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Zodiacal Gemstones - Gems as per Zodiac Signs

Gemstones take us into a sparkling world of colours but are more than just pretty trinkets. These natural beauties, found across the earth surface or in depths of it, not only make for beautiful stone jewellery or jewelled ornaments but also are believed to have powers like healing, protecting, etc.

These precious gems are as beautiful as they are wonderfully symbolic. You can wear them to believe they would bring you luck, or you can just wear them to admire the way they twinkle. It is quite common to gift a gemstone necklace, or gemstone earring or other gemstone jewellery pieces to your friends or special ones on their birthdays or other milestones. And for those who love to wear finger rings adorned with a shining stone, gemstone rings are a popular choice not only for women but for men as well. Precious gemstone engagement and wedding rings, too, are the go-to choices for gem lovers while looking for some unique and off-beat options.

Zodiacal or Zodiac gemstones are stones based on your Zodiac Sign or Rashi, and just like month-wise birthstones, every zodiac sign has one or more gemstones associated with it. They are also known as Astral stones, derived from Astrology and has been an essential part of various beliefs since ancient times. The fundamental assumption is that a person’s Astrological sign is linked to one gemstone (or more) on earth that enables him to awaken his hidden power. Gems are also known to have protecting and healing properties to benefit the mind and body of a person. Here is a list of the gemstones associated with all the zodiac signs and their respective benefits or meanings.

Aquarius - Garnet

Time Frame: Jan 21 - Feb 18 

Aquarians are said to be free-spirited creative thinkers and philosophers who want to change the world. Packed with ideas and passion, they can sometimes get carried away. Garnet can help bring them back with sensuality and general vitality. Aquarians are friendly and humanitarian as well as honest and loyal, and garnet stabilizes both relationships and emotions. The gemstone is said to help those who are inventive, independent and intellectual, and it also promotes success in business and improves professional prospects.

Pisces - Amethyst

Time Frame: Feb 19 - Mar 20

People with the sign Pisces are hyper-sensitive and energy-absorbent and hence can significantly benefit from the amethyst gem. The stone is said to repel vibrations that the body does not need. It is also useful for the ones who are imaginative and sensitive, as it helps to calm both the mind and the nervous system. Due to this, amethyst is often called "nature's tranquilizer," and helps in releasing tension and soothing anxiety while supporting emotional stability. The gem also guides one to be compassionate and kind while being sympathetic. Amethyst also improves psychic abilities and spiritual awareness, and often considered as an excellent meditation gemstone.

Aries – Bloodstone/ Diamond

Time Frame: Mar 21- Apr 20

Aries are ambitious, enthusiastic and fearless, and excel in everything they do. People born under this sign have a lot of passion and mental strength, which make them great leaders. The gem bloodstone associated with this sign helps the wearer to stay energetic and confident. The stone signifies courage, dynamic nature and quick-wittedness. Some also associate diamonds with Aries. The hardest of all gems, diamonds carry masculine energy, evoking the inner warrior and helps one to pursue their goals and persevere in challenging times. Considered to be the stone of innocence and purity, it is also a symbol of wealth and can help one attract abundance in all areas of life.

Taurus - Sapphire

Time Frame: Apr 21 - May 21

The zodiac signs Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and people born under this sign love luxury and the more beautiful things. They enjoy the feeling of being pampered but are also career-driven and will work tirelessly to achieve their goals for a comfortable life. The gemstone associated with Taurus is sapphire. Sapphires are a symbol of honesty, purity and trust. This gem helps the wearer to become more reliable, patient and determined. It is also believed to protect the wearer from envy and greediness.

Gemini - Agate

Time Frame: May 22 - Jun 21

People born under Gemini are usually mentally active (or sometimes hyperactive) and therefore can benefit from the grounding and calming influence of this gemstone agate. People under this sign are adaptable and versatile, which is why agate can help them enhance courage and vitality while protecting from energy drains and stress. It is suggested to wear or carry agate when someone needs to make an important decision. This gem will help sharpen their sight, stimulate their intellect and dispel fears.

Cancer - Emerald

Time Frame: Jun 22 - Jul 22

Cancerians are intuitive and can read energies, within a room full of people or that of a single person. They are also reserved as well as imaginative, and they often hide their real side with gifted personalities from the outside world. They are emotional and sympathetic too. For those who are attracted to material things, wearing an emerald can assist them in letting go of these attachments and lead to the appreciation of more meaningful experiences.

Leo - Onyx

Time Frame: Jul 23 - Aug 22

The zodiac sign Leo is represented by the king of the jungle – the lion. Leos are vivacious and passionate, and for this reason, their gemstone is onyx. They are also naturally creative, and onyx provides added inspiration. Onyx gemstones help them to become more generous and broad-minded. It is also a symbol of love and faithfulness. The gem is said to strengthen one’s ability to manifest in goals and attract abundance and prosperity in one’s life.

Virgo - Carnelian

Time Frame: Aug 23 - Sept 22

Those people born under the zodiac sign Virgo are known to be meticulous and practical. They are renowned perfectionists who always analyze and plan everything down to the last detail. The gemstone for this sign is carnelian. Since Virgos are prone to anxiety or worry, populating the mind with distractions and unproductive thoughts, this gem is particularly useful for them. It helps them become more practical and analytical. Also known as a stone of motivation and endurance, Carnelians are believed to protect and inspire.

Libra - Peridot

Time Frame: Sept 23 - Oct 23

People born under the sign Libra are said to be artistic and tasteful. Their eye for symmetry makes them lovers of exquisite design, and hence peridot is the gemstone for them. They are also generous, easy-going and socially active and try not to upset the balance and harmony of situations. Peridot gives the wearer idealistic and influential powers. The stone is also the perfectly-unique gemstone to celebrate one’s individuality and creative mind.

Scorpio - Beryl

Time Frame: Oct 24 - Nov 22

People born under Scorpio are very intuitive and good readers of people. They are passionate and determined in their intentions, and they often expect the same sureness of others. The gemstone for this zodiac sign is beryl which has several gemstone varieties including the well-known ones – emerald and aquamarine. This series of gems help Scorpios become more confident and enthusiastic. The gem aquamarine can soothe their intense emotions and neutralize the forces of darkness, bringing a sense of serenity, as well as clear perception to underlying feelings.

Sagittarius - Topaz

Time Frame: Nov 23 - Dec 21

Those born under the sign Sagittarius are highly creative and always curious. They love the adventure of any kind and are always ready to put themselves out front even if it means experiencing something new or exciting. People like them are warm, welcoming and friendly, always surrounded by adoring friends and lovers. Their gemstone, topaz, is thought to bring peace and prosperity to all Sagittarians. The gem also helps them stay optimistic, jovial, cheerful, honest and intellectual.

Capricorn - Ruby

Time Frame: Dec 22 - Jan 20

Capricorns are ambitious and disciplined. By improving confidence, courage and joy, ruby can balance their tendency towards negativity. Ruby's deep red colour fortifies the heart and ignites a love for self and others. Capricorn is known to be the hardest-working sign of all, and ruby is a great helper in restoring depleted energy and promoting vitality and strength. The gem is also said to increase generosity as well as attract abundance and prosperity into life.

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