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Taking Care of Your Gold Necklaces

Buying beautiful gold jewellery and flaunting it in various events or occasions can be the most favourite part for gold jewellery lovers. Still, the most challenging part is taking care of those pieces of jewellery to keep them shining. Gold jewellery made from more than 18K gold doesn’t get damaged that quickly, but with time it can lose its sheen and glossiness. Especially those gold necklaces that you buy to wear on weddings or parties can get dull due to excessive sweat and body oil. Or they can also lose their shine because of not getting out from your locker more often. Hence it is essential to take good care of your gold necklaces so that they look new whenever you decide to put them on. 

No matter what type of necklace you own, proper care of your gold necklace will ensure that it doesn’t look dull when you have to match it with your party dress the next time. Unlike you earrings or bangles, gold necklaces get the maximum skin contact, and the grease from your neck can damage the gold or any gems studded on it. Too much dirt and dust can also make it look old. For diamond necklaces or gemstone studded necklaces, the caring should be a bit extra. You would need to follow special instructions depending on the type of your necklace. Below we have listed some of the ways to take appropriate care of your gold necklaces. 

Cleaning Gold Necklaces

With time and usage, your gold necklaces can get dirty and dull due to grease, makeup or pollution. Therefore, it is vital to clean them occasionally to keep them in a good state. Here are a few steps you can follow for cleaning your necklaces in gold:
You can easily clean your plain gold necklaces that don’t have any gems studded on them. 
Place your necklace in a bowl of warm water and put a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
Rub the surface gently with fingers. 
You can also use a soft brush for necklaces with intricate designs to get into some of the other areas. 
Ensure the brush used has soft bristles to avoid scratching the necklace. Avoid toothpaste or baking soda due to their abrasive nature.
Then rinse the necklace properly and thoroughly to remove any remaining soap.
After you have washed it, place it on a dry cloth and let it dry. Avoid using a towel with a lot of lint as the particles can get caught inside the necklace.

Another way to make your gold necklaces shine like new is to get them polished. There are polishing materials that can be purchased from any jewellery store. You can follow the instructions on how to use it that come with such a product or ask the jeweller for tips. You can also use a polishing cloth to give your necklace that extra shine. Some jewellers can also polish your necklaces for free or a minimum cost. 

Your gold necklaces can also be cleaned using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaning machine. Such a device uses sound waves to help get rid of the dirt off your necklace. When these machines are used, one should follow the necessary instructions in detail to ensure that correct methods are practised for a specific type of necklace.

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Storing & Caring Gold Necklaces 

Another critical aspect for taking care of your gold necklaces is to store them properly so that they are not damaged or tarnished. Below are some of the tips to follow while storing your gold necklaces at home:
Always keep your necklaces away from heat or water as well as chemicals. 
Store your necklaces in a separate box away from other jewellery items
If you have no separate box, you can try wrapping each piece in a soft cloth and storing them in a pouch or locker. 
Keep your gold necklaces lying flat or hang them straight while storing them. This step will prevent the necklace chains from getting knotted and from any dirt settling into the surface.
Remove your gold necklace before swimming, cleaning, or dancing. The exposure to sweat and chemicals can dull the gold. 
Also, never put makeup or hairspray after wearing your gold necklaces.