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24 Common Gemstones and What Do They Signify

Gemstones have always been a part of myths and tales in human history. Some gems have been valued considering from past while some were only discovered recently. Some are believed to have exclusive powers, while all of them display a matchless beauty. Each gemstone is distinct with a unique colour, birthplace and meaning.

It is a belief that when you wear the proper gemstone, you get helped with your various problems in life. Let's have a look at the different types of gemstones available in the market to help you find your perfect gem and smoothen your life.


Also known as the magical gemstone, an alexandrite can change its colour as per the time when it is seen through. Outside in the day time, its colour is bluish with a mossy green effect. At night or inside in lamplight, it becomes a red gem with a warm raspberry colour. Initially discovered in Iraq Mountain in the year 1930, this gem is scarce and essential and is now available in Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa.
Significance: It strengthens instinct and imagination. Also helps to inspire creativity.
Birthstone Month: June


Due to its lovely colour and full accessibility in various shapes and sizes, amethyst is a gem which is very much favoured for being quite affordable. The brilliant colour tone of the gem is so attractive that it suits both warm and cool colours, matching with both yellow and white metals for jewellery. This one-of-a-kind capability makes this gem a must-have addition to your wardrobe while giving a stunning look to your personality
Significance: According to some ancient beliefs of the Greeks and Romans, this gem decreases the stimulating power of Bacchus and helps the owner to maintain a clear head and think for solutions in a better way.
Birthstone Month: February


The name itself quickly brings to mind the stunning pastel blue colour of the ocean. However, Aquamarines are found in various blue hues such as light pastel sky blue, greenish-blue or deep blue. Darker shades are very rare and subsequently, are more valuable. It is also considered to be a perfect gift for newly married couples as it is said to smoothen the relationship between two people.
Significance: This lovely gem signifies health, wealth, fidelity and hope. The colour of the gem also symbolizes life after death or immortality.
Birthstone Month: March


This radiating gem is known to be a gift from the sun. The name Citrine (French for "lemon"), fits well with its colour series of succulent lemon yellow to a bright orange-brown. Some of the most in-demand Citrine gems have a clear yellow to glowing brownish-red colour. It is one of the most affordable, widely available as well as popular gem found in various sizes and shapes, consisting of substantial dimensions. It makes an excellent gem for a big statement piece studded in gold.
Importance: It is believed to carry powers to protect against snake's venom and evil. It also is called the seller's stone and symbolizes success as well as prosperity.


Admired around the world for its sparkle, diamonds are the hardest of all gems. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, they look stunning when studded in gold, silver or platinum. They are said to have formed when the lightning struck the rocks and turned hard in the depths of the earth over a billion years ago.
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Significance: It symbolizes eternal love and desire, making it the most admired gift for couples or women.
Birthstone Month: April


One of the rarest found gemstones, the dazzling green colour of emerald makes it a wonderful gem for jewellery. The colour of the stone is actually dark green with a bluish hue. It is also believed that the ancient mummies were preserved with an emerald beside their neck to give them eternal youth.
Significance: It is considered to be a spring and Venus stone. It symbolizes love, rebirth and fertility.
Birthstone Month: May


Garnet is a unique stone available in many colours and therefore, is also known as a rainbow gem. It comes in colours like red, green, orange, pink, purple and is available in places like Russia, Africa, Sri Lanka, Namibia and Rhododendrons. Due to its vivid shades, it is often used as a gift.
Significance: It signifies protection as it helps to keep away nightmares and accidents while travelling.
Birthstone Month: January


Jade is said to be a royal gemstone as it was studded in the crowns of the emperors in the ancient times. It has actually been treasured as the royal gems in China since 2950 BC. The gem is recognized for its dazzling green hue and shimmery, smooth shapes but is also available in colours like lavender, yellow, pink, and white. One of the most common forms of jade is the flat, donut-shaped disc called a pi, which is generally worn as a pendant.
Significance: It is said to be a symbol of protection, fertility and prosperity.

Lapis Lazuli

The word lapis lazuli means blue stone. Also known as a royal stone, it was treasured in the old ages by the royals and has been revered for centuries. Available in two shades, sky blue and ocean blue, these gems attract you towards them by their charm of beauty.
Significance: It is believed that it keeps your limbs healthy and protects the soul from fear and envy.


With a crystal texture ranging from transparent to clear, moonstone is believed to have formed from the frozen moonlight. Among various colours varying from colourless to grey, brownish, yellow, green, peach, purple or pink; the moonstone with blue sheen colour is the perfect stone with utmost clarity and excellent quality. It is readily available in parts of India and Madagascar.
Significance: As per the colours, it symbolizes peace, wealth and fidelity.


With shades of this pink gem controlling the jewellery industry, Morganite is favoured by females of all age. Due to its dazzling radiance as well as soft colours like bright pink, peach, subtle lavender, hot fuchsia, it is often referred to as the rock of divine love. This gem radiates appeal and tenderness adding coolness to your look.
Significance: Due to its soothing effect, this gem symbolizes divinity, love, prosperity and charm.


Black never goes out of fashion, and nor does an onyx. This gem also comes in brown, red and white but is highly preferred in black. A selection that is reddish-brown with white and lighter reddish bands is known as sardonyx. Its appealing lavish black colour can be both traditional and modern, giving a classy look to the wearer.
Significance: It is said to protect the wearer from the evil and death mares.


Known as the queen of gems, opal includes the hues of all other stones giving out a unique rainbow colour. Some pick the calming flashes of blues and greens; others love the brilliance of red and yellow. The rare black opal is also a delicate stone preferred by most.
Significance: It symbolizes hope, innocence, purity, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence.
Birthstone Month: October

Paraiba Tourmaline

The oceans of Paraiba are the only place to find these stones. Hence they are most valuable and precious gems on the planet. Also, they are unique as these vibrant blue, and green shades are not found in any other gemstone worldwide.
Significance: It implies beauty, stability, spirituality, creativity and divine love.


Pearls are special, as they are the only gems developed within a living creature, the seashells. They are also referred to as the tears of Gods by Persians. They are the most adorable and expensive gemstones. Natural pearls are hard to obtain, and hence, cultured pearls are available in many gorgeous colours, from light cream, white to rose, lilac, green, gold, grey, and also black. They give a classic look to any jewellery piece.
Significance: It symbolizes wisdom, integrity, purity, spirituality, and feminine.
Birthstone Month: June


Peridot is one among few gemstones that exist in just a single colour, lime green. It is found in Pakistan, China, Myanmar and Arizona. Available in several shapes, this gem can take your jewellery collection to a whole new level. It is also affordable and readily available.
Significance: It is claimed to bring the user wonderful powers of healing and protection against nightmares.
Birthstone Month: August

Rubellite/ Tourmaline

Also known as red tourmaline, the colour of this gem is a combination of pink and red ruby. The gem shines similarly in both daylight and lamplight. It is believed to fuel the heart chakra and the root chakra of the human being as it is related to the earth and the heart.
Significance: It symbolizes perfection, passion, life and energy. It also brings emotional calmness and balance in life.


Considered as the king of all gems, ruby has always been the favourite of the royals in ancient times. The main attraction of this gem is the variety of colours it carries from purple-red to orange-red. Found in the valleys of Burma, Myanmar and Tanzania, it is one of the most valued gems and is generally used for creating gemstone jewellery of different shapes.
Significance: It represents passion, love, divinity, and courage. It is also said to bring good luck and fortune to the owner.
Birthstone Month: July


The stunning violet-blue gems are found at several places around the world, but the expensive ones are found in Myanmar, Kashmir and Sri Lanka. Sapphires come in various colours and shapes and are one of the few costly gems. They are perfect for an elegant look when studded in jewellery.
Significance: It symbolizes honesty, purity, trust and loyalty.
Birthstone Month: September


The brilliant red shade of spinels is similar to that of the ruby, which is why they are also known as the daughter of ruby. Rarely found, these gems come in different colours and textures and add a royal look to your jewellery. In addition to the gorgeous warm red tone, they come in hues of orange and pastel pink, along with purple.
Significance: It is believed to protect from harm, sadness and solve differences in relations.
Birthstone Month: August


Tanzanite is a unique gem that can only be found in one place on earth: the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. It is the only gem which is found in a velvety blue colour with a vibrant purple tone. These gems come in various shapes and hues and are favoured by many for jewellery.
Significance: This magical gem is said to provide energy to fight against the negative and also helps you to discover yourself.
Birthstone Month: December


Topaz has a mass appeal as it comes in yellow, brownish, honey, green, blue, red, pink as well as in transparent. The Imperial topaz that comes in a combination of orange and pink colour is the most expensive one. The stone looks fantastic when made into jewellery with gold and silver.
Significance: It is believed that this magical gem can heal and protect.
Birthstone Month: November


Known to be the robin's egg, the turquoise comes in crystal clear, transparent as well as in fresh and calm colours of blue or blue-green. These colour patterns are also called as a matrix when they give a design like a spider's web.
Significance: It is believed to have the power of healing and bringing prosperity, good luck, and wealth while protecting the user from evil eyes.
Birthstone Month: December


Zircon is the oldest jewel on the planet and found mostly in the crust. This rare gem is available in lovely colours like sea blue, green, red, yellow, brown, and orange. The dazzling blue zircon is the most popular one and also affordable, which is why it is highly favoured for gemstone jewellery.
Significance: It signifies prosperity, honour, self-respect and wisdom. It also helps to sleep peacefully without nightmares.
Birthstone Month: December

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