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Taking Care of your Gold Earrings

Taking care of your jewellery is essential as improper care of your precious pieces can damage them and make them look dull and rusty over time. We all have our favourite jewellery pieces that we like to flaunt every day in college, work or daily-routine rituals. Out of them all, the jewellery that we mostly wear and show off is the pair of earrings. Perfect earrings can make or break your entire look, be it for your office meeting or a weekend party. You would need to keep them shining forever because finding the right pair of earrings isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to gold earring designs, finding something trendy and minimal for everyday use isn’t a piece of cake. Women wear a variety of gold earrings on several occasions, but when it’s time to clean them, they often get puzzled.

Be it precious party wear or regular-wear ones; your beautiful gold earrings, can get damaged with daily use or even while staying inside your jewellery box over time. They can accumulate a layer of sweat, skin-oil, makeup or dirt which can make them look dull and eventually lose their sheen. Some severely damaged gold earrings can also cause skin irritation as well as can increase the risk of infection on your ear-lobes. But there is no big deal to worry at all! There exists plenty of quick and easy hacks through which you can get your earrings cleaned and shimmering again. Let’s talk about how to take care of your gold earrings skillfully. 

Cleaning Your Gold Earrings

Gold is a long-lasting precious metal that can stay the same for ages if properly taken care of. Your gold earrings can last till your grandkids grow up and you can gift them on their wedding. But for the same, you would need to take special care and clean your earrings once in a while to keep them shining. 

For cleaning your gold earrings, follow these easy steps mentioned below:
Soak your precious gold earrings in a solution of water mixed with a few drops of mild dish soap for about 30 minutes.
After the soak, gently brush the surface of your gold earrings with a soft toothbrush to remove dirt. Do not brush harshly. 
Then rinse with normal water and gently pat dry with a lint-free cloth.
You should never brush your earrings hard if there are any gems or stones studded on them. 
To remove your gold scratches, use a polishing cloth to buff them and keep them shiny.
For those gold earrings which are damaged or tarnished over time, we recommend cleaning them with the help of professional cleaners. You can take them to a jewellery shop. 

Storing Your Gold Earrings 

Store them in a clean and dry place away from other metals or chemicals. Gold can react with chemicals and get damaged. Keep them away from too much heat and water as well. For storing them, use the same cases or boxes provided by the jewellery store or online store. If that isn’t available, keep them inside a box wrapped in a soft cloth or dry cotton. Don’t mix and keep different gold colours together. Keep yellow gold away from white gold. Also, if your gold earrings are studded with diamond or gems, take extra care of storing them. Sometimes the stones can come in contact with the gold surface and create scratches. Before putting them inside your jewellery box after you have worn them, clean the sweat and lotion stuck to the surface if any. 

Some more tips and tricks: 

Getting rid of the tarnish on your gold earrings: Use jewellery polishing cloths for quickly getting rid of tarnish. However, they are not suitable for plated earrings, as they can remove the plating. 
Clean them as often as possible. Even the best quality gold earrings can become dirty and cause skin irritation. Clean them before wearing and after wearing with a soft cloth. 
Avoid wearing your gold earrings while working out or cleaning your house. Sweat can alter the colour of gold with time, and any lotions or hair oil you already have on can also adversely affect the metal. Chemicals used for house cleaning can slowly cause the gold to react in your earring and even damage the precious gemstones. 
Avoid swimming with your gold earrings on. Over time, chlorine and saltwater can lead to the disintegration of gold alloys.

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