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Guide to Shopping Solitaire Jewellery Online

There are several guides out there that teach and assist you in buying solitaire rings or any other jewellery type. Still, only a few actually dwell deep into the realm of purchasing solitaire jewellery online. While you can always raise your concerns to the retailer sitting in front of you when purchasing jewellery offline, the same is not possible during online jewellery shopping. The experience further becomes stressful when it is solitaire you’re buying online. Hence, we come with this guide to help you shop solitaire diamond accessories online without the fear of getting duped or becoming a victim of fraud.

We have also covered the topic of buying diamond jewellery online in another guide section. In this guide, you’ll get to cover all the necessary things to keep in mind and all the necessary things to avoid while shopping for diamond ornaments online. The tips shared in the diamond jewellery guide can be used to shop for solitaire online. However, we’ll still cover the basics of solitaire jewellery shopping online in this guide. For a detailed understanding of purchasing jewellery items of diamond stones from online stores, head here.

Why Buy Solitaire Online?

The answer is simply because you can! If you can buy heavy electronics item from online shops and purchase the latest fashion outfits from e-commerce retailers, why not do the same with solitaire jewellery as well? Yes, the fear of receiving faulty items might be keeping you from exploring the vastness of designs and models available in with the online jewellery retailers, we still suggest that you head over to a trusted accessory website and go through the thousands of jewellery models they have in their inventory.

Here, we’ll help you with identifying which of the online website retailers are genuine for purchasing jewellery from, and what are the certain factors that must avoid to smartly shop for solitaire jewellery items from online retailers.

Always Look for These Policies

  • Certifications of diamond stones, such as IGI, SGL, or GIA, are available with the products. These certificates prove that the diamond stone used in the jewellery is real along with its characteristics and other necessary information.
  • Return/exchange policy of an online retailer shows that they’re willing to accept the return/exchange of the shipped and delivered product if the customer is not happy with the item.
  • BIS Hallmark gold is necessary for any gold purchase. If you’re buying a diamond necklace with a gold base, look for diamond certificates as well as BIS Hallmark sign on the gold part of the jewellery. Also, always confirm the gold price per gram before buying any jewellery.
  • Insurance for the products until they reach you is yet another policy that is highly valuable for an online jewellery retailer. The product insurance until they find their way to you ensures that any damage or theft would be covered by the company and not you.
  • The option to pay after delivery, rather than at the time of purchase using online payment methods is also an essential policy for e-commerce stores. It’ll help you to receive your ordered item before you make the payment.
  • Every product must undergo quality checks before it is shipped to the customer if an online retailer offers information about their quality check process on the website, trust in that jewellery retailer.
  • Customer reviews, be it on the website or Google, provides a sneak peek into the customer service, delivery, customer satisfaction, and product quality of the seller. Always look for genuine and verified customer reviews of the online jewellery brand before making a purchase.
  • You can also look for brand mentions online and read their social media accounts or PR news to research about their business and overall customer base. Such a number would tell you how much they’ve grown in the past few years, helping you to understand their customer base.
  • Call their Customer Care executives and talk to them about your wish to place an order of solitaire jewellery. Their response to your query and any other additional concerns will tell you about their approach toward greeting and helping customers.

These are the primary requisites of shopping for solitaire jewellery online. While only a few people focus on the actual solitaire jewellery shopping, the other points mostly relate to building trust and credibility. Melorra has all the above policies (every single one!) in place to help people shop for solitaire diamond earrings or pendants online without a worry in the world.

Do Not Buy if..

  • There is no authentic and safe online payment as well as cash on delivery option
  • Customer reviews on Google or the website are not from verified customers
  • Their customer executives do not reply to your email or phone calls
  • There are no privacy policies or return/exchange policy available for the customers
  • Diamond or gold certificates are not available with the product purchase
  • Any of your friends or relatives have had a bad experience with the online retailer

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