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A Guide to Caring for Solitaire Rings

Many women are not accustomed to wearing find and expensive jewellery on a daily basis. For many of them, jewellery leaves its dedicated resting place only when there is an event to attend or a function to grace. Even then, fine jewellery is only considered suitable for occasions that are grand and demand the presence of elegant and extravagant accessories. But do you know there is one jewellery item that is worn every day and goes through daily hardships with you but is the most precious and invaluable item of your jewellery collection? Yes, your engagement or wedding ring. 

Probably, one of the most expensive jewellery pieces of your entire accessory collection, your engagement rings are your best friend that go through every task you carry out throughout your day and night. Then, you must have thought about whether to wear the ring in the shower or not? Or to remove it while sleeping? Or how to keep its sparkle from fading away with time? All of these concerns are genuine when it comes to keeping the diamond ring’s aesthetics alive for years to come. 

This guide will help you care for your wedding/engagement rings and keep its shine and beauty intact for many more years. And if you’re looking for tips on keeping your diamond jewellery clean, then you go through our guide on caring for diamond jewellery to understand the topic better.

Here are a few tips for caring for your solitaire ring:

Clean Your Ring Frequently

If you want to keep the shine and sparkle of your solitaire ring, then the first thing that you must do is clean your ring regularly. On average, it is best to clean the ring at least twice a week to make sure that any kind of oil or dust does not remain on the diamond stone for long. 

In all of the weeks or years of you owning the ring, keeping it clean twice a week will ensure its appearance for a longer time period. All you have to do it soak the ring in soapy water and scrub it clean with a soft bristle brush. Now, remember that you’re not removing any tough stains from the diamond and the ring. Gently scrub the finger ring, and try not to exert any kind of pressure on it.

Diamonds are Tough but Not Indestructible

You must have heard that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring precious metal on Earth, but did you know that these metals get bruised and damaged as well? Yes, diamonds get scratches and chips when they undergo an immense amount of shock or aggression. Although such incidents are uncommon and very rare, there have been records of diamonds fracturing while a person is still wearing it. So, avoid exerting pressure on your diamond ring and its jewellery set and keep a distance from any heavy lifting that might put tremendous pressure on the diamond jewellery

We also suggest that you take advice from an expert to make sure that you’re following the right processes when it comes to handling your diamond ring.

Do Not take Your Ring to Shower

Now, there is no hard and fast rule behind removing your ring before entering the shower. By all means, take your ring with you, but we suggest that you get ready to wash off the shampoo and soap from it afterwards. 

The reason to leave your ring behind is simply to protect it from excessive chemicals that are present in shampoo and soap. You might also end up leaving a bit of soapy feel on the ring if you don’t wash it properly after the shower.

On the other hand, we also recommend you to avoid taking your solitaire wedding ring to a beach, just because there are chances of you losing it in the crowd or the water. Other than that, know that diamonds are not suitable for everyday wear. So, it is up to you to know when to wear the ring and when to take it off as per your comfort.

Insure Your Ring Like Your Life

Yes, we said it! As your wedding ring is one of the most precious jewellery items to you, why not insure it? We recommend that you insure your solitaire diamond ring as soon as it leaves the inventory for shipping to your house or the store after you buy it. Many people buy the diamond ring and wait till eternity to purchase insurance, or don’t even buy one. But jewellery insurance would make sure that your ring is safe from any theft or damage mentioned in the insurance documents.

Regularly Check the Jewellery Set

If you’re not aware of how jewellery set for every diamond ring works, then go through our guide that explains different jewellery sets for diamond stones. However, the real struggle starts when the prongs or the claws holding the diamond ring intact on the finger ring becomes loose. Not only would such a mishap damage the circular shape of the ring, but it would also lead to a diamond loss if it falls off from the ring design. Hence, we suggest that you regularly check your jewellery set and visit the gemologist or the retailer to get the diamond properly fitted in the ring, if you think that it might be loosening.

Resizing of the Ring

When rings are formed, they’re circular. But with time and regular use, the wear and tear of the ring change its shape from perfectly circular to slightly dented. Besides, even changes in the temperature, the wearer’s weight fluctuation, and the environment can also impact the ring’s size. In such cases, you can go for ring resizing, but there are a few factors to consider before you opt for ring resizing. 

Always ensure that you go to a certified expert who knows how to work with precious stones and jewellery. They’ll also know that while resizing the ring, they shouldn’t cut off the inscribed brand name of the jeweller on the ring. Also, pregnant women shouldn’t go for resizing as the ring might begin to fit you perfectly after the delivery.

Upgrade Only After a Lot of Consideration

Many couples or even women decide to upgrade their engagement ring diamond with another huge rock that is in accordance with the current fashion. But they often go by their initial urge to replace the stone without pondering much over the decision. We say that you stop to think twice before you finally decide on getting another rock for your ring. 

Firstly, research everything about diamonds and their jewellery. If you would do that you would know that just because a diamond is huge and heavy, it does not mean its big in appearance. Secondly, discuss your concerns and requirements with an expert who could answer all your questions about replacing your diamond with another that is better in appearance and big on the fingers.

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