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Guide to Measure Ring Size

If you ever decide to buy a ring, what thought comes to your mind first? As we have known the market and consumers, we would presume that measuring the ring size is the first most concern to enter your thoughts. While the budget and the type of precious metal are also among the priority queries, they would only stay within the limit, and as per your wish based on the ring size you would buy. 

In this guide, we’ll help you with a few options on how to measure ring size at home or your local jeweller shop. Alongside, this guide will also help you with what tips to follow while measuring ring size and what things to avoid. 

Different Ways to Measure Ring Size

There are several manners and ways to measure your ring size, and all of the ways would go for any ring type you buy. Be it a solitaire ring model or a gold ring design, once you know your ring size, all of these different finger ring designs would follow the same number. Here is how you can easily measure your ring size at home or your local jeweller.

Option 1: Measure Ring Size Using a String

This option is the easiest and the most comfortable option to measure the size of the ring. All you require is a ruler with millimeter reading and a string. You can also use floss or a smooth cloth strip.

  • Wrap the cloth or the strip or the floss around the finger you would wear the ring on. 
  • Keep the tightness of the strip fold only as much as you want the ring to feel tight on your finger. 
  • Make use of a marker to mark the place where two ends of the string meet while placed circled around your finger.
  • Take the ruler and place it next to string you used to measure the roundness of your finger. See the millimetre value at which the marked portion of the string stops.
  • It is better to repeat the task at least three to four times before finalizing the size.

The value measured in the millimeter is the size of your ring. 

Option 2: Use a Ring You Already Own

In case you already own a ring, which could be used for making another ring of the same size, use that ring. All you need is a ring of any metal precious or otherwise to work with this option.

  • If you want to measure your partner’s ring size, ask one her/his friends to help you out with fishing out their ring. Now, you have the ring to measure the accurate size.
  • You can then take the ring to the jeweller who will measure the size using the sizing kit at their disposal and tell you the value in millimeter.
  • All you need to make sure is that the ring is of right-hand (or the hand you would wear the ring on), not worn on thumb or any other finger except the ring finger.
  • It is also the most accurate way of determining the size of a ring without going the extra length of using a string or a ruler.

Option 3: Make Use of Ring Sizing Kit

Just like jewellers have a ring sizing kit at their disposal, you can also own a small one and use it to measure the ring size in just a few minutes. These sizing kits are available in the market easily.

  • If you want expert advice at home, then make use of a sizing kit.
  • In the market, there are several types of ring sizing kit available. While some contain sample rings with different circular measurement, others consist of small measuring tape that easily wraps around your finger. 
  • If you use the ring sizing kit, you’ll be following the similar option as the first, but without the use of a ruler. The sizing kit has measures engraved on its surface.
  • Even with the kit, we recommend that you repeat the task at least three to four times before finalizing the size.
  • Avoid stretching the sizing kit surface as it may differ the size value.

Things to Keep in Mind While Measuring the Ring Size

Along with the options on how to measure ring size, you must keep a few tips in mind. 

  • Buy ring with size one more than the measured value. Also, if ever your ring size comes between the last and next value available in the rings, always choose the next higher ring size.
  • Temperature and time of the day usually affect your finger size. Hence, always measure your finger around mid-afternoon at room temperature. Additionally, if your work-out, then measure the ring size after work-out
  • Ring resizing is also an option. However, it leads to additional expenses on top of the buy. Go for this option only when there is none available or feasible.
  • While you measure your finger in the millimeter unit, the ring size value is different. For instance, 19mm finger size corresponds to a ring size of value 9, and 19.8mm finger size corresponds to a ring size of value 10. These are just examples. Overall, the ring size runs from 4.5 to 11.5 or more based on customization and availability of ring jewellery
  • In case you’re buying a stone or diamond ring, always check the separate value and weight of the diamond/stone and the gold/silver/platinum finger-ring. This will help you calculate the total price easily and accurately.

Things to Avoid While Measuring the Ring Size

There are also a few things that you must always and always avoid while measuring ring size.

  • Do not put a strain on the sizing kit or the string to circle around the finger tightly. Rather, wrap it around the finger with much ease.
  • Avoid buying a diamond ring or solitaire ring from a shady jeweller. Do your research and ask for authentic diamond certificates on every ring purchase.
  • By no means must you overlook the appearance and size of the ring. You can only shop smart if you understand all the factors yourself.

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