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Taking Care of Your Gold Rings

Rings have been there in the jewellery box of Indian women since decades, and they still make one of the best jewellery pieces for occasional or daily wear. Gold rings are not only associated with just jewellery but also are part of various Indian cultures and rituals in weddings and other ceremonies. Gold rings are worn by both women and men, which make them the perfect gender-free jewellery. Indian people wear gold rings to adorn themselves with gold, to show off their status, for auspicious reasons and to display their marital status. Many couples still choose yellow or white gold for their engagement rings or wedding rings. A gold ring can also make a perfect gift for wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or any loved one in your life. As most of the gold rings are worn regularly, they need proper care so that they don’t lose their shine over time. Our hands do so much of work every day that it is evident for our finger rings to get dirty with dust, oil, sweat, soap-water, etc. So our daily wear gold rings need a good cleaning too every once in a while. 

Gold as metal doesn’t get dull or dirty that often and is also not tough to clean, but the cleaning method you should choose depends on the type of gold ring (whether your gold ring has stones or not). It is easier to clean plain gold rings like gold bands or gold open-top rings. Below we have mentioned some tips to help you clean and take care of your gold rings at home.

Cleaning Your Plain Gold Rings

Gold rings can be cleaned effectively with only water and soap. Here’s how:

Take a small bowl with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap to prepare a simple cleaning solution.
Soak your gold rings in this solution for about 20-30 minutes. If there is dirt on the surface of your rings, then use a soft bristle brush or a soft cloth to clean it off the gold rings.
Then, take them out and rinse the soap off your gold rings with normal water.
Pat them dry with a clean towel. As it is not possible to wipe dry some hard-to-reach spots of the rings, leave them to air dry completely before you put them on.

There is also another way where you can use ammonia to clean your plain gold rings. For that method, make a solution of one part ammonia and six parts water. Soak the rings for about a minute in that solution and then rinse them well with clean normal water. Lastly, pat them dry with a soft cloth. However, it is not recommended to use this method too frequently as it may discolour your ring. 

Polishing Your Plain Gold Rings

After regular use, gold items often lose their shine and lustre over time. It can be brought back by polishing them with proper materials. You can polish your gold rings at home by using a jewellery polishing cloth that is available at any jewellery store. You can also get your gold rings polished by a jeweller. However, remember not to have them polished too often. Since the process of professional polishing involves using abrasive materials, it ends up removing a thin surface layer of your gold rings. This is why extensive polishing should be avoided whenever possible as it will wear down your gold rings quickly.

Caring and Storing Your Gold Rings

With proper care and storage, your gold rings can stay as shiny as new. Below are some tips to follow for storing your gold rings with care. 

You should never wear your gold rings while having a shower. Also, remove them while swimming. The chlorine in water can discolour your gold and damage the parts of your ring.
You should never do any cleaning work wearing your gold rings as bleach and other chemicals used in cleaners can damage the metal.
It is good to remember that gold is a soft metal and scratches easily. That’s why never wear your gold rings during any activities that may expose them to the risk of hits or blows.
Store your gold rings in a safe, cool, dry place. Keep them away from chemicals.
It would be best if you never store them with fake jewellery items. 
Also, it would help if you keep them separately from other jewellery as other items can scratch the gold. It is best to store your gold rings in small pouches or a small box wrapped in cotton or soft cloth. 

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