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Diamond Jewellery vs Loose Diamonds 

Let us come to the question directly; what do you prefer, diamond jewellery or loose diamonds? And why do you pick one over the other?

Although we cannot know your answers correctly, all we can do is assume. Our understanding is that people go for diamond stone jewellery pieces when just because they’re easy to buy, care for, and wear. On the other hand, buyers who prefer to shop for loose diamond might be looking for personalization in their choice of jewellery. They don’t want what is being sold to them; they wish to own what they want.

Both options have their pros and cons. For instance, if you are looking to buy your first diamond necklace or ring design, picking up a ready-made jewellery design is the best option. However, in case, you’re a pro at understanding different nuances of diamond and its characteristics, we suggest that you boldly go for loose diamonds. Also, if you’re searching for some guidance in buying loose diamonds, Melorra has your back.

But for the time being, we’ll focus on the differences between diamond jewellery and loose diamonds in this guide. We aim to help you understand how one is different from the other and ease your process of deciding on buying diamonds, be it a jewellery item or loose.

Diamond Jewellery

A jewellery design which is studded with diamond rocks is diamond jewellery. Of course, you already know it. But you must also know that diamond jewellery could have just diamonds, or it can have another precious material. For example, a diamond pendant can have gold parts in it as well. Furthermore, some jewellery items could have more than one diamond stone, while others might have a single diamond rock or solitaire diamond.

Pros of Buying Diamond Jewellery

·         You get latest designer diamond jewellery without breaking your head in the intricacies and characteristics of diamonds.

·         Trusted diamond jewellery will give you genuine diamond stone accessories which are certified by authentic agencies.

·         Picking up a diamond-studded ring or any other jewellery item would help you to start wearing it soon as you buy it.

·         You don’t need to choose jewellery setting, diamond’s 4Cs, and other factors as you get the ready-made product of latest design shipped to you.

Cons of Buying Diamond Jewellery

·         You liked a diamond stone design and rose gold jewellery set; you could only buy it if it’s available with the jeweller.

·         The touch of personalization is missing from ready-made diamond jewellery items.

·         You could only buy from the list of jewellery items that are present at the store, which limits your options. Just ensure that you check out the gold rate per gram before buying.

Loose Diamonds

Any diamond stone (rough or polished) that is not yet fixed or mounted on a jewellery item is a loose diamond rock. If you buy a rough diamond that has not yet assumed the shape and size of being mounted on jewellery, then you need to get it polished and shaped first. In case, you own polished loose diamond stones, the only thing you need now is right jewellery setting, which requires quite a bit of knowledge about what precious material goes best with which diamond shape, cut, colour, and clarity.

Pros of Buying Loose Diamonds

·         You can design your jewellery with the diamond of your choice and jewellery sets.

·         You don’t need to rush into accessorizing yourself with the diamond you own. You can take sufficient time and pick out the most recent and latest design to go with the loose diamond rock.

·         Certified loose diamonds hold their market value longer than the ones that come pre-set in any jewellery piece.

·         It is easier to acquire and inspect loose diamond rocks, which are also available at lower prices than the ones that come already mounted on a pair of earrings.

Cons of Buying Loose Diamonds

·         You need to understand and research about diamond’s 4Cs, its characteristics, and its authenticity before polishing it or mounting it on jewellery.

·         You cannot wear your favourite diamond jewellery as soon as you buy a diamond.

·         You need expertly analyze loose diamonds separately and understand all the certificates that are given to loose diamond stones.

·         Buying loose diamond may result in fraud if you’re not careful enough to read and research every document properly.

Diamond Jewellery vs Loose Diamonds

Now you know about all the pros and cons of buying diamond jewellery and loose stones. Which one would you choose? Mainly, buyers go for loose rocks when they’re looking to invest in diamonds or designing their diamond accessory. You can’t have your favourite diamond bangle if you’re just picking out the designs that are provided to you by the retailers. You need to take designing and creativity in your hand. Shoppers prefer to go for diamond jewellery when they’re just looking to buy precious diamonds in the form of jewellery to wear. Either they choose simple diamond accessory or opt for grand designs, depending on their requirement.

While there are many other reasons for people choosing loose diamonds over jewellery and vice-versa, the primary ones are usually related to investment and own designing.

However, even now, if you’re struggling with deciding on loose and diamond jewellery, we suggest you take the help of an expert. You can call Melorra’s customer care executive to sort out your doubts and trade ahead with a final decision. We also welcome you to invest in our range of gold coins with prices.

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