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Things to Check While Buying Gold Bangles

Bangles are not only considered to be pieces of jewellery for Indian women, but they have traditional emotions attached to them. Married women have been adorning these beautiful wrist charmers since decades and have taken their styles a long way till now. Out of all other designs, the classic gold bangles have been part of every family, be it for wedding rituals or as family heirloom jewellery. Gold bangles nowadays are available in a variety of styles, designs and types, and women are no longer sticking to the classic round shapes too. But in a country where buying gold is both an investment and a culture, how to be double sure about buying the best gold bangles for yourself! Here, in this guide, we have lined up the things you need to know before you buy a pair of precious gold bangles for your daily use or to gift your daughter on her wedding. 

Check the Gold Purity

Out of all other things you need to check before buying gold bangles from store or online, the essential one would its purity. It’s gold we are talking about, so you would want to purchase the best gold at the best price, right! Firstly, check the current gold rate of the day you are buying. It is better to know the gold rate to cross-check the honest pricing of your gold jewellery. Then check the purity of your gold bangles. They are usually made of solid gold or gold plated, ask about that too. Bangles cannot be made of 24 karat gold, as it is too soft and flexible. And anything below 14 karats can trigger skin irritation as they are mixed with alloys. 14K gold is 58.3% pure gold, and the rest is made up of alloy usually composed of copper, silver, nickel, zinc, or iron. These metals can result in causing skin irritation or allergies if worn daily. Gold bangles of 14K or less can also tarnish quickly over time.

You can go for 14K gold bangles if you plan to wear them occasionally for parties or festivals. The best options for daily wear gold bangles are 18K and 22K. 18 Karat gold bangles contain 75% pure gold, which means it has more content of gold than 14K and hence doesn’t irritate the skin. 22K gold bangles are the best choice having the highest pure gold amount. These are perfect to wear every day and can be worn multiple times at weddings or other occasions without worrying about any skin allergies. So, it would be best if you chose wisely and according to your usage plans. And don’t forget to check for the BIS Hallmark to confirm the purity of your bangles. Usually, it is stamped on the inner side of a bangle. 

Choose the Type

Next step is to decide which type of bangles you want to buy and in which style. Gold bangles come in a variety of added materials. For example - gold bangles studded with diamonds; gold bangles studded with gems like emeralds, rubies or pearls; gold bangles with both diamonds and gems; and plain gold bangles. Plain solid gold bangles are apt for daily wear if you want to wear them all the time like gold chains. Intricate pieces with diamonds and gems are an excellent pair-up for parties and special occasions. 

Minimal styles of gold bangles with dainty diamonds or gemstone are the perfect add-on for formal or casual wear. They can be worn with jeans, dresses, jumpsuits and blazers too. These type of minimal designs often work like bracelets when clubbed with watches and worn with western outfits. Also, there exists a variety of styles apart from the classic round one. You can pick another geometric shape or an oval bangle, or go for cuff styles or open-top ones. There are even gold bangles that have an opening mechanism or cuffs that can be adjusted according to your size. Some of the latest styles also include half bangle half bracelet style which takes the classic bangle fashion to a whole new level. 

Select the Design

After you have decided on a style, choose the design that you would want to flaunt on various occasions. While doing so, always keep in mind the purpose of your gold bangle shopping. Ask yourself, why are you buying this gold bangle? Is it for daily use or occasional wear! Will you wear it to the office or just when you go out with friends or family! Pick the design according to the occasion. If you wish to buy a pair of gold bangles to pair up with your lehenga for a friend’s wedding, then go for intricate ones with diamond or gemstones. 

And if you are going to wear them regularly then go for a minimal and sleek design in plain gold. You can choose other gold colours like rose gold or white gold if you do not want to buy in yellow gold. If you need a pair of trendy bangles to flaunt at cocktail parties as well as office meetings, then go for minimal yet stylish gold bangles that match the latest fashion trends. Open top ones are fun to wear too without worrying about the size. 

Some More Tips

Apart from the things covered above, we also have some additional tips for you to keep in mind before buying gold bangles. 

-         It is always recommended to buy bangles that are a bit larger (1/2 to 3/4 inches) than the size of your wrist. That way it won’t be difficult for you to wear them. 
-         If you are buying online and confused about your size for bangles, go for the open-top ones. They are adjustable and comes in free-size.
-         If you want to buy diamond bangles for regular wear, make sure that the diamonds are of higher quality and grade. Choose a setting that is durable and not too complex.
-         While picking bangle designs and metal colour, keep in mind that a good design will attract more attention, but the colour should complement your skin tone too. 
-         While purchasing gold bangles, make sure to get an appropriate storing box for the same. A soft and decent quality box would keep the bangles safe from damage.