your gold without a doubt. Even simple daily use chemicals like hairspray, perfume, cosmetics and more can discolour the precious metal. They can also damage the studded stones such as pearls. Make sure to apply perfume or makeup on areas without the jewellery. It is advisable not to keep your precious jewellery on the dressing table where you keep your makeup, lotions, creams or oils; not even for some time before wearing them. Also, keep your studded gold pieces away from too much heat and light.

5. Clean them Frequently

Cleaning is an essential part when it comes to taking care of gold jewellery. Cleaning them often will reduce any build-up and grime, keeping your jewellery sparkling yearlong. To carefully clean your gold pieces at home, soak them in a solution of some gentle dish soap and warm water. After soaking for 15-20 mins, remove and rinse them with clean water. Then use a soft cloth to dry. Avoid using tissue paper or hard material which can damage and scratch the metal surface. Allow each piece to thoroughly dry on a soft towel before you wear or store them.
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