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Taking Care of Your Gold Coins

Buying gold coins in India is one of the best options to invest in gold. And since the gold price is increasing day by day, it is wise to buy gold coins as early as possible and invest your money in something valuable. People generally put a lot of thought into their choices of gold coins in addition to the monetary investment. Gold coins are often made of pure gold which is softer than regular jewellery metals. Not taking care of them in a proper way can lead to certain minor damages, and then it will require cleaning to get those gold coins back into their original condition. Any marks of improper cleaning or contact, worn down features, or damage to the rim will devalue your item while going to resell it. So, to help protect your golden investment, we have laid down some tips below on the best way to handle and clean your gold coins.

Handling Gold Coins

It is essential to handle your gold coins properly.

While picking them up, pay attention to where your fingers touch them, even if your hands are clean since oil or other residues may still be on your hands even after washing.
Handle the coins by the edges rather than the face. This would avoid the chance of transferring anything to the surface of the coin or damaging the finish.
You should not handle your bare gold coins very often. It would be best if you leave them in their protective case or store away in a safe place to prevent any handling mishaps.
Take extra care with the 24 karat gold coins, as they are softer than the ones blended with other metals and can get easily damaged.

Storing Gold Coins

Keeping your gold coins safe is another priority in the list of taking care of them. Make sure that the place where you are putting your gold coin collection is ideal for their storage.
Gold coins should be stored away from extreme heat and moisture. The most suitable place would be somewhere cold, and dry, as both temperature and humidity can cause corrosion to the gold.
Moreover, try not to keep your gold coins with any silver or metal item that has been tarnished. They can damage your gold coins.
If you need to handle both pristine and tarnished coins, do it separately. The pristine gold coins can get contained with residue from the tarnished coins on your gloves or hands.
Make sure you’re using the proper material to keep your gold coins. For example, a PVC container can harm your gold coins over time. PVC reacts to light and heat in a fashion that releases hydrochloric acid. This acid can destroy your gold coins, decreasing their worth if you want to sell them later.
When you buy gold coins from anywhere, the seller mostly provides a plastic sleeve, a capsule pouch, or a specific type of holder. These are often enough for storing your gold coins. However, if you need to buy extra holders, you can look for air-tight ones or coin slabs to store your coins.

Cleaning Gold Coins – Is it Bad?

If you have doubts about cleaning your gold coins, then we would suggest not to do it. There are various ways to damage gold coins in the process of cleaning and handling, some of which seem harmless. If you are determined to clean your gold coins, do it the right way. Following all the guidelines is a wise decision; else, it can end up doing more harm than good.

One of the issues with cleaning gold coins is that most coins are made of 24k pure gold. Pure gold is very soft and malleable as a solid metal. The smooth finish, the delicate edges, and the details that make these gold coins stand out can be spoiled in the process of cleaning. It may end up making your gold coin look worse than it did before the cleaning. Some collectors and gold buyers prefer a tarnished or dirty coin over one that’s been cleaned improperly.

However, to avoid any such damages, here are some tips on cleaning your gold coins:

Firstly, to start cleaning them, handle them with clean washed hands. Get rid of any dirt or oil from your fingers. These can transfer to your coin and can tarnish or decay it over time. Hand sanitizer is also an option to ensure your hands are dry and oil-free before getting started.
The next best thing to do is to put on soft cotton gloves. Try to stay away from using latex, plastic, or similar material gloves as they can leave lubricant or powder residue on the surface of the coin. These lubricants and powders can damage the metal of the coin.
Cotton gloves are also a good option because you are creating a soft barrier between your hands and the coin’s surfaces as well as you are preventing your fingertips from leaving behind fingerprints on the surface.
Another alternative while picking up gold coins would be using plastic tweezers. These tweezers help in picking the coin up without damaging the surface. Avoid tweezers made out of metal to prevent scratching.
Next, use a soft cloth or towel on top of the surface where you’ll be cleaning your coins. The thick surface of the towel will help to protect your coins. Avoid scratchy clothes.
Avoid cleaning agents. Gold coins don’t usually tarnish or corrode when suitably kept, so they shouldn’t require any thorough cleaning.
Breathing on the coin surface is a bad idea to clean it up. It puts excess moisture on the coin. Breathing or spitting on your coins can leave behind spotting, and it’s often difficult to remove them once they are settled on the surface of your gold coins.

Things to remember: Prevent them from getting dirty or spoiled than trying to clean them or fix the damage. Nothing in the world can help your gold coins if you’ are not fully informed about proper handling methods. The way that you handle and store your gold coins now can affect how they’ll look in the future and also can influence their value or worth. These tips can help you keep your gold coins looking as amazing as they did when you first purchased them.

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