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Advantages of Buying Gold Coins

India has a deep-rooted history with gold. The yellow metal has been popular for antiquity across the land and not just in the form of shiny jewellery but also as good returns on investments and savings. Gold has always played an essential role in Indian weddings and even during major festivals. And there are a few festivals that are considered to be auspicious for purchasing gold in various forms. During these times, people often want to buy gold in its purest forms. A gold coin is usually crafted in pure gold, i.e., 24 karats and is a direct way of investing in the precious metal apart from buying gold jewellery. Gold coins are also available in 22 karats of purity and different denominations from 1 to 100 grams.

People in India shop gold coins for three main reasons – to gift family or at corporate events, for auspicious or religious significance and personal investments. Gold coins have always been a long-standing part of traditional investment plans for the people. The below points explain why:

When the other investment options weaken, gold price tends to go up. Therefore, gold coins can provide steadiness to your portfolio.
They can work as security at the time of inflation.
You do not need to pay any capital gain tax until you sell your gold coins.
You can keep your investment confidential through gold coins.
Unlike gold jewellery, there are negligible making charges for the gold coins; therefore, they don’t lose money value with time.
The jewellery shops usually take back or buy your gold coins for the current market gold rate.
Gold coins are accepted everywhere, which makes them highly liquid assets. They are easier to trade in times of crisis.
Gold coins are becoming very popular due to their variety of sizes, ease of sale, great packaging, and hallmarks as per international standards.

Be it gold jewellery, gold coins or bars; the demand for gold is never going to stop. This fact makes gold coins the great asset that one can encash whenever in need because they provide easy liquidity. You can even buy 24 karat gold coins or 22 karat gold coins online in various sizes or denominations starting from 0.5 grams. Investing in gold coins is the best option among multiple forms of gold. The value of these gold coins will always increase with time and can help you to take care of your purchasing power capability.

If you have made up your mind to invest in gold coins, then there are a few things you should know about purchasing them online or offline. Our guide – ‘Thinks To Know Before Buying Gold Coins’ lets you know about the essential things one should keep in mind before buying gold coins. Don’t forget to give it a read too.