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Holistic Care for Your Diamond Jewellery

The first step to buying a diamond stone, loose or studded in a jewellery, is to check out its 4Cs. The next step is to know how would you take care of your purchase. Even though diamonds are one of the toughest precious material on Earth, they are still delicate and prone to scratches and breakage. In such case, the only thing to do after bringing home your favourite diamond jewellery is to look up the internet for different ways to care for your diamond jewellery.

However, before you dive into this guide that elaborates the different manners to diamond jewellery care, we recommend you to go through our guide on how to keep the diamond jewellery sparkly.

Keep the Diamond Clean

If you had gone through our guide on cleaning diamond stones, you would know that these delicate beauties require all the extra attention and care they could get during the wash time. The easiest way to wash off the dirt, oil, and other settled impurities on the surface of the diamond is to clean it using a lukewarm soapy water and wipe it with a soft cloth. Even the use a mixture of ammonia and water in the ratio 1:6 will do the trick and keep your diamonds shiny for days till the next cleaning session.

Additionally, we recommend that you avoid using any chemicals on the diamond as they may react or damage the precious stones. For thorough cleaning, always take it to the jeweller or gem cleaning expert.

Handling Your Diamond Jewellery Designs

Diamond stones are delicate as their edges and different cut patterns make them. While wearing or removing the jewellery item, ensure to hold them with the base or the jewellery edges. By that we mean to say that holding the jewellery via the diamond stone is not a good practice. Especially for diamond rings, use the circular band to hold the accessory. It will prevent the diamond setting and not make loose, while also reducing the natural finger oils from settling on the diamond surface. In case diamond earrings, bangles, and other jewellery items, simply handle them with care without putting much strain on the diamond setting.

However, the same cannot be done for loose diamond rocks as they need to be handled directly. Since there is no problem of hampering with the setting, only the finger oils would be the issue, which can be removed by a small cleaning session.

Protect Your Diamond Stone Jewellery

Ideally, diamonds are susceptible to a myriad of damages which can be reduced if they are protected rightly. Usually, the damage is caused by external chemical and abrasive solutions, such as perfume, body creams, hairspray, laundry detergent, and more. Exposure to such mixtures will only dull the shine of your favourite diamond accessory, which nobody wants. Hence, we suggest that you take off your jewellery before going about your business so as to minimize the risk of damaging the diamond rocks in any way possible.

We also recommend that you do not lift heavy items or do workout wearing diamond bracelets, rings, and bangles as it might cause harm to the surface and shine of the precious stone.

Store Your Diamond Delicately

Lastly, know when and where to perfectly store your diamond jewellery items so that all the damages described above can be put to rest. Also, while ensuring that the diamonds are fine, you need to make sure that they don’t damage other jewellery items. Therefore, storing them separately in their origin box is the right idea. Alternatively, you can keep the diamond items wrapped in a soft cloth inside a small pouch.

The importance of rightly storing the diamonds is not only to protect it from chemicals but also to save other gemstones jewellery pieces you might own. Alongside accessories, storing them anywhere near gold coins or even bars in not a good idea.

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Moreover, we also recommend you to keep checking gold rate per gram, if you’re shopping for diamond jewellery items that might come with gold base.